Bitten Season 1 Episode 2 “Prodigal” Recap

Steve Lund as Nick Sorrentino and Paulino Nunes and Antonio Sorrentino looking over a newspaper article discussing the wolf killling
The Wolf Pack enjoying a hearty breakfast

The Wolf Pack enjoying a hearty breakfast

The following recap and review contains spoilers for season 1 of Bitten that won’t air in the US until two days later. 

So if you don’t want to know what happens, stop reading now. If you do, please read away.

We ended episode 1 with Elena returning to Stonehaven and giving Clay the cold treatment.

We open episode 2 of that encounter. When Clay tries to be friendly, Elena rebuffs him. We then flashback to four years ago to a much happier and sunnier times. Clay has brought Elena to Stonehaven to meet his family. Elena is nervous because it is a big step to meet the family of the man she wants to spend the rest of her life with. Clay says not to worry and that Jeremy will love her. The two kiss and set forth towards the house. In this scene, Elena has a knapsack like a student would, so I would assume that she was a student of Clay’s and that is how they met. I want to re-iterate that I have not read the books so it might be obvious to readers that is the case.

Back to the present day, Clay is making small talk and talking about the changes in Elena like her fashion sense but Elena is still giving him the cold shoulder. All she wants to do is find Jeremy so she can begin tracking the Mutt. When she goes outside, she hears gun shots and fears for Jeremy’s safety.

Elena is ready to go out and protect Jeremy but Clay tells her it is a bad idea as there are hunters out there ready to collect the $1000 bounty to whoever kills the wolf. They both then see Jeremy return in his wolf form.

When human again, Jeremy and Elena have a warm reunion. Jeremy gets her up to speed in what is happening, Elena wants to go out now to track the mutt. But Jeremy wants her to wait until the whole gang is here. But Elena is insistent. Jeremy relents but only if she takes Clay. This, of course, gets Elena to wait for the rest of the pack to arrive. She goes to the room she had and we see a ring box that she quickly puts away.

Back in TO, Philip meets Logan on the street with his girlfriend. He sends in condolences about the accident and mentions the children. It almost seems that Elena’s lie would be found out as Rachel had not clue but Logan quickly covers.

Meanwhile, the mutt, Scott Brandon, has scoped out his next victim at the bar. However, he picked the wrong target as it is the sister of the bartender.

At a diner, Nick and his dad Antonior are waiting for Pete to arrive and while waiting Antonio overhears talk about the girl that died in the pilot. He also hears about wolves being seen near Stonehaven. This gets Antonio to want to leave the diner. But before they can, the encounter the sheriff who mentions another girl’s disappearance and about wolves being seeing at Stonehaven. Antonio offers any help he can give and ushers out Nick and the newly arrived Pete.

And while angsty music plays, Elena, in her room, is contemplating calling Philip but instead we see her look around her room looking deep in thought. And we see on the roof, Clay also deep in thought.

In the morning, Elena has an erotic dream about Clay. When she awakes up however, Nick is in her bed. THe talk about the advantages of being a werewolf like them aging slower when it is time for breakfast. Before going down, Elena calls Philip and “updates” him on what is happening with her family. Philip mentions running into Logan hopes he didn’t ruin anything with his girlfriend but Elena says all is okay. He wishes her to come home soon and the hang up. As Elena leaves, Clay is outside her door. They talk and Clay mentions how he resisted not looking for her for over a year.

At the breakfast table, more warm reunions occur and the all dig into a hearty breakfast. Elena wants to start tracking in her human form but Jeremy insists on waiting at night and for Logan. Nick then thinks that Elena has forgotten what it was like to be a wolf because he has been away for a year and challenges her to a fight.

Laura Vandervoort shows off her martial arts training but Nick manages to get the upperhand. Then he challenges Clay to a fight and Clay wins. Clay of course has to fight without his shirt.

Jeremy looks on at this scene in an upstairs window, when Antonio comes and says to him that they should be out there seeking this mutt as humans. But Jeremy is insistent that they do so out night. Antonio predicts the moment that they do catch the Mutt that Elena will leave again. Jeremy hopes that won’t happen and says they need to remind her that Stonehaven is her home. Antonio hopes that the positive of Stonehaven will outweigh the negative (i.e. Clay).

In the basement of Stonehaven (which seems to house a jail cell), Elena goes over werewolf history (which includes why females can’t be werewolves) as well as looking for any potential Mutt suspects. Pete soon joins her and she wonders why Pete always comes back when Jeremy calls. Pete tells her that he owes Jeremy everything and tells one one time he killed a girl when he changed in front of her and it was Jeremy who helped sort it all out. Pete also tells Elena that she should try and stop living as a human because she won’t be able to keep her wolf side down.

Meanwhile, in broad daylight, we see a boy of maybe 10 or 12 years old being killed by this Mutt.

Later, Elena goes through the potential suspects that also include Jeremy’s dad but he says it can’t be him because he died. Talk turns to fathers when Logan shows up. Jeremy then talks over strategy and in the end it involves Elena and Clay being on the same team.

In town, Elena suggests that she, Nick and Clay split up and meet up later. Nick and Clay want to change into their wolf form and kill the Mutt but Elena manages to convince not to do so.

Elena, in her wolf form, starts sniffing around town. Eventually she is at an abandoned building when a naked Clay stands next to her and pets her, who has followed her. They meet inside and Elena is offended that Clay pet her that way. After procuring clothes, a comically clothed Nick joins them. Elena has smelled the Mutt to this building but she doesn’t recognize the scent. She believes this Mutt is newly turned. Elena discovers part of the scalp of another victim. They all decided to regroup back at Stonehaven to tell Jeremy what they found. Nick and Clay change outside and soon leave. However, it takes a while for Elena to change and when she does, she encounters two teens who want to kill her to collect the bounty but one growl from her chases them away.

Back at Stonehaven, Elena updates the pack with her findings. She believes it is a newly bitten werewolf that is the Mutt. Jeremy wants to find out who is the one that bit the Mutt and says that they will stakeout in front of the Mutt’s house and grab him. Jeremy warns Clay not to kill the Mutt. When they disperse, Clay holds Elena back. He wonders why she took so long to change and she brings up the fact that he pet her but he responds back that he let her. They have an intense moment with Clay saying when they go on the hunt for her to stay close to him. Elena says that her job is done and brushes Clay off.

Jeremy then wants to speak to Elena about how some kids saw her. She apologizes about that but says that her job is done and wants to leave. Jeremy says that they still need her but Elena doesn’t want to kill anyone and we learn why. We flashback to one year ago in Houston, Texas where Elena is meeting with Jose Carter who claims that he has proof of the existence of werewolves. He opens up a silver luggage (which we saw in the basement of Stonehaven), and we see chopped of arm of a werewolf in mid-transformation. He will sell this arm to the highest bidder but Elena says she can’t do that and ends up killing him by ripping his heart out.

This killing led Elena to break away from the pack because she lost her humanity and wants to return to her life in Toronto.

When Elena goes to leave, Nick and Clay stop her to show her something in the woods outside Stonehaven. With hunters descending, the pack find the body of the young boy that was killed earlier.

So ends the second episode of Bitten. I am wondering if this mutt, played my Marc Bendavid is the season long big bad. But so far, I am starting to get invested a bit in these characters and am enjoying the chemistry that Vandervoort and Holt have.

Before I go, I want to mention something about the werewolves of this show. It looks like the werewolves of Bitten don’t need a full moon to change, which I believe Laura mentions in this video that I took at Comic Con Toronto 2013:

So could they be called werewolves then? In the Twilight series the werewolves there are technically shape shifters and when I think of humans that can change into animals, I think of them as Animagus from Harry Potter. But I am sure fans of the book must be laughing at my ignorance of this so I will stop writing now. Until next week.

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4 Comments on Bitten Season 1 Episode 2 “Prodigal” Recap

  1. so where is the review for the episode this was just a spoiler/ re-cap you need to change your header as there was no review

  2. melon_banana // January 20, 2014 at 8:50 pm // Reply

    About the werewolf thing… That’s just the way Kelley Armstong portrays her werewolves. They need to change roughly once a week. Pack werewolves have full control of their changes because they do it so often. Most mutts do not. It’s just the way Armstrong’s werewolves are. Sort of like vampires. She has her own twist on them (much better than the Twilight ones).

    • Thanks for the clarification. I will eventually get around to start reading these so please excuse any ignorance that I have about Bitten and its characters until I finally get my hands on the book series.

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