Saving Hope Season 2 Episode 16 “Breathless” Recap

Joseph Pierre as Jackson, Erica Durance as Alex Reid and Glenda Braganza as Melanda Tolliver
Joseph Pierre as Jackson, Erica Durance as Alex Reid and Glenda Braganza as Melanda Tolliver

Joseph Pierre as Jackson, Alexander De Jordy as Connor, Erica Durance as Alex Reid and Glenda Braganza as Melanda Tolliver

Tonight’s episode opens with Joel taking Alex to a junkyard for a little aggression therapy but Alex doesn’t have time for it as she has an important surgery to perform. However, after some convincing from Joel, Alex takes a baseball bat to a car set for demolition she bashes it a few times to let out all the tension she has been filling. We then swoop into the medical cases of the week for our doctors of Hope=Zion.


Alex’s patient is 18-year old Connor (Alexander De Jordy) also dubbed the Miracle Orphan. Connor has cystic fibrosis and is awaiting a double lung transplant. But Mel delivers some bad news, the lungs are stuck in traffic because of a really bad accident. However, Reycraft literally rides to the rescue as procures a motorcycle and gets an escort to Hope-Zion.

However, once in surgery, Alex determines that the lungs are no longer viable. But Alex doesn’t want to give up any hope for Connor and try to see if there were any fatalities at the accident that could be lung donors and also asks Reycraft to call her mentor, Dr. Rakka (Paulino Nunes) at Memorial Hospital to see if he can help.

Connor is dying but he is considered a hero among the other kids in the CF Ward. While he is losing hope, Connor doesn’t want the other kids like Cade to lose hope.

While Reycraft and Alex try to see what they can do, their hope is also diminishing until Reycraft receives call that says that Dr. Rakka has arrive at Hope-Zion with some help, which includes the E.L.V.P. machine that actually helps make the original lungs viable again.

In surgery, Dr. Rakka lets Alex take the lead and she performs it admirably. Afterwards, Rakka tries to lure Alex to Memorial but she declines his offer. We later learn that Rakka and Alex were once an item after she had broken up with Joel.

Joel and Maggie

These two doctors get a bickering couple on the brink of divorce as their patients. The husband was brought in to Hope-Zion after falling off a ladder while painting his house in anticipation of an open house while he fell on the wife.

The wife, Bridget, checks out well but it is Louie that seems to have all the problems. He has a separated shoulder and a fracture of the tibia. When Louie accuses Bridget of trying to kill her, he gets up to confront her but proves to be a bad idea and what was the grossest part of the episode, we see the broken bone come out of his shin and Louie is rushed to emergency surgery. While they do that , Shahir announces that his head CT came back ok.

Joel manages to fix Louie leg however when he wakes up, Louie’s voice is all husky like actress Kathleen Turner. They only discover this only after another shouting match between Bridget and Louie. Joel separates the two and Bridget knows that she is a bad person but at least wants to make it up to Louis in some small way. Joel suggests getting him some soup. However, even that doesn’t go well and Louie thinks Bridget deliberately gave him some soup that has caused an allergic reaction as his throat started to clause. Epinephrine doesn’t work and after examining the CT scan again, Maggie discovers something.

Joel and Maggie tell Louie the bad news that he will require another surgery than involves reattaching something to do with his clavicle to his breast bone or something like that. Recovery time is 5-6 months. Louie is worried that he will be homeless since they are selling the house. But Bridget comes in and says that she has cancelled the open house and she will take care of him. So an tenuous peace is breached between the warring couple.

All of this is underscored with Maggie noting to Joel that he can’t be just friends with Alex because she was the one that got away.


Charlie’s spirit of the week is Violet (Shelia McCarthy) who is in a common with a loyal husband by her side reading to her. When Charlie goes to look up a similar case to Violet, he notices that his files are missing. Mel tells him that Dawn took them as some sort of re-organizing kick. But Charlie knows better. He goes to Dawn’s office but Gavin is there. Charlie knowing something is up pulls Gavin aside. Gavin promises that he didn’t tell Dawn anything because of doctor-patient confidentiality. But Charlie is worried as Dawn asks to see him later. We see Charlie break into Gavin’s office and steal some meds, the same meds that he threw away a few episodes back.

When Violet’s spirit appears to him, Charlie wants her to listen in on Dawn’s and Gavin’s conversation in exchange for him helping her. What Violet hears is concern for Charlie. Dawn mentions that Charlie could lose his license if he were to be investigated. Dawn then asks Gavin if he would let Charlie operate on Maggie, Gavin doesn’t answer.

Michael Shanks as Charlie Harris

Michael Shanks as Charlie Harris

Knowing this, Charlie is worried about losing his job and refuses to help Violet in getting her husband ot move on. Throughout their conversations, we see Charlie popping pills to a point where Violet’s spirit is concerned on how many he did take. Charlie, not looking too hot, collapses on the floor. We see him have a seizure while out and when he wakes up, be briefly hears some spirits and then we see the light flares collapse on themselves and Charlie believes he might be ok.

When Charlie speaks to Dawn later, his job is safe as his files indicate that he has the lowest mortality rate of all her doctors.

Later at Gavin’s office, Charlie asks about theory behind electro therapy. When he learns that it involves seizures, this definitely confirms to Charlie that him seeing ghosts could be at an end.

We end the episode with Alex going to the doctor’s lounge to meet up with Joel. As they get ready to go, Alex wonders what is between the two. Them hanging out together is reminiscent of what happened before they got together and then hew screwed everything up. Alex asks if they are friends. Joel tells her no and plants quite the passionate kiss on her which she reciprocates. Joel then leaves Alex to contemplate what happened.

Here I feel for Sonja as her instincts were right. I feel for Charlie too as it seems next week the love triangle is officially on. I do hope that somehow Alex ends up with Charlie or none of the two because who says you need to be in a relationship to be happy. And that is quite the message to end on just before Valentine’s day 2014. See you next week for the penultimate episode of season 2.

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