Arrow Season 2 “Keep Your Enemies Closer” Recap and Review

Arrow season 2 episode 5Road trip!!! Tonight we see Team Arrow leave the Arrow Cave and Starling City to head to Russia in this Diggle-centric episode that centers around A.R.G.U.S. Agent Lyla going missing and Diggle’s pursuit of Deadshot.

But before any of that can happen, we instead see Roy summoning Arrow to let him know of some sort of shady deal happening that he needed Roy’s help in taking down.

At Queen Consolidated, Isabel is pissed at Oliver missing a board meeting and two other appointments the previous week. All throughout, Felicity is very hilarious in trying to get his attention and when she does really makes up a bad excuse to get him to leave with her. It involves evening plans with Mr. Harper. Oliver tells her that she needs to work on her excuses.

At this shady deal, with backup from Diggle and somewhat Roy, they manage to take down this deal. However, Diggle gets kidnapped by some solider looking people and Roy gets arrested by Quentin in police’s response to the takedown.

We see Diggle being brought to a meeting with Amanda Waller (Cynthia Addai-Robinson), who I think is the head of A.R.G.U.S. She wants Diggle to go to Moscow and rescue Lyla who Diggle surmises has gone to Russia chasing a lead on Deadshot on his behalf. This is the third time, as far as I know, that Waller has appeared in live action form. The first being Smallville where she was played in season 9 by Pam Grier. In that carnation, she was the head of Checkmate. Angela Bassett played her in Green Lantern. I believe in the comics, she is the head of the Suicide Squad to which Deadshot and Bronze Tiger (whom we saw in episode 2) are members. Something to chew on for future Arrow episodes.

At the police station, Quentin seems pleased that Roy is there and under arrest until Roy mentions how he is on Team Arrow just like him. When Thea arrives to bail him out, Quentin tells her that they made a mistake, he was there at the wrong place at the right time and lets him go.

But this doesn’t end the troubles between Roy and Thea. Later on, at Verdant, Moira’s lawyer, Jean Loring, visits and tells her that Roy’s arrest garnered negative media attention for Moira. She thinks it is bad for Thea to be dating a felon since her mother is willing to go to trial for her children. She urges Thea to break up with Roy, which she does but rather unconvincingly. Later in Iron Heights Prison, Moira asked to meet Roy and when Thea goes for her visit, she is surprise to see her ex there. Moira can see what a positive influence Roy has been on Thea and did hear what her lawyer asked her to do but she jokingly forbids her daughter from seeing Roy. We can surmise that Roy and Thea are back on.

Anyways, that is the Roy and Thea stuff out of the way.

At the Arrow Cave, Diggle tells his team that he is going to Russia to rescue Lyla. However, Oliver insists on going to provide backup and of course Felicity is on board too.

Their excuse to going to Moscow is to meet with their Queen Consolidated subsidiaries there. When they arrive at the tarmac of the private jet, Isabel joins in as she pissed thinking Oliver is muscling her out of Queen Consolidated business. This complicates their mission but Oliver assures that he will take care of her.

When they arrive in Moscow, Isabel thinks it Oliver’s trip that involves taking the private jet is suspect. She thinks Olicity is a thing. However, Oliver denies that he and Felicity are involved and saying it won’t happen.

Later, Diggle and Oliver go to a Russian bar to meet with his contact, Anatoli. He owes Oliver his life and we see that he is one of Oliver’s fellow prisoner on the freighter in the island flashbacks.

Anatoli tells Diggle and Oliver that Lyla got caught breaking into a hellish prison and is now stuck there where it looks like she has been beaten. A plan is formulated that they need to break in there. Oliver wants to do this but Diggle says it must be him because Oliver is needed on the outside.

It is decided that Diggle’s way in is being caught with a lot of drugs. Felicity, Oliver and Diggle go over their plan and the extraction plan too. Felicity makes sure that Diggle is caught wearing his coat (this is really important later on).

Diggle does get caught and is taken to this hell prison. They of course take his coat and put it in their storage locker. Diggle gets into prison garb and when he goes to have “dinner”, he identified the guard on the inside that is his contact. However, a fight breaks out and Diggle is taken to the cold room where he will stay for 7 hours. Also there hanging from a pipe is Deadshot. Diggle realizes that Lyla is in this prison because she found Deadshot.

On the outside, Felicity, Diggle and Anatoli meet with some people to procure some sort of armoured Range Rover type vehicle. When weapons are drawn, Oliver speaks some Russian and manages to procure this vehicle.

Back at the prison, the inside man guard, cuts Diggle loose. It seems we are on a tight timeline before the extraction. However, this guard gets stabbed by Deadshot with an icicle. Deadshot tells Diggle that he needs him to find where Lyla is and in exchange he wants to be part of the extraction plan.

Before the deadline of the extraction plan, Oliver and Isabel bond a bit at the hotel’s bar over drinks and the Russian language. Isabel can see that Oliver’s dumb act is all for show and that he is an intelligent but lonely man. Isabel is the same and we can see where this is going. The two go for a quick tumble in Oliver’s room. When Felicity goest ot get him to complete their mission, you can see how crushed she is knowing that Oliver slept with Isabel. While she says what happens in Russia stays in Russia, she can’t quite keep it to herself.

However, our team has more important things to take care of and that is getting Diggle out, who thanks to Deadshot, manages to get to Lyla. And remember that coat? It had an explosive device on it that goes off thus paving a way for their escape.

While the drive a safe distance away, Diggle kicks Deadshot out and when it looks like he is going to kill him, Diggle doesn’t. However, we learn some information before Deadshot leaves. Diggle’s brother was not a casualty of one of Deadshot’s hits but he was the target and someone from H.I.V.E. hired him. A significant team member is Deathstroke aka Slade Wilson’s alter ego.

Back in Starling City, it seems that Isabel and Oliver romp was a one-time thing and now it is back to business as usually.

Lyla and Diggle reunited romantically too (I forgot to mention that two used to be married) and when Lyla goes to prepare them breakfast, Diggle uses a product placement search engine “Bing” to Google H.I.V.E. According to Wikipedia, H.I.V.E. stands for the Hierarchy of International Vengeance and Extermination and is a DC Comics supervillain organization.

Anyways, at Queen Consolidated, Felicity is still crushed that Oliver slept with Isabel. Oliver explains that with the life he leads, he can’t get involved with anyone that he really cares about. So maybe we have hope for Olicity!

Island Flashback

We are in Dr. Ivo’s office, where we last left Oliver. Sara is standing above him and when Ivo comes in, Sara gets him to deny that they know each other. Ivo asks his name and he tells him it is Tommy.

Ivo then tells why he wants to find those WWII Japanese soldiers. The basic story is that these men were experimented on with a serum that gave them enhanced strength and rapid healing (this must be the same serum that Blood used on the Mayor a few episodes back) but the sub they were on were attacked by allies and ran aground amongst the set of islands that they are circling. However, Oliver confirmed that Lian Yu is the island that they were seeking.

Back in his cell, Sara comes by with some clean clothes for Oliver and explains how she survived and that she is being forced to work with Ivo and crew. Oliver tells Sara that he needs to let his friends on the island know that they are in danger.

We then see the fates of Shado and Slade. In their plane, Shado is alright and she is tending to a very badly burned Slade. They seem to declare that they care about each other and when Slade’s body temperature dips, she uses her body heat to keep him warm.

Later on, Sara lets Oliver out and before he leaves, he promises his cell neighbour, Anatoli that he will come back and save them. Sara has taken Oliver to the ship’s radio room. Eventually, Oliver manages to make contact with Shado but before he can tell her where he is, Sara pulls the plug on the conversation. She has set up Oliver as Ivo and the Captain come in. Ivo now knows that there are two more people on the island that he needs to take care of. The Captain thinks Oliver is useless and goes to shoot him but Sara believes that he can be. Ivo agrees and tells Oliver that he will help them find the sub after he kills his friends. The episode ends with Ivo calling Oliver by his real name. And the look at Sara’s face means that she spilled the beans.

In December, we will get to meet the Flash but first, next week sees the return of Seth Gabel’s the Count.

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  1. Arrow is a fun show. I look forward to seeing them do more with DC mythology. Thanks for sharing!

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