Revolution Season 2 “Come Blow Your Horn” Recap and Review

By Bec92160

Revolution - Season 2Willoughby

Miles and Rachel have one of the patriots tied to a chair. They are questioning him. Miles is beating the crap out of him. It’s getting him nowhere. Rachel is looking through his stuff. She finds something. She knows what it is. I don’t.

Truman is speaking to the townspeople. He is, of course, blaming the bombing on Miles and Rachel. Truman reveals Stu/Miles true identity as a high ranking officer in the Monroe army.

Truman says Miles was retaliating because they killed Monroe. He claims Aaron is an accomplice to the bombing. Charlie watches from a distance. Gene steps up to speak to the crowd. He explains to the people that Miles and Aaron had fooled them all. Rachel and Charlie, however, are not with Miles and Aaron but they are victims just them.

Aaron, Cynthia and Monroe are in the boat graveyard waiting for Miles, Rachel and Charlie. Monroe says the others are not coming and the plan needs to change. Cynthia looks on and is still completely freaked.

Charlie makes her way back to Rachel and Miles. Charlie reports what Truman is saying but won’t tell Rachel what Gene said. Charlie thinks they need to get away ASAP. Rachel tells Charlie they can’t leave yet. They must kill Horn first to save Aaron. She hints that there could be some terrorist activities in their future.

Patriot Outpost, Glendon, North Carolina

Tom approaches the camp and introduces himself. The command center is an old art museum in a southern style two story mansion with those big wraparound porches. Side note: I think I would want my new offices to be in something cool like one of the Disney rides; the Biltmore or the Hearst castle. Or Seaworld. He asks to speak to Commander Roger Allender. His request is denied. He shows the soldier a diamond engagement ring and tells him to show it to the Commander. Inside HQ someone in a suit is looking at a painting. Two soldiers bring Tom into the room where the man is looking at the painting. The man asks if “she’s alive”. Tom tells the Commander that she is tied up but safe. Tom explains that the Secretary is an enemy of the US of A and he, the Commander, being the good patriot that he is should understand why she is being held captive. The Commander questions why Tom doesn’t just bring her in himself. The Commander appears to have a soft-spot for his wife. Tom, in his arrogantly charming way, points out to the Commander what a stellar career the Commander has had up to this point and having a traitor for a wife might put a damper on that reputation. It might make people wonder if the Commander isn’t also a traitor. Turning her in might clear his name. The Commander considers it and wants to know why Tom would let him turn her in instead of Tom turning her in and reaping the rewards. Tom, of course, sees the bigger picture of what the Commander can do for Tom.


Miles is peering over the wall. He sees Gene and Truman entering the headquarters together. Horn is threatening Gene. Horn doesn’t believe Gene is telling the truth about not knowing the whereabouts of Rachel and the gang. Horn wants to start executing Aaron’s friends until someone confesses to knowing where Aaron is. Truman gets pissed at Horn’s threat. He’s put too much work into Willoughby to start killing people. Horn says it’s taking the patriots too long to take back the country. At their current pace it’s going to take years. If he gets his hands on Aaron they can accomplish it in a few months. In my mind Horn is wringing his hands together with a sinister Simon Léger look on his face.

Gene and Truman walk away. No one notices Horn’s hand tremor. The plot thickens.

Rachel found a granola bar and gives it to Charlie. Charlie doesn’t know what it is. Rachel tells her some people used to consider it food. Charlie opens it and smells it. She passes. They chat about Gene. Rachel hates her father for being a traitor. Charlie tries to understand Gene’s motives. She reminds Rachel that she used to hate her for the same type thing. Miles enters with his scouting report. The patriot they tortured gave them good intel. The Patriot’s somehow now have dogs. Where’d they come from?

The Patriot’s headquarters is in an old paper factory. Rachel asks whether they’d be able to hit it with some type of device. Miles is reluctant. He tells Rachel that Gene is with Truman at HQ.

Aaron tries to talk to Cynthia. She looks devastated. She asks Aaron if he killed her husband. Ooops. Aaron tries to explain that hubby hit him and Aaron got angry and can’t control his episodes. Cynthia is pissed that Aaron has been lying to her. Aaron cries and is sorry. She sends him away. She’s sick of liars.

Miles looks at his wound. It looks weird. Rachel and Charlie are making what looks like Molotov Cocktails. They are actually making some kind of gas bombs. Charlie wants Rachel’s assurances that if Gene is in the HQ building when they bomb it that Rachel won’t kill her grandfather. Rachel’s look says “doubt it.”

Monroe takes off to look for Miles. Aaron won’t let him go. Monroe says he kept his part of the bargain. He got Aaron and Cynthia out safe. Babysitting wasn’t part of the deal. Two guys with torches are walking toward the boat yard. Aaron and Monroe hide. One of the patriot’s comes up behind them and Monroe takes him out. Several other soldiers approach them.

Monroe jumps on them from above and takes them out. More soldiers are coming. Monroe leaves. He knows they won’t kill Aaron but will definitely kill Monroe. Again. One of the soldiers has Cynthia. She is screaming for Aaron. He runs toward her but gets tackled by a soldier. The soldier injects Aaron with something. Aaron passes out.

Horn’s office/lab/examination room is behind a bank vault door. He is injecting himself with something. He opens a tool box of what are probably torture tools. He has a flashback.

18 years before the blackout. A teenage boy is standing over a bed. Must be Horn. His father is sitting by the bed praying. The same tool box is also in the room. The woman in the bed is Horn’s mother. His father thinks prayer is all his wife needs to heal. Horn wants to call a doctor. His father thinks his wife’s illness is God’s will and wants his son to pray with him.


Charlie, Miles and Rachel are surrounding HQ. Rachel is sneaking in. Miles is covering her with a sniper rifle. Charlie holds a dog whistle to her mouth and blows. The whistle is the thing Rachel had found in the soldier’s belongings. The dogs go crazy at the sound of the whistle.

Charlie runs off. They soldier’s go to where the dogs lead them; where Charlie was just standing. Rachel uses the guard’s absence to get closer. Miles sees Gene going in to HQ. Rachel sees him too. Miles give Rachel the abort the mission sign. Rachel ignores him. Charlie is upset at what Rachel is going to do. Rachel is on the roof of HQ and proceeds to unscrew the top of an air vent. Miles and Charlie hear a horse approaching. It’s the patriots with Aaron and Cynthia. The group goes inside HQ. Cynthia is shocked to see Gene with Truman and Horn. Horn tells her that Gene is responsible for finding them. Aaron is devastated that Gene is a traitor. Gene pleads for Cynthia’s release. Horn is keeping Cynthia for insurance. Cynthia calls Gene an S.O.B.

Rachel is still on the roof getting ready to drop the gas bombs. Miles catches her hands and tells her that Aaron is inside.

Back to the Horn flashback

Horn is sitting at the bedside in a dark suit. He’s picking his thumb and it’s bleeding. The bed is empty. Horn looks angry. He’s been crying. Horn’s father comes from behind and yanks Horn out of the chair. The father is angry. He found a bottle of pills. Horn explains that a friend’s father gave them to him to help his mother. The father thinks it was the pills that killed his wife. Horn tells his father that there are no miracles. He gets slapped by his father.


Horn has Aaron strapped to a chair in the examination vault. Aaron is pleading for them to let Cynthia go. Horn wants to test Aaron’s body for resilience. Horn tells Gene he can leave. Gene wants to stay incase Aaron needs medical attention. Horn kicks him out and reminds Gene of the threats he has made to him. As Gene is walking away he hears Aaron screaming. Cynthia hears the screaming too.

North Carolina

A barn. The Secretary is tied up but trying to get loose. Jason hears the noise and goes to see what she is doing. She is trying to talk Jason into letting her go. She tries to convince him that his father doesn’t care about him and ditched him in that reeducation center. Jason gets angry and begins to choke the Secretary. He’s seems drugged again. He stops before he kills her and backs away from her shocked at his actions. She tells him he not deprogrammed.

Tom and the Commander are walking to the barn. The Commander pulls a gun on Tom. Tom is cocky. The Commander wants to know if Tom hurt his wife. Tom does his arrogant thing. The Commander demands that Tom let him and his wife go. Tom gets vulgar with the Commander about how he didn’t touch her. They argue. Tom points out that the Commander is too prissy to get far without the Patriot army on his side.


Gene is walking through town and comes upon Charlie. Miles grabs Gene from behind. Gags him. Rachel steps forward and puts a bag over Gene’s head.

Back to the warehouse. Gene is now the one tied to the chair. They question him about Aaron.

They question him about his motives. Miles wants Gene to help them get Aaron out. Rachel is giving her father hell for letting her think she was crazy. Gene gives the ole “I had good intentions” speech. Gene reminds them that they have also done bad things for good reason. Gene wants them to run without Aaron.

Truman and some soldiers followed them to the warehouse. They are demanding the group come out. Truman is prepared to fire on the warehouse. Gene comes out. Truman doesn’t want Rachel. He wants Miles. Gene grabs Truman’s arm and puts a knife to his throat. Miles, Charlie and Rachel get a head start out the back. Truman manages to grab Gene’s arm and the soldiers take off after the group. Gene is on his knees in front of Truman.

Horn has cut Aarons arm in several places. Those places have instantly healed. Horn wants to know why? Aaron says he doesn’t know. Horn says they are partners now, no longer enemies. Horn tells Aaron about his father and his belief in miracles. Horn calls the magical power that his father prayed to a fairytale. Horn says Aaron’s power to heal himself is a miracle but not from Heaven. Horn isn’t getting that Aaron doesn’t know how to use his powers or how he got it.

Horn tells Aaron he has a brain tumor. He’s hoping Aaron will be able to give him the answers he needs to heal himself and save his own life.

North Carolina

Apparently Tom and the Commander were able to work things out. Tom enters the barn. Jason draws on him. Tom is smug. The Secretary’s name is Justine. She gushes apologies to her husband. The Commander tells her she was stupid for writing that letter; the one where she questions the motives of the people in charge. He tells her they are both in a lot of trouble with the US Government. Tom is trying to get the Commander to stay calm and focused. Not get dragged into the emotion. Justine tells him that Tom is a dangerous man. Justine wants the Commander to kill Tom and Jason so they can run away. The Commander wants to stay realistic. Justine plays the “I Love You” card in her most passionate voice. The Commander makes his decision. He shoots his wife. Tom looks vicious.


Miles, Charlie and Rachel hide behind a car. Charlie wants to know how they are going to get Aaron out. Rachel says they’re going to get Gene out too. Miles is looking for bright ideas. Kudos to Miles and his comic relief. Aaron looks wasted. Horn is yakking away. Blah, blah science stuff, blah blah. He likens Aarons self- healing to a lizard re-growing his tail. I never thought of it that way but he’s right. He injects Aaron with something. Two guards drag Cynthia in the room. Horn says he wants elevate Aaron to a “proper emotional state”. I’m thinking full on terror. He wants to see if Aaron can heal someone other than himself. A soldier approaches Cynthia and stabs her with a scalpel. Aaron screams.

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