Saving Hope Spoilers: Images for “43 Minutes”

Zach (Benjamin Ayers), Maggie (Julia Taylor-Ross), Jackson (Joseph Pierre) arrive on the scene to help Alex (Erica Durance)

Next week’s Saving Hope takes a page from 24 and offers a real-time episode with all the action taking place within the show’s 43 minute time frame. The episode is appropriately enough called “43 Minutes”.

Here is CTV’s office synopsis of the episode:

Alex (Erica Durance) is looking forward to a night of relaxation after a stressful week, but as she leaves the hospital she becomes a witness to a near-fatal accident and is forced back into her role as a doctor. The Hope Zion Hospital team arrives on site to take over, but Alex is determined to stay with the Code Team to try and save the John Doe victim’s life. The team rushes him into surgery, but, with time running out, they face a litany of complications. It’s a race against the clock in this real-time episode as Alex and the team refuse to give up on their patient. Meanwhile, Gavin (Kristopher Turner) forces Charlie (Michael Shanks) into a walk-and-talk therapy session in an attempt to explore and understand his relationship to the Spirit World.

Check the images below and be sure to catch the episode airing January 30, 2014 on CTV at 9pm PT/ET.

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