The Tomorrow People “Rumble” Recap

The Tomorrow People Episode 11This week’s episode we see more of Cara’s past as we open the episode 6 years ago. A homeless and hungry Cara uses her powers to steal an apple but Ultra agents catch her and want to take her in. Cara, not understanding that these are Ultra agents and thinks they are the police, runs.

As she runs in the alley, the Ultra agents catch up to Cara but two Tomorrow People appear and teleport her away to an apartment. There Cara meets Nelly and Julian

If Nelly looks familiar to you she is played by Monique Ganderton who played Alia for several Smallville season 9 episodes where she was better known as the ninja lady that followed Lois from the future.

Back to the present, Cara starts barking orders around and focuses her wrath to Russell who isn’t doing TK training for the Tomorrow People in the lair.

Cara then speak to John of her frustration of people losing faith in her after the botched mission of the Citadel. But John calls that mission a success because they rescued Charlotte. Speaking of Charlotte, we see her having nightmares of her time at the Citadel and John goes to calm her down. Cara asks if Morgan can help her but Morgan says she normally doesn’t deal with child patients and sympathizes with what Ultra has done to her.

Meanwhile, Stephen and Astrid are studying with Luca bothering the pair. Luca lets spill about his mom’s new boyfriend. When Luca leaves, Stephen confides to Astrid that Pete is just like him but more powerful as he was able to block him out of his mind. Their conversation is cut short when Jedikiah calls him into Ultra headquarters.

There we see an Ultra agent lose her powers because she didn’t cut it in training. Jedikiah says that Stephen along with Hillary Cole (Alexa Vega) and Ray (Dejan Loyola) are the three rookies standing and if they pass their training then they will become Ultra agents. Their first test is to bring in a breakout that got away five years ago: Julian.

We see Julian and his gang target a rich human and he openly uses his powers in front of him by teleporting and then Force chokes him. Julian then starts to beat the crap out of him until he is to the point of killing him and he feels the pain that gets him to stop. We see that Julian gets a kick out of this. But Julian and his gang gets what they want from their victim. Note that one of Julian’s gang members is played by Luvia Peterson aka as Continuum’s Garza. She features prominently in this episode as Julian’s protege/right hand woman. I never learned her character’s name so I am going to call her Garza in this recap.

Stephen alerts John, Cara and Russell about this breakout. Stephen wants to catch him but Cara doesn’t and confesses that she knows him and how he is dangerous. Back to the past, we see Julian and Nelly teach Cara about Ultra and their purpose as well as teaching her how to use her powers. This involves Julian Force choking Cara until Nelly gets him to stop. Julian pretty much scares the crap out of Cara about all the bad stuff Ultra could do to her if caught. Julian offers to first teach her how to survive then teach her how to live.

Back to the present, Cara, John and Russell meet with Julian on the subway to warn him that Ultra is after him and he should get out of town. But Julian isn’t worried about Ultra getting him and he starts to mock Cara. Julian isn’t leaving New York and his gang appears beside him and ready to rumble with Cara, John and Russell but the trip make their escape. At the Lair, Russell wonders about Cara connection to Julian. Cara explains somewhat and decides that they need to spy on him and Cara will do it. But Russell volunteers instead.

All of sudden, Cara gets a splitting headache and knows it is Charlotte’s doing. We see her scream and all of the Tomorrow People in the Lair are clutching their heads. John manages to calm her down and she runs off after realizing what she has done. Morgan tells John that the group want to kick her out for being disruptive. However, Cara points out other problem Tomorrow People that could have been kicked out at the first sign of problems but didn’t. John volunteers to help Charlotte.

We John and Charlotte spar. It is his way to get Charlotte to channel her anger but to her it is of no use. John the shares his history with Ultra and how he overcame all the negativity. He teaches Charlotte how to channel her anger in another way and it works.

At Ultra headquarters, we see Stephen and Hillary spar and when it looks like Stephen has won, Hillary turns the tables and wins her training match as Jedikiah looks on.

At Julian’s headquarters, a fancy house that I believe was used in Smallville season 5’s “Thirst” as the vampire sorority that Lana pledged to and as the Queen Mansion in Arrow’s “Pilot” episode. Anyways, Julian tells his gang of his plans to rob every apartment in a building in Central Park West. Russell, we see had heard of his plans and reports this back to Cara, who doesn’t want to do anything but let Ultra take care of it.

In a flashback, we see Cara, Julian and Nelly rob the same house that Julian now uses as his HQ. When the owner comes on, Julian and Nelly subdue him. As Nelly and Julian start to rob the house, they leave Cara to stand guard over the home owner. When the home owner claims a bad heart and begs to be let go, Cara does. When Nelly sees what Cara has done, she tells Cara not to tell Julian the truth. We then see the home owner with a shot gun fire shots. They hit Nelly and she dies. This angers Julian and he lashes out at Cara who scares her by saying that Ultra will catch her and take away her powers then kill her.

Back to the present, we see Julian and Garza at the apartment building ready to start their “shopping spree” when Stephen comes on the scene (he was alerted by Cara) but Hillary has followed Stephen. They take out their tranq guns but Hillary makes some noise alerting Julian and Garza to their presence and they escape back to their HQ.

At their HQ is also Russell who tries to escape. But some taunting by Julian riles up Russell who takes on Julian but Russell ends up getting the crap beaten out of him first by Julian (who gets a high from doing so) and later by his gang.

Russell is brought back to the Lair in pretty bad shape. Now Cara is pissed and ready to take on Julian. She arrives with her gang of Tomorrow People to Julian’s HQ. After some trash talk from both sides, a fight ensues between both parties. When Cara’s Tomorrow People starts leaving, Julian thinks he has one as only Cara is left. However, we see that Cara has brought along Charlotte who uses her mind power to incapacitate Julian’s gang. Cara and Charlotte escape as Stephen, Hillary and Ray come on the scene and see Julian’s gang knocked to the ground. They start to put suppression cuffs on them when Hillary notices Garza and Julian attempting to escape. However, Charlotte mind power had knocked their powers off temporarily that allows Stephen to catch up them to shoot a tranq dart at him. Julian manages to Force them away but one hits him. He then uses Garza to Force push her into Stephen thus letting him teleport away. Stephen then cuffs Garza.

While Julian got away, Jedikiah is impressed that Stephen brought in so many Tomorrow People. Then Jedkiah wants to know who did the bulk of the work but Stephen said that all three were equally responsible. But Jedkiah says that eventually Stephen is going to have to start weeding out the weak link. Later we see Hillary and Stephen come to a mutual understanding.

Back at the Lair, Charlotte gets a heroes welcome back and Russell wakes up and wants to join in the celebration. John meanwhile tells Cara that she did a good job with Charlotte and the whole Julian situation.

Stephen comes to give a similar talk to Cara. In the funniest scene in the episode, Cara knows that she is a great leader but wonders why she can’t figure out the situation with Stephen and John, Here TIM humorously chimes in that she likes being pursued by two desirable young men. But Cara says her question was rhetorical to which TIM replies that he will shut up.

The episode ends like how the episode began. We see a young girl, just like Cara steal a piece of food. But instead of Ultra catching her, it is Julian. He tells her that he is just like her and whisks away as his next protege.

And we can pretty much assume that Julian will be a recurring thorn in our Tomorrow People’s sides. I wish that could have been Jason Dohring’s character instead of him being a one and done.

The episode ends with Stephen and Astrid meeting. With some good nature ribbing about Stephen using Astrid’s mind to cheat on a test, we see him teleport them to school but with Hillary seeing all of this. And judging by next week’s previews that is bad news for Astrid.

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  1. Another fine episode of the underappreciated Tomorrow People ends on a surprisingly hopeful note.

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