Saving Hope Spoilers: Images for Season 2 Episode 13 “Wide Awake”

Joel (Daniel Gillies) and Alex (Erica Durance) going on a double date

Next week’s episode of Saving Hope is entitled “Wide Awake” and we have 13 images for episode 13 for you below.

And judging from the previews, it looks like Alex (Erica Durance) is jumping into the dating pool. And as seen in these photos, we see that she goes on a blind date. And [SPOILER] these photos also show that Joel (Daniel Gillies) and Sonya (guest star Erin Karplunk) have reunited and go on a double date with Alex and her blind date. It also looks like said blind date gets in a spot of trouble that lands him at Hope-Zion (per the previews). And, Charlie seems to be helping a solider move on.

Saving Hope “Wide Awake” airs January 23, 2014 on CTV at 9pm PT/ET.

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2 Comments on Saving Hope Spoilers: Images for Season 2 Episode 13 “Wide Awake”

  1. Didn’t care for this episode, pictures are misleading no date at all, got more operations though plenty of those, wish they would get out of the operating room once in a while.

  2. Well, they tried to make a date… this surgery was quite more interesting than the others though. I think Charlie and Alex belong together!

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