Bitten Season 1 Episode 3 “Trespass” Recap

Elena (Laura Vandervoort) confronts Mutt, Scott (Marc Bendavid)
Elena (Laura Vandervoort) receives some flowers but from whom? Jeremy (Greg Bryk) is probably wondering the same thing

Elena (Laura Vandervoort) receives some flowers but from whom? Jeremy (Greg Bryk) is probably wondering the same thing

The following recap and review contains spoilers for season 1 of Bitten that won’t air in the US until two days later. 

So if you don’t want to know what happens, stop reading now. If you do, please read away.

We pick up where we last left off with the Danvers wolf pack examining the body of the dead boy. Elena surmises that it is the same Mutt that killed the two women that is responsible for this killing. Clay wants to move the body so they won’t be be blamed for it but Jeremy thinks it is a bad idea. Before anything can happen, hunters come upon the boy and the blame game begins with Jeremy acting as a peace keeper. Elena and one of the hunter’s dog get into a bit of a staring match and when Clay hits one of the hunters with his gun this showdown ends and the fight breaks up. Jeremy then calls Sheriff Morgan to let her know of another killing.

Back at Stonehaven, everyone agrees that the Mutt is targeting them. Logan believes that since he is newly turned, he is not handling it well psychologically. Jeremy then splits up the group. Clay and Elena will troll the bars in Bear Valley to get a scent on him while Nick, Logan and Pete will meet with a Carl Marsten, a man who knows a lot about Mutts.

Then Jeremy pulls Elena aside to talk to her privately. Jeremy gives her flowers that were sent by Jeremy; her favourite: lilacs. Elena and Jeremy talks about the dangers of human relationships and having to lie to the person their are with and also about lies they tell themselves. Jeremy gets rid of the flowers so that Clay won’t find out about them and thus Philip.

Elena then calls Philip to thank him for the flowers. The two have a flirty conversation but we see Clay clearly jealous and starts his car with loud music to end Elena’s conversation.

Meanwhile, in the woods, Jeremy and Sheriff Morgan have a talk about how they are handling the wolf situation and she asks why would a boy being trespassing on their property. Jeremy doesn’t have an answer to that. Antonio comes on the scene and he tells the Sheriff how they came to find the body.

Back in Toronto, Philip meets with a new client in an unusual location, the docks. This client wants Philip’s help in making his board see how marketable Estonia vodka would be in North America.

In Bear Valley, Elena and Clay are searching the bars for the Mutt when Clay confronts Elena about the flowers. Their conversation is cut short when they are confronted by a townsperson about the boy’s death and the hunters missing dog and threatens them arm should the dog die by a wolf’s hand. Elena diffuses the situation and part ways with the townsperson. Elena then notices an advert for a rave and we then see the Mutt go into this rave.

Back in the woods, night has fallen and Sheriff Morgan is still on the scene investigating. She has brought in wild life control and Jeremy wonders why. Sheriff Morgan tells him it is to find out what animal has done the killings. Jeremy thought they knew it was a wolf but Sheriff Morgan is not so sure and she wants to get it right.

Back in TO, Philip’s mother visits and talk turns to his relationship with Elena and she doesn’t want her son to get hurt from a woman that didn’t tell him she had family.

As Clay and Elena arrive at the rave, she wants to go in alone but Clay doesn’t. The two argue a bit about that but come up with a plan to everyone satisfaction.

Meanwhile, Nick, Pete and Logan have that meeting with Carl at a nightclub that Nick is opening but his father knows nothing about. The trio task Carl to find out how bit the mutt and return Carl wants Jeremy to be understanding that he wants a piece of territory of his own so he can stop moving around.

At the rave, Elena finds the Mutt and tells him off for breaking the rules but the Mutt, Scott, tells her that he is having to much fun killing people. Elena then uses her claws to reach into Scott’s chest. We see Scott about to change but Elena tells him he needs to calm down but he doesn’t know how. The crowds of the rave prevent them from leaving so Elena shoves him in the warehouse’s office where he does change and Elena has to keep the wolf in. When Elena doesn’t hear anything, she sees that Mutt has escaped into the ceiling and is now terrorizing the rave.

Panic ensues and people scramble to leave. The mutt attacks a young man but Elena stops him. Unfortunately, the Mutt has killed a young woman and is feasting on her as Clay (who eventually made it in the warehouse) and Elena try to subdue him but he escapes. Meanwhile, Jeremy and Antonio see Sheriff Morgan and her team leave to deal with carnage at the warehouse.

When the police arrive, Elena and Clay hide as the Mutt makes his way outside. The Mutt is shot but that doesn’t seem to stop him and as he makes his way towards Sheriff Morgan, a car runs over the Mutt. Clay and Elena dash back inside the warehouse to find the young man that was bitten. We see him in the office and it looks like is about to change. Clay notices that he is a drug addict and kills him despite Elena’s not wanting him to. But Clay believes he was helping him because he wouldn’t survive the change.

Back to Nick, Logan and Pete. They believe that Carl will come through but his holding back on something. Jeremy then call Pete to let him know that the Mutt is dead and he and Logan go back home.

When Elena and Clay return to Stonehaven, she blames herself for everything that has happened that night. She says that her and Clay being around each other is not a good thing. Clay believes Elena is in denial about needing him and he not needing her and he takes off in a huff. Jeremy says that Clay does need her and they need her but Elena says that she is going back to her life in Toronto and is never coming back.

When Elena returns to TO, she is given a very warm welcome from Philip (i.e. sex on the dinning room table). Afterwards, Philip is preparing dinner and forgets to mention that he has invited Logan and Rachel over. Elena and Logan get their stories straight about their cousin in a car accident. During their dinner, Rachel wonders how they found out about each other and both tell some version of the truth. After the dinner, the two women have some girl time to gossip. Elena asks about her relationship with Logan and Rachel asks about how nice it is to have family around. The men also have a chat of their own with Philip asking Logan while she is do guarded. Logan says that Philip is good for Elena.

At Stonehaven, Jeremy says that Antonio and Nick can take off now that the Mutt is dead while we see Clay brood about Elena leaving.

Antonio decides that he and Nick will investigate Carl as they drive to their destination they make a startling discovery.

This discovery prompts Clay to call Logan during his dinner party. Logan without revealing too much in front of Philip and Rachel tells Elena that they need to return home.

We learn that Pete has been killed by an unknown werewolf but Pete did put up a fight. We then notice that one of Pete’s fingers is missing.

Once again as someone who has not read the books, I have to say that Philip is a very boring character and wonder if there is more to him that meets the eye. I hope so because I feel there has to be. Anyways, until next week.

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