Saving Hope Season 2 Episode 13 “Wide Awake” Recap

Erica Durance as Alex Reid
Erin Karplunk as Sonya

Erin Karplunk as Sonya

We had several returns in tonight’s episode. First we get the return of the always wonderful Erin Karpluk as Joel’s ex-girlfriend Sonya and we also see Alex return to the dating world where her blind date gets himself in a little bind.

Alex and Joel

This blind date starts us off for the evening. Sonya has set up Alex with a childhood friend, Seth Rollins. After Seth goes to the washroom, Alex then realizes that she is being set up but Sonya insists that they would be perfect for each other. Before their conversation can go any further, we hear Seth scream in pain; he has caught his hand in a condom machine. Joel is unable to remove his hand at the bar so the head to Hope-Zion.

Zach is on hand to treat him and makes some off-colour jokes that Alex doesn’t appreciate. Seth is embarrassed but when our team of doctors remove the machine off his hand, it takes away three of fingers.

Joel will perform the surgery to reattach his fingers and Alex tells Seth that he is in good hands. When Seth tries to explain why he had his hand in the condom machine, Alex says that he doesn’t have to and walks away.

Alex then updates Sonya on Seth’s condition and tells her that he is in good hands with Joel. Sonya feels guilty that this has happened to her friend. She also apologies to Alex for setting her up. Alex says she isn’t ready to date yet and assures to Sonya that she and Joel are just friends. Sonya seems comforted by this news and goes home to relieve her baby sitter.

It seems that gossip has spread that the patient was Alex’s blind date and Mel wants the gossip. Alex says that it wasn’t a blind date and wishes the break up weren’t so complicated and gets Mel to promise not to tell Charlie.

Later, Alex is called to Seth’s bedside. He is complaining about pain in his abdomen. As Alex examines him, Seth apologies to her again and wants her to know that he didn’t assume that she would sleep with him. But he wanted to prepared just in case. Seth mentions that it has been awhile since he has been out. When Alex discovers the source of the pain and after some tests, we learn that Seth has an aorta aneurysm. Alex says that surgery on the fingers will have to wait but Joel says no has he doesn’t want to lose the fingers. So the two will perform both surgeries at the same time. However, we hit another snag. Seth is too high risk to be out under so they are going to have to perform the surgery in way were he will be awake and aware of the whole thing but not feel anything. Alex and Joel bring this to Dawn, the new chief of surgery.

When Dawn hers what they want to do, she first says no but after some talk from Joel saying that she has the balls to approve this surgery, Dawn relents.

In surgery, Seth can feel a thing and the surgery begins with Seth wide awake through it all. As Alex and Joel perform their surgeries they engage Seth in small talk to keep his mind off what is happening. It ranges from what Seth does for a living to what Alex and Joel were like as kids. Then Seth hopes that Joel will be good to Sonya. As Alex’s surgery is winding down but Joel’s still an hour away from completion, Seth is not feeling very well and is starting to crash.

The doctors are trying to figure out what is wrong with Seth and realize his long fingers might hold the key. The believe that he has Marfan syndrome and on that hunch, they manage to stabilize Seth and complete the surgery.

Afterwards, Charlie finds out that Alex went out on a date. The two have a talk about their broken engagement and she asks why are they broken up if they are miserable without each other. Charlie says that he doesn’t want to drag Alex down with all his crap. But Alex tells him that they are meant to be together and knows Charlie believes it too and will fight for them. Charlie doesn’t disagree with her. So it seems that a reconciliation might be in order by season’s end.

Side note: I need to mention something about this scene. I find it funny that this scene happened between Erica Durance and Michael Shanks because a similar one happened between the two in Smallville season 10 episode 2 “Shield”. In that episode, we had Lois telling Carter that she always knew that she and Clark were destined to be together. Anyways, when Alex told Charlie that they were meant to be. I thought about that scene in Smallville. End side note.

Seth is on the road to recovery and that he has Marfan syndrome but it is a condition that can be managed. Sonya comes in with breakfast and once again tries to convince that Seth is a catch but alas it looks like it is not meant to be.

Maggie and Gavin

We see that Gavin is becoming quite over protective of Maggie while pregnant like telling her to not drink coffee or if she has taken all of her vitamins and such. But Maggie has more pressing concerns as she was exposed to a patient that has meningitis that could harm the baby. When Maggie is about to tell Gavin this, his over protective mode cause Maggie to change her mind.

Maggie goes to Dr. Calfous (Eric Johnson) to get her blood tested to see if she has been exposed to CMD from her patient. Dr. Calfous tells her that her baby has a 30% chance of contracting CMD but if it did then the baby will have significant medical problems like vision loss and hearing damage. Maggie thinks that if that happens then one option is to terminate the pregnancy but Calfous says that is a conversation that can wait until they get the test results back.

Gavin eventually finds out that Maggie has undergone some tests and wonders why Maggie didn’t tell him as he would have gone with her. She replies that is why she didn’t tell him.

The two then have an honest conversation with each other about how Gavin treats her and Gavin says that Maggie thinks she is all alone in this world. Maggie mentions the death of her father and not being close to her mom and that she has no family. But Gavin tells her that she is wrong that he is her family.

In the morning, Maggie wonders where Calfous is with her test results. When finds him asleep in an exam room and taking codeine which he says he took to help him get through the night shift, Maggie realizes that he didn’t send the blood work down so she will do it herself. The sheen on the sexy doctor has warn off for Maggie. Later we see Zach examine her.


Charlie is treating a Canadian military officer, a Corporal Francine Seymour. She has hurt both of her legs after a parachuting accident. Charlie needs to put casts on her legs that she will be in for 8 weeks. But that doesn’t work for Francine as she is going back to Afghanistan for one final mission. Charlie notices that Francine has some difficulty moving her feet so he gets some further testing done. Charlie then mentions that Francine’s friend can come in but Francine has no clue who he is talking about. In the doorway we see an African Canadian solider looking on (Charlie noticed him as he came into Francine’s room hence why he mentioned a friend to her).

Charlie tells Francine that the skydiving accident caused a spinal fracture that he can repair with surgery but she will be out 3 months. Francine wants to be back on her feet in 6 weeks. Charlie also shows some shrapnel in her back. Francine is not very forthcoming of how it got there. Then the ghost solider appears telling Charlie that he is reporting for duty. When Charlie and this ghost solider are alone, Charlie wants to know what he wants but this ghost soldier doesn’t know who he is despite the fact his uniform as McCreary on it. Charlie tells him to figure out what he wants to so he can help him cross over.

Meanwhile, Charlie ask Gavin to speak to Francine about what has traumatized her and has caused her reckless behaviour and letting herself get hurt. Once again, Francine refuses to talk about what happened to her. Gavin says that she will feel better if she lets it out and he is more than willing to listen. Gavin then tells Charlie that Francine needs to talk about this one incident out loud or she will keep on doing dangerous stuff and getting hurt in the process.

During Francine’s surgery. Shahir and Charlie discover not shrapnel in her back but a piece of bone, specifically it seems a piece of McCreary’s skull. We see his spirit clutch his hand and muttering that he can’t leave her. Charlie gets the idea to use McCreary’s bone instead of a rod to repair the spinal fracture.

Charlie explains to Francine about bone being in her spine and how they used it to act as a glue to repair her spinal fracture. Francine finally opens up about what happened. She feels incredibly guilty over the death of McCreary as it should have been her but because he let her drive, he got killed. Charlie tells Francine to speak to a shrink about this as it will help her heal. Later we see her talking to Gavin.

When Gavin returns to his office, Charlie is there. He wants to talk to Gavin and right there and then tells him that he allowed a ghost to help treat his patient. Gavin looks dumbfounded but Charlie has a very serious look on his face.

We will see next week how Gavin takes this and maybe Charlie having someone he can talk to about this can start to process of him dealing with it better. And hopefully this will get Alex and Charlie back together.

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  1. Thomas S Jones // June 26, 2017 at 12:04 am // Reply

    What’s really weird about this episode is that the show is obviously placed in Canada (canadian police uniforms, EMTS, etc) and yet the soldier has an American Uniform (a bad one, btw, with a horrible looking name tape). Seriously? A show based in Canada can’t have a soldier wearing Desert CadPat? Canadians have been in Iraq AND Afghanistan. TV should start showing them more.

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