The Tomorrow People “Sorry for your Loss” Recap and Review

Sorry For Your LossThis week’s episode we see Aaron Yoo’s Russell take the spotlight as we see how he broke out.

And it was seven years ago during some music festival audition (I can only assume). Russell is playing a classical piano piece and all of sudden during the piece, some of the keys start playing themselves. He completes his song and afterwards, his father tells him that he is in. However, like any domineering stereotypical as portrayed in TV and film, he is not pleased at his effort and his fifth finger is weak. All of this is spoken in Korean and his father doesn’t call him by his English name.

Frustrated, Russell goes to kick the piano bench but he teleports it to the wall. We see that Russell has used his powers to hustle people out of money at poker matches because he reads their minds at what hands they have and also uses the Force to get the cards he wants so he can have a winning hand. Well, thugs don’t think it is luck that he is winning all this money and thinks he is a cheat. When a big burly guy takes Russell outside to demand the rest of the money he stole, he teleports away.

When Russell is at home, he lays out all the money that he won to his dad thinking that it would buy his life back. He tells his dad that he never sacrified anything for him and that he ruined the piano for him. Their conversation is interrupted by the poker thugs. Russell’s dad gets him to hide in the closet. The thugs burst in, take the money but demand to know where Russell is so they can teach him a lesson. But his dad refuses to give up his son and gets his left hand smashed repeatedly by a hammer as his mom looks on.

Later at the piano recital, Russell finishes his piece, takes his bows and moves to the wings. At the opposite end, his dad, with his hand in a cast, sees his son. They wave at each other and he teleports away.

What we see of the Russell in the past is a serious man but in the present day, we know Russell as the comic relief and we see that he has taken his hustling ways to the pool hall.

Stephen shows up because apparently Russell is winning money for him so Stephen can send his brother to football camp.

A young African American teen, Piper, approaches the men and offers to play some pool. They see that she is a Tomorrow Person and is using her powers to win the game.

When they confront Piper, she escapes.

At the Lair, Russell and Stephen discuss their confrontation with Piper. John is mad that they went top side again considering what happened last time that happened, three of them got killed.

TIM interrupts to let Russell know that his dad has passed away.

As John, Cara, and Stephen discuss what they should do about Piper, Russell has a knapsack looking like he going on a trip. He tells the gang that he is going to his father’s funeral. John decides to accompany him as he can help with the long distance jumping (the funeral is in Portland, Oregon) and knows places where they can safely land and places to stay.

Before John leaves he wants to talk to Cara about how he can kill people know. The only thing Cara wants to talk about is why is John keeping something from her. He admits that he is afraid that people won’t look to him anymore if they find out that he has been corrupted by Ultra. However, Cara believes he is hiding something more.

As John and Russell leave, he tells Cara to mind the lair and that no one leaves.

However, Stephen wants to bring Piper in and gets Cara to agree to help despite her initial misgivings. Also, Stephen gives an update on Irene. She is fine and uses Ultra’s computers to ensure the won’t be tracked.

Meanwhile at Ultra, Darcy confronts Stephen about Astrid and what she was doing at their ambush. Stephen lamely tries to distance himself from her but Darcy sees through it warns him about the dangers of mixing his old life and new life together. She then informs Stephen of a 17-year-old breakout they are tracking (this being Piper).

Cara and Stephen manage to track Piper back at the same pool hall. She sees them and even after telling them who they are, she still flees especially after she sees Ultra agents coming. However, Cara and Stephen can’t escape because they are in a crowded sidewalk so they do what 1000s of people have done in TV and movies, they start to make out and I mean really make out. When they pull away, it is very apparent that they really liked it.

Meanwhile, Darcy phones Jedikiah to ask if she can use any means necessary to bring in this new recruit. Jedikiah says sure but we see that he is very distracted as he is observing from afar in his car a woman underneath a bridge all of sudden teleports away.

We see later Jedikiah confront her using her powers in public at her apartment. He says that it wasn’t part of their deal. We learn her name is Morgan and is played by Carly Pope. She starts to use her powers to undress Jedikiah and the two start to kiss passionately.

Sorry For Your LossDuring the day, Cara and Stephen are looking for Piper and have a very sexually charged conversation until Cara gets a read on Piper. Unfortunately, so does Ultra but Cara manages to guide Piper to safety and all three escape back to the lair.

Let us not forget about John and Russell. Their first stop of the night is in Akron, Ohio. They sleep in a shipping container however during the night, Russell sneaks off to a bar, gets pissed drunk and when John arrives to get him out, the two end up in a bard fight that results in them getting handcuffed at the bar. Eventually, the police release them after confirming John’s story that Russell’s father has passed away. Russell tells John he is afraid to go back because he can’t face his mom.

But John convinces him to go and the two friends arrive and Russell sees him and asks her forgiveness and wants to do something for his father. She tells him there is only one thing he could do and that is play the piano for him, which he does with John looking on.

Back to Piper. In the lair, she tells them that she is from Bethesda, Maryland and ran away from home. She says that her sister also ran away to at the same age as her. When Cara asks why NYC, she replies that she was drawn here. Cara says that it is something about their powers that draws them together.

Cara gets called away as TIM needs to show her something and when she sees what it is it, she calls for Stephen. We learn that Piper is Darcy’s sister.

There is debate as to whether or not to reunite the sisters but Piper wants to see her even if she is part of the people that want to hunt her down. Stephen goes to tell Darcy about finding her sister. She is mad at Stephen for breaking protocol and not reporting this breakout and she could report him. But Stephen knows she won’t.

So the sisters reunion takes place at the Chinese restaurant that the Tomorrow People like to frequent. They reunite but Cara sees that Darcy wants to bring in Piper to strip her of her powers so she can go home and have a normal life. However, Stephen convinces Darcy not to turn her sister in.

So when Ultra agents demand to know where Piper is, Darcy uses the Force to grab a gun and incapacitates the Ultra agents but some with bigger weapons gun her down. Another one of Stephen’s handlers gets killed. Stephen and Piper are hearing all this go down and once Darcy is killed they escape back to the Lair.

At the lair, Cara welcomes Piper to their family. Oh yeah, Irene is back home and while a little sore, she gives Stephen an awkward hug. I really hope they are not making this girl to be like this show’s version of Felicity Smoak. Because Irene is a glasses wearing science geek. Vaguely sound like someone too you?

Later on, Stephen and Cara talk about what happened with Darcy and Piper then talk turns to their kiss. Stephen tells her that he liked it very much as he walks closer and closer to Cara. He kisses her but stops thinking that Cara doesn’t want this but she tells him that they should go somewhere more private and kisses him again and clothes start to come off and they teleport away to get some nookie.

So we get a love triangle born and Cara and Stephen did have some really nice chemistry in their kisses and during that sexually charged conversation but my question is what is the age difference between the two? She is obviously over 21 since she bought two beers earlier in the episode but how old is Stephen? We see that Piper is 17 and has powers, we will assume that Darcy got her powers at 17 too so is Stephen 17? That would mean that Cara committed statuatory rape because Stephen is a minor. Chemistry be damned. Different story if he is 18. Let’s hope Stephen is 18.

What do you think? Sound off in the comments or anything in general you have about this show

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