Saving Hope Spoilers: “Twinned Lambs” Images

Michael Shanks Charlie Harris and Daniel Gillies as Joel Goren

CTV was a little late in releasing images to for tonight’s penultimate episode of Saving Hope but better late than never.

Here is CTV’s synposis of the episode:

Alex (Erica Durance) helps an older woman whose “mini-strokes” are causing changes in her personality, but the real challenge begins when she starts to believe the year is 1985. As Alex struggles to help her patient, long-hidden secrets begin to rise to the surface. Meanwhile, Joel (Daniel Gillies) and Charlie (Michael Shanks) treat two best friends with identical shoulder injuries – the result of a bet gone awry. As they pit Charlie and Joel against each other in a surgical showdown, the two doctors are forced to confront one of the long-standing issues between them: their affection for Alex. Maggie (Julia Taylor Ross) and Gavin (Kristopher Turner) are thrilled to see ultrasounds of their new baby, but complications arise when Maggie agrees to shadow Dr. Kalfas (guest star Eric Johnson).

“Twinned Lambs” airs tonight, February 20, 2014 at 9pm PT/ET on CTV.

Check out the image below:

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