The Tomorrow People “The Citadel” Recap

The Tomorrow People The CitadelApologies for not recapping The Tomorrow People’s mid-season finale. I was planning on watching during the Holidays and recapping it then but I got really sick and even though I watched the episode, I was too far gone to try and recap it coherently.

Anyways, the crux of the mid-season finale was Stephen’s mission to go to limbo and see his dad. That episode ended with Stephen seemingly flatlining but then getting revived telling the gang that he knows how to get his dad back.

The first episode of 2014 takes us into limbo with Stephen seeing his father. The basic crux of their conversation is that Roger says that in order to get him back his son needs to find his body and one Simon Plame.

When Stephen returns to the land of the living, Russell and John believe Stephen but Cara doesn’t. TIM doesn’t find much on Simon Plame so Stephen goes to Ultra and meets its version of TIM, one ALICE (voiced by Elizabeth Hurley who gets a credit while poor Dan Stevens doesn’t – maybe it is punishment for him leaving Downton Abbey and the reason why Matthew Crawley is dead – yes I am not over his death). ALICE does not want to give that information to him and keeps him in the room as Jedikiah ordered ALICE to contact him should anyone ask about Simon Plame. When Jedikiah wants to know how Stephen knows that name, Stephen lies and says he found that name in one of his dad’s research books. But Jedikiah is not forthcoming with any information.

In the lair, John tells Cara that he is going to tell The Tomorrow People that he was the one that killed Roger and is leading them on a dead-end mission. Cara says that he shouldn’t but John does anyways. His leadership is called into question and one member votes for a no confidence for Chancellor Valorum (Star Wars Episode I: Phantom Menace fans anyone). So we see a vote amongst the Tomorrow People for a new leader. It is between Cara and John. It is clear that Cara is the new leader.

The breakout of the week is Errol (Ty Olsson) an older man, being kept prisoner in an Ultra prison called the CItadel. He manages to escape (although he reluctantly had to leave behind a young girl) and he seeks out his wife but when he can’t find her and when Ultra descends to take him back, we learn that Errol is quite powerful and manages to block Stephen out of his mind that brings him to his knees.

John tells Russell, Cara and Stephen that the Citadel is the place where they perform experiments on the Tomorrow People and is sort of like a prison.

New leader Cara formulates a plan to get Errol. Knowing that Ultra will catch him and bring him back in a armoured car, they plan an ambush but keep Stephen in the dark on the finer details so he would be surprised. The ambush is successful but to convince Jedikiah that Stephen had no clue what was going on, John shoots him in the shoulder, missing any vital parts.

This seems to convince Jedikiah that Stephen is loyal to Ultra. Meanwhile at the Lair, Errol thinks it is another prison and when Russell tries to be friendly with him, he too is brought to his knees with Errol’s powers. However, Cara manages to get through to him and she tells him the truth that his wife thought he was dead and is now living in Phoenix as a teacher and is no re-married. Errol talks about what he knows about the Citadel but has blocked out certain things. Cara uses her powers to access his memories. She sees people being tortured.

Cara new mission is get a group together to storm the Citadel and rescue these people. John doesn’t think it is a good idea but reluctantly stays behind to be the point man back at the Lair.

When we thought that Jedikiah bought Stephen being shot, we learn that he wasn’t. He plies Stephen with drugs to knock him out so he can’t warn his friends of his ambush on the Citadel.

At the Citadel, Cara, Russell, Errol and two other Tomorrow People start their mission to rescue the prisoners. The meet the young girl, Charlotte. We see that she and Errol have formed a close bond. Cara is determined to rescue her. However, Ultra has descended and a fight ensues and Cara gets to rescuing Charlotte. Ultra is getting the upper hand and Russell and the two other Tomorrow People escape. Cara does finally get Charlotte out but when they try and go Jedikiah points a gun at her. But Errol gets in the way and Jedikah shoots him in the head. Cara then tries to use Morgan, Jedikiah’s girlfriend as leverage to let them go but he is unmoved. However, John arrives (thanks to a warning from Stephen) and threatens to kill Jedikiah if he doesn’t let the girls go. This gives Cara and Charlotte time to escape and soon John does too.

At the Lair, Cara wants to kill Morgan in retaliation but John says that makes her like Jedikiah. He adds that Cara needs to see Morgan as one of them or what kind of leader does that make her.

At Ultra, Stephen has woken up and goes to see his uncle. Stephen can’t believe he still doesn’t trust him and says that he has proven himself. He has earned to know about Simon Plame. Jedikiah agrees and says that Simon Plame tried to break into Ultra to get Roger’s body but he got shot and killed for his troubles. Jedikiah then tells Stephen that he had Roger’s body cremated.

This devastates Stephen but John says that he believes that Jedikiah is lying. Russell thinks so too but Cara not so much and walks away. Stephen goes to Cara and both discuss their failures, Her as a leader and him for his dad. But Stephen believes in Cara as a leader and knows she will help them to that promised land that his father was supposed to do.

Back on the home front, we learn that Stephen’s mom is dating again. A man named Pete. Luca seems to like him and his happy his mom is dating again. Stephen is not because he thinks that his dad could returns (this was before finding out Jedikiah cremated the body). The morning after Stephen got shot, he returns home and finds Pete there. When Stephen goes to try and read his mind, we find that he can’t, he being blocked. Pete is a Tomorrow Person or learned from Professor Snape the art of Occulumency.

I pretty much knew when I saw Pete that something was up with him so it is not much of a surprise. So we will see what his agenda is over the next few episodes.

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