The Tomorrow People “Sitting Ducks” Recap

The Tomorrow People Jan 29 episodeWe open this week’s episode with Astrid singing and writing lyrics in a journal. A woman comes up to her to say that they are ready for her. Astrid enters a room that has three other people that we are lead to believe are part of the audition process for the school of music.

But Astrid notices something wrong such as there is no piano and just a microphone. The woman who brought in the room wants to her step back towards what looks like garbage bags strewn on the floor. Astrid wants to know why and the woman replies so it is not to make a mess. All of sudden the other people pull out guns with silencers on them and open fire as Astrid screams.

We then go back 48 hours ago at Ultra headquarters with Hilary and Stephen fighting. Hilary believes that she is at an unfair advantage because she isn’t related to Jedikiah. When Jedikiah comes in, Hiliary starts asking questions about what happens when a Tomorrow Person reveals their powers to a human. Jedikiah tells her that the human will get killed and the Tomorrow Person punished. This puts Stephen on high alert.

Back at his house, Stephen asks Astrid if she ever told anyone about him. Astrid swears she hasn’t and wants to know what would happen. Stephen starts to explain about Hilary and about Ultra when Luca comes down from the crawl space with camping gear for the camping trip that he, their mom and her new boyfriend Pete are going to take. We also are lead to believe that Luca may have eavesdropped on their conversation.

Anyways, Stephen is not happy about this trip so he tags along to make sure that Pete doesn’t harm his family because of him.

At the Lair, Stephen wants Cara, Russell and John to keep on Astrid for him as he believes that she is in danger. But Cara thinks he is being paranoid not only about Astrid but Pete too especially when TIM can’t find something on this unassuming physics teacher. However, John promises to keep an eye on Astrid as he is very familiar at what Ultra can do to humans that know about their powers.

In this week;s flashback, we are 14 years ago and a young John is talking to a friendly news seller, Tony. John is there waiting for the latest comic books that have just arrived. The issue that John can’t wait to read The Flash (a wink and a nod to the fact that The Tomorrow People‘s EP is Greg Berlanti who will be the EP for the The Flash TV show). When Tony asks how John always knows when the latest comics are coming, he tells him that he read his mind. As John is reading his comic, we see Tony being robbed at gun point. John stops the robbery by Force pushing him away. Tony witnesses and John tells him not to tell a soul of what he saw.

At Ultra headquarters, Jedikiah is asking his new recruits about who spilled the beans about their powers to a human and he will forcefully get that information out of them unless someone steps forward. John does step forward and asks Jedikiah not to hurt his only friend. Jedkiah tells John that he is friend too. Later at the news stand we see Ultra agents approach Tony. John is in a car a few ways back with Jedikiah and sees the Ultra agents gun him down. Jedikiah explains that they did all of this for him to protect him. We later see John meet Roger for the first time.

Meanwhile on this camping trip, Stephen is talking telepathically to Cara who tells him that Peter changed his name about 8 years ago. But then their communication goes on the fritz before Cara can tell him anything important. Stephen sees that Pete has led them near a river where his powers won’t work. Stephen finds that suspicious that Pete would do that but Pete claims that they could get a great view of the sunrise from their position. Pete then suggests that they all go gun hunting with the approval of their mom. So off Stephen, Luca and Pete go a duck hunting.

Stephen lets Pete know what he has found out about him and Pete has an explanation for everything like how a guy born in Detroit knows how to hunt ducks and why he changed his name.

When the three men are on a suspension bridge, Stephen jostles is so Pete loses the grip on his DSLR but it stops mid-air which Stephen sees but Luca thinks it was lucky that Pete managed to catch it before it fell.

When Pete and Stephen are along, Stephen tells him that he knows that Pete has powers and wants to know who hired him to go after his family. Pete thinks that Stephen is crazy and he is just a guy that just likes his mom. To prove that he right, Stephen pushes Pete off a cliff to force him to use his powers (it is like the scene in Superman II when Lois wanted to prove that Clark was Superman and she deliberately threw herself in Niagara Falls and Clark had to secretly use his powers to rescue Lois). Stephen does something similar and Force pushes down a tree so that Pete can use it.

That night, Stephen’s mom is mad at his attempt to sabotage her relationship with Pete. Stephen apologizes but Stephen’s mom believes that he did all of this because he didn’t want her to replace his dad. She tells him that his dad is gone and she has done a good job of protecting him and Luca for 10 years even keeping some things that they shouldn’t know from them. Me thinks this lady knows more than she is letting on.

When the Jameson family returns, Pete has broken up with Marla and once again Stephen is sorry about what has happened. Before Stephen goes to see about Astrid (more on that below), Luca tells his brother that they need to talk about what happened this weekend but Stephen but this conversation off.

As for what happened to Astrid this episode, she notices that she is being stalked in the subway and when she moves to an empty car, John teleports in and tells her that Stephen asked him to keep an eye on her as she could be in danger. John writes in her book a Skype address for Astrid to use in emergencies.

Back at Ultra, Hilary ID’s Astrid as knowing about them because Stephen told her. She wants to know what Jedikiah is going to do with her and what punishment he will give to Stephen. Jedikiah tells her that Astrid will be killed and Stephen dealt accordingly but Hilary shouldn’t celebrate the news of Astrid’s death as a sense of accomplishment to help her get ahead. Jedikiah tells her that any deaths that Ultra has to do is not to be celebrated.

We are now back to the audition that started the episode and as the guns fire, John has teleported in to teleport Astrid away. They jump around for a while avoiding Ultra gun fire and end up in the hotel’s supply closet. We see that John has been shot and can’t teleport them to safety nor a hospital in fear that Ultra will come after them. It is also too dangerous for Cara to come as Ultra will figure out the location of their lair.

The two have a heart to heart about Stephen where Astrid is glad she knows about his powers as she thought she was losing him. Hearing this John surmises that Astrid is in love with Stephen. When John goes unconscious, Astrid starts to sing to him and then calls Cara via Skype for help. TIM and Cara walk Astrid through in getting the bullet out of John. Cara then teleports outside of the hotel and then fights her way through to Astrid and John. Cara can only take one at a time so takes Astrid first and the two together fight their way back to the Lair. Cara then goes back to get John before Ultra can despite Russell’s objections. And Cara is successful in her rescue mission.

At the Lair, Astrid pretty much learns that she can never leave because if she does, she is as good as dead. So Astrid has to lie to her parents (saying that she got into the music school) that would help explain her absence.

When Cara, John and Stephen discuss about Pete and how wrong Stephen was about him, it then dawns o him that Luca was always present when he thought Pete was using his powers. Stephen then realizes that Luca too is a Tomorrow People.

It looks like next week we learn that there is more to Hilary than meets the eye as she could be the daughter of the Founder. If she turns out to be then Hilary really should shut up about nepotism.

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