Bitten Season 1 Episode 6 “Committed” Recap

This can't be good news she is hearing. Laura Vandervoort as Elena Michaels
Greyston Holt as Clay Danvers and Greg Bryk as Jeremy Danvers

Greyston Holt as Clay Danvers and Greg Bryk as Jeremy Danvers

The following recap and review contains spoilers for season 1 of Bitten that won’t air in the US until two days later. 

So if you don’t want to know what happens, stop reading now. If you do, please read away.

Who is ready for wedding? Elena is and is looking lovely as a bridesmaid for Philip’s sister. Even though Elena is back to her boring life with Philip back in TO, her werewolf life is still pulling at her.

Let’s recap the action.

So Elena is back in Toronto and she and Philip are catching up on lost time by having sex a lot. There was some boring talk about Elena not having gotten Becky’s wedding gift yet and Phillip noting that it seems that Elena has moved in with him.

While shopping for Becky’s gift, Elena thinks she has seen Daniel Santos. Later while back at Philip’s, he notices how quiet Elena is and wants to know what is wrong. Elena lies and tells him that she thought she saw Victor Olsen, a neighbour of one her foster families that sexually abused her. But she knows that it couldn’t be him because she helped put him away (little does she know). Elena hopes that Philip won’t look at her any different. The two then hug.

In a therapy session with Logan, Elena tells him that she had to lie to Philip about really seeing Daniel Santos who really just wants to stir the pot with Jeremy and not really wants to join the pack. Elena also tells Logan how Philip wants them to move in together but she is reluctant as she doesn’t want to lose her own space. Elena asks how Logan makes it work with Rachel. How can they live together but he lies to her. Logan says she knows everything except that he is a wolf. Elena says how can she explain to Philip about Clay.

Back at Philip’s who is looking over the vodka ad campaign, Elena comes home with stuff for Becky’s wedding morning prep meal at Philip’s place and also tells him that she will move in with him, much to his delight.

As the bridal party gets ready the next morning, Mrs. McAdams gets all passive-aggressive on Becky’s choice of flowers that sends the bride crying and into Philip’s bedroom. Elena manages to get Becky to talk about going off her anti-depressant meds and how maybe her mom might be right about her choice of groom. But Elena manages to give a pep talk to the bride.

Paul Greene as Philip McAdams and Michael Luckett as Daniel Santos

Paul Greene as Philip McAdams and Michael Luckett as Daniel Santos

At the reception we see the happy couple come in while Mrs. McAdams and Elena have a talk that leads to Mrs. McAdams confessing how she knows her and her son have moved in together. During their conversation, Elena notices Philip talking to Santos, who claims to be relative of the groom.

Elena and Santos talk. Santos tells Elena about all the bad stuff that Clay has done and how he wants Elena to align with him so they can be kept out of the war between the Mutts and the Danvers pack. Santos tells Elena that Marsten and co sees her aligned with Jeremy et al and if she wants to protect her life in TO, then it is her best interest to join him. Elena pretty much tells him to shove it especially when learning that Santos has been in contact with Marsten.

A side note, not a knock on Laura Vandervoort but why does she whisper her lines as Elena, it is kind of getting annoying. End side note.

Back at the wedding reception, Elena uses her super hearing to hear Philip ask his mom to give Elena a chance. Elena gets a call from Jeremy asking if she is okay, Elena says she is fine and promises Jeremy that she will let him know if something is wrong. After getting off the phone with Jeremy, Elena then asks for dance from her boyfriend. As they dance, both really don’t want to be there and decide to go home. While Elena goes to get her coat, Mrs. McAdams offers her an olive branch. More happens but it sort of has to do with what is going down at Stonehaven so I will place it there.

In other developments in TO, we learn that Logan and his girlfriend are going to have a baby and both wonder how that will impact their careers as a therapist and a chef respectively.

Back at Stonehaven, Jeremy gets a call from Antonio who states that they are the only North American pack being targeted by the Mutts and that NIck as been sent to DC to talk to the Stillwell brothers who are rogue wolves that are neither Mutts or part of a pack. But Clay doesn’t really care about that. His main concern is Elena and if she stays separated and not return then he will have to scare her into coming back since she is considered a Mutt and he doesn’t want to do that

The two then receive a visit from a stranger who introduces himself as Sam Boggs, who challenges Jeremy to becoming the Alpha. Clay doesn’t take it kindly and beats the crap out of him and tells him to leave or will kill him thus joining his father, whom Jeremy knew.

Nick reports back his findings in DC: Dennis Stillwell is dead but no sign of Joey. NIck says it is Zachary Kane and the Mutt from the motel that are responsible for the killing. Nick notes that they took Dennis’ eyes most likely as a message to the Danvers pack. Jeremy tasks Nick to clean the mess up to ensure that it doesn’t point to them and return back to Stonehaven.

At Stonehaven, Jeremy knows that once word gets out about Dennis Stillwell, this will get either make people afraid or rally to help. Jeremy wonders if Antonio’s relatives will help to which he says no. Clay wants to take action now by resuming the Mutt hunts to show that Jeremy can’t be pushed around. Jeremy takes exception to that statement but Samuel Boggs has returned and says he has the right to challenge Jeremy for Alpha.

The two then fight and Boggs is surprised at that as he was told that Jeremy won’t. That comment doesn’t go unnoticed by Jeremy who wants to know who told Boggs to come but Boggs says no one did. However, Jeremy doesn’t believe him and after defeating him gets Clay to throw Boggs into the Stonehaven clink so they can find out who sent him.

In the Stonehaven jail, Boggs continues to say no one sent him but evidence in his jacket tells Clay otherwise like how we kept all his gas and food receipts on his trip cross country to make it to Bear Valley. After some torture involving saran wrap, we learn that Marsten put him up to it. Before letting him go, Jeremy gets Clay to pull out all of Boggs teeth as a message to Marsten.

After Clay pulled Boggs teeth, he called Elena while she was getting her coat. Clay confesses that he has done bad things and that he needs her and wants her to come home. Elena retrieves her coat and in the inside pocket is a gift addressed to Jeremy Danvers. When Philip goes to retrieve his girlfriend, the coat check girl says that she is gone. The next morning, Philip shows Diane a text message from Elena saying she had to go. Philip wonders if Elena would truly let him in.

When Nick comes back to Stonehaven, father and son share in their grief at losing Dennis Stillwell. Nick worries that his father will be next but Antonio reassures his son that it won’t happen.

The pack then discuss what is happening and hope that Dennis’ son, Joey will align with them. They talk about what to do with Marsters when Elena comes in, surprising all, to say that it wasn’t Marsten but Santos is behind it all. Elena gives the gift to Jeremy and inside are the eyes of Dennis Stillwell.

So know we know that Santos is behind it all and what about Logan and Rachel’s baby? If they decide to keep it, then will this baby be a half-werewolf? If so, I would think that Logan will have to tell Rachel the truth. See you next week

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3 Comments on Bitten Season 1 Episode 6 “Committed” Recap

  1. I really love the show but am getting EXTREMELY frustrated of all the Phillip x Elena sex scenes. In the books it was the complete opposite—almost as soon as she went home she and Clay hooked back up. Hopefully we get to it soon, because it’s really starting to make me twitch.

  2. In the books, the babies were always weres, and usually the mothers were pushed away and the fathers raised the child, which seemed to always be boys…

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