Bitten Season 1 Episode 4 “Grief” Recap

Clay (Greyston Holt) and Elena (Laura Vandervoort) investigate
Clay (Greyston Holt) and Elena (Laura Vandervoort) investigate

Clay (Greyston Holt) and Elena (Laura Vandervoort) investigate

The following recap and review contains spoilers for season 1 of Bitten that won’t air in the US until two days later. 

So if you don’t want to know what happens, stop reading now. If you do, please read away.

Everyone is gathered at Stonehaven for a memorial for Pete. Each shares their fond memories of their fallen pack mate as we inter splice those scenes with a werewolf/new Mutt walking around the property. This Mutt gives a wolf call and the Danvers wolf pack takes off to get this new Mutt. However, they lose track of him.

We see this new Mutt change back into his human form and walk around the main drag of Bear Valley.

Later, after a talk with Logan, Elena meets with Jeremy who is spreading Pete ashes around the grounds of Stonehaven. Elena talks about how she never has felt this kind of grief before as she was too young to understand that concept when her parents died. Elena wants revenge against the people that are seemingly targeting them but Jeremy tells her that she needs to reign in her blood lust.

In the woods of Stonehaven, Clay comes upon Elena and offers her a shoulder to cry on in her grief over Pete. Elena reluctantly excepts. Clay then tells Elena that they need to run in their wolf form to work off all of their anger, as he strips naked in front of her. Soon we see the two wolves running and they share a flirty moment and look at each other with almost love in their wolf eyes. But Elena breaks the moment and runs off. We later see both of them naked in the woods sleeping. Elena starts to caress Clay’s body, which wakes him up. Soon Clay faces Elena and the two start to kiss but once she wakes up, she immediately leaves.

Outside of Stonehaven, Sheriff Morgan is finishing up her investigation and tells Jeremy that the boy wasn’t killed on their property but dumped there. She asks if Jeremy has any enemies but Jeremy says that he is but a painter and has no enemies. Later, Jeremy and Antonio talk about the realization that their family is being targeted as well as the pack rule. Jeremy blames himself for Pete’s death because he got complacent. He tasks Antonio to talk to the other pack families to see if they are being targeted to and if not then he believes that these Mutts want to overthrow him as the Alpha.

We later see Sheriff Morgan talk to the old sheriff of Bear Haven about what he knows about the Danvers families. Apparently the rumours are that the Danvers are either a part of the mob or part of a cult. Morgan is highly suspicious of the Danvers family and wants to investigate them especially after hearing the old sheriff tell her about a telephone line worker going missing in Stonehaven and warns her to be careful.

When Elena and Clay return back home in semi dress, Nick and Logan tells them that Jeremy needs to meet with all of them. I like Nick. He ia a great combination of sexy and funny and the funny came out in this episode as he asks Clay to stop running around nude while at home.

While getting dressed again, Elena gets a call about Philip who tells Elena that he can be with her for the family funeral but she deflects and talks about his vodka campaign and his sister’s wedding. Philip hopes that she can make it and she promises him that she will.

In another Philip scene, we see him meet with his sister Diane and talk turns to Elena family and how she kept it a secret from them. Honestly this part was kind of boring but the gist is all about Elena keeping secrets and Philip getting hurt. Yawn!!! And Elena wants a normal life with this guy?

Anyways, back at Stonehaven, Jeremy tells his pack that he believes that they are being targeted and gives everyone assignments. Nick will go to the Mutt that got killed in the last episode looking for anything that can ID him and possibly who turned him. Logan is going back to Toronto to honour a work commitment. Antonio is going to tie up Pete’s loose ends while also finding out from other pack families if they are being targets. Meanwhile, Elena and Clay are assigned to find the new Mutt and again Jeremy has to remind Clay to bring him back alive.

Tying up loose ends for Pete involves Antonio going to the tour manager and indicating that Pete is in trouble with the FBI.

Back in Bear Valley, Elena and Clay are the diner and Clay overhears some college age girls talk about the carnage at the rave and hears one girl compliment him and wonders about him and Elena. Later we see that hunter that they butted heads with in the last episode come into the diner. He approaches Clay and Elena about how his hunter friend with the dog is now missing and blames them. A fight almost ensues but Elena stops it.

Outside, Elena comments how the town is starting to turn against them when she gets the scent of the new Mutt which she follows to a seedy motel. At the motel, Clay thanks Elena for having his back and the two find the room that the new Mutt has rented. As a new Mutt he is making rookie mistakes like wearing body spray and keeping a scrapbook of newspaper killings of all his murders and tokens. Elena realizes that someone is turning psychotic killers into werewolves.

When they go a report their findings to Jeremy they then see a Mutt Zachary Cane confront the new Mutt how has returned home. Also there is Karl Marsten. They make their way to his room and Elena and Clay escape in the adjoining room but not before spraying it with body spray and taking the scrapbook. But Marsten is still able to know that Elena and Clay were there and they were there long enough to hear that Marsten is the one that turned the new Mutt and he is there to do his bidding.

Back at Stonehaven, Nick found a pair of prison shoes from Hickson Prison. They find three potential people that escaped that could be the Mutt that got killed. Elena ID Scott Branden and we learn of his rap sheet. The pack then decide to confront the Mutts before they get rid of the Pack order and expose werewolves to the world what would cause a war between humans and werewolves.

In TO, Logan is paid a visit by another Mutt Daniel Santos. Santos has history with the Danvers clan like how they hate Daniel and Clay killed Daniel’s brother. Basically, Daniel wants Logan to talk to Jeremy to get back in their good graces so that he can maybe help them with the Mutt problem. For a minute there I thought that Logan would be the next pack member to be killed and he still could be considering that he isn’t in the opening credits.

At this seedy motel, Jeremy and Nick plan on going in via the adjacent room while Elena and Clay will go right into the room. Just as Clay is about to open the door, Elena notices that it is booby trapped and pulls Clay away as a shot gun blows a really big hole in the door. Nick and Jeremy soon join them and Jeremy says they should go since the whole town probably heard the gun shot. Just before they leave a message is scratched into the door that reads “I am coming back for my scrapbook bitch” to which Elena pretty much says “bring it.”

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  1. Great review! Ugh, Phillip really is the worst, although I have a soft spot for Diane. I’m so glad Logan wasn’t next on the chopping block, though I didn’t realize he wasn’t in the opening credits. Now you’ve got me worried, lol!

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