The Tomorrow People “Kill or Be Killed” Recap and Review

The Tomorrow People episode 4Apologies that this episode recap and review won’t be as detailed as my previous recaps have been. But I am going to just give you the important highlights of this episode.

The crux of this episode is that the Tomorrow People and Ultra are out to find a former Ultra agent that has gone extremely rogue. His name is Killian Mcrane and is played by Jason Dohring aka Veronica Mars’ Logan Echolls.

Killian has a history with John and Jedikiah. Killian and John grew up together and were groomed and intensely trained by Jedikiah to be great Ultra agents.

We also learned that Jedikiah also rescued John from a foster home with a an alcoholic and abusive foster dad, whom Jedikiah killed after John exhibited his powers in front of. In these flashback scenes, I want to point out that the teen playing a young John looked very much like Luke Mitchell so kudos to the casting director on that find.

Anways, we learn that Jedikiah performed experiments on his agents in order to perfect them but most of them died except for Killian. The outcome of this experiment is that Killian can now kill. And he has been setting fires along the East Coast making his way to New York City and leaving a trail of bodies in his wake.

There is an attempt on Jedikiah’s life at Ultra but is saved by Stephen. However, this attempt was actually to lure out John and a chance for Killian to break into Ultra and read his former friend’s file.

After finding out where Killian is hiding, John and Stephen go there. Killian wants John to join him considering that he left Ultra. When John doesn’t take him on his offer, the pair fight and Killian wins and makes his escape as John and Stephen impressively disarm six bombs at once.

A temporary truce is formed between Jedikiah and John to catch Killian. Cara and Russell think that it is a trap and Jedikiah can’t be trusted. And the two would be correct when John goes to where Killian is and as the two fight, Jedikiah sends in the kills squad. However, John teleports himself and Killian away to the woods to continue their fight.

When it looks like Killian is going to win, he taunts John that the different between the two of them is he can kill while he can’t. But TWIST, John shoots him with a gun and Killian is dead. This sucks as I hoped Jason Dohring would be another big bad that this show would have and we would see him again. Oh well. Just before Killian dies, he tells him the reason why he left Ultra was because they turned him into a killing machine like Killian.

When John returns to the lair, he lies to Russell and Cara that Killian just left town and won’t be coming back.

At Ultra, Stephen is pissed at his uncle for betraying John. Jedikiah defends himself and his work. He wants to make the Tomorrow People perfect by allowing them to kill. Stephen doesn’t see this as making them perfect but as harming the human race. Jedikiah says it is not harming if they are on his side.

On the home front, Stephen’s mom, Marla, discovers that her son is working for her brother-in-law and is none to pleased. Stephen gets Jedikiah to come to a family dinner so he can explain the nature of Stephen’s job at Ultra. Jedikiah smoothly lies but Marla doesn’t seem to convinced and talks about how her husband, his brother, changed after he started working for Ultra and wants to know the truth from Jedikiah, who is not forthcoming with the information. But Marla allows Stephen to continue his job there. Later, Stephen is impressed on how his mother handles his uncle, calling her a badass. She tells her son that she too has either some secrets or hidden talents. This really makes me think that she knows the truth and I actually might believe that she is a Tomorrow Person too and that is way Stephen is special.

The episode ends with a little tete-a-tete between Jedikiah and John in Jedikiah’s car. John hates him for turning him to a killer while Jedikiah says he made him perfect. Next comes a threat from John. He warns Jedikiah that they are no longer going to run from him but go after him and declares that it either kill or be killed.

So this Shadow War that Stephen says in the show’s beginning title seems to be moving out into the open.

One quick praise here and that is I really love that Dan Stevens is the voice of TIM. It is nice to have him, or at least his voice on TV every week now that I won’t be seeing him anymore on Downton Abbey.

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