Smallville Season 11 “Olympus” Recap and Review

In the latest Smallville season 11 arc, we get Wonder Woman entering the canvas and we have a welcome return of Martha Kent. Plus some new foes enter.

As issue 56 opens up, we are 20 years in the past and we see a small boy washed up on the shores of a sandy beach. A young, raven-haired girl, comes upon him. We find out this boy is Steve Trevor and the girl is Diana of Themyscira. Soon the young children are pursued by people on horseback and Diana declares Steve as her secret boy.

Fast forward to the present and we are in Washington, DC. It is late at night and Martha is seen getting into a limo while Shelby, probably sensing something is not right, is barking away in Martha’s house.

In this limo is a man referred to as Bones. He wants to meet with Martha to lure her to the DEO, of which he is a director of, after her stint as senator is over. Martha tells him that she is aware of his organization during her time as Red Queen (see season 9’s Hostage) but doesn’t understand why her. Bones tells her he wants her because of her associations with heroes. Martha answers that she isn’t sure the heroes want to get involved with another secret organization. Bones, not deterred, asks her to think about his offer.

However, the conversation is interrupted when the limo is ambushed by 5 masked individuals who either open fire on them or uses some Sith Lord type lightening to get to the occupants. But this gang is stopped when a mysterious raven haired woman (which we know is Diana), swoops in and uses her powers and magic bracelets to stop them and saves Martha. When the gang realizes that Bones has gotten away, they teleport away.

Clark and Lois floating above their bed. Art by Jorge Jimenez

Back in Metropolis, Clark is awoken by a phone call from Martha to tell him what happened to her and how she was saved by some mystery lady. I want to point out here that Bryan Q. Miller is really delivering on the sexy Clois times because when Clark took the call from Martha, it really looked like it was post-coital as we see him and Lois floating above their bed and you see their clothes scattered.

In Issue 57, Lois and Clark was walking through Dulles Airport. The Dailly Planet has assigned them to cover the story of Martha’s attack. They discuss why Clark didn’t fly them himself. Lois tells Clark that people would find it suspicious that there is no record of Clark arriving in Washington, DC. Lois wonders how Clark managed to get official documents and Clark tells her that his parents knew someone to make that happen. While at the airport, Clark notices a little girl who has left behind her favorite teddy bear. Clark X-rays her mom’s purse to find their address and he promptly goes and gets it thus making the little girl very happy.

When they arrive to Martha’s, Shelby welcomes Clark warmly and Martha is happy to see her son and future daughter-in-law. She has prepared a feast for them and tells Clark that it not often that she gets to cook for Superman (by the way she is wearing a Superman apron). After their very filling meal, talk turn to Connor. He is in San Francisco with Jay Garrick, who apparently has opened up a school for special people kinda of like in X-Men. Apparently, it was too hard to enroll Connor at Smallville High without the proper paperwork. Martha says that if it wasn’t for Lionel, Clark wouldn’t have any official documents. Clark wishes that Connor was around to save Martha instead of the mystery woman.

Lois wants to deal with the D.E.O. considering she had a run in with them while in Africa and tasks Clark to deal with the mystery woman. However, Clark thinks it is best that they do the reverse. Lois reluctantly agrees to track down the newest hero on the block.

At D.E.O. headquarters, Bones is pissed that the Cultists attacked him and his team didn’t do a great job at protecting them. They discover that the attackers used a magic spell to teleport away. Their conversation is interrupted when Bones is informed that Kent is here to see him. Bones, thinking it is Martha, tells them to send her in. But when he finds out it is not Martha, he sends an Agent 47 to greet their guest.

Above ground, Clark is asking Watchtower (we see Clark’s side of Tess’ conversation that we saw in “Hollow”) if he is at the right address because all he is sees is open water. Then a huge structure emerges and out comes Agent 47 who introduces himself as Steve Trevor.

We learn in Issue 58 what D.E.O. stands for and it is Department of Extra-Normal Operations, which is revealed to Clark by Steve Trevor. But before we get to that, we flashback 15 years ago and on Themyscira. 5 years have passed and we an older Diana and Steve playing near the site of where Steve’s plane went down killing his parents. Diana has gifted Steve with a football made out of pigskin and they also look over Steve parent’s grave site while holding hands. They play football and then fall into a lake. It is clear that the two like each other despite the fact that they are 11. However, Diana’s secret boy is found out by her mother and the other Amazonian women and they take Steve away with Diana receive a punishment at a later date.

Back to the present, Lois gets to meet Diana on the rooftop of a church overlooking the Washington Monument. They talk about her rescue of Martha and talk turns to where she is from. Diana mentions that she is from a land of legends and magick; Lois quips that she is not from DC then. Before their conversation can go any further they are attacked by what appears to be wraiths.

We then are below the Potomac and Steve explaining to Clark about the DEO. There is an image of Clark writing notes with his tongue that makes him look adorable. Anyways, an alert comes through about the wraiths attacking Diana and Lois. Steve leaves Clark to deal with them while Clark suggests that he won’t tag along. Steve tells him he wasn’t invited anyways. But Clark goes anyway as Superman.

Back to Diana and Lois, Diana is very complementary of Lois who is holding her own while both ladies battle the wraiths. Diana tells Lois her name and Lois tells her that she and her fiance should talk since they seem to have much in common. Diana wonders what man could be able to be an equal to Lois when Superman shows up showing exactly how he is an equal. Superman battles these wraiths when Steve Trevor and the rest of the DEO shows up. Both Steve and Lois are surprised to see each other. Superman pretending to only know Lois on a professional level asks how she knows Steve (perhaps sounding a little jealous). Lois tells Superman that Steve is an ex of hers. Elsewhere, we learn that a Lord Faust was responsible for the attack on Lois and Diana and it seemed to have been a ploy to draw out Diana. We learn that Faust has plans to plunge Earth into “a darkness it truly deserves.”

Issue 60 finds us the day after the attacks. General Sam Lane and Bones are talking about it and how the government wants to know what D.E.O. involvement is in this attack. It is apparent that the D.E.O. is an underground government organization that doesn’t have to listen to the President.

Sam also wants to know how Lois got involved with the attacks and the mystery woman in white. Bones wants to know how Superman became involved. Sam answers that usually when Lois finds trouble, Superman isn’t far behind.

We then see the President of the United States outside for a run near the Washington Monument, when Lois tries to flag him down to ask questions about probably the creature attack. President Martinez tries to ignore Lois, who reminds him that they met aboard Air Force One in season 10’s Finale Part 2″. Steve Trevor makes a comment how Lois has even managed to make the President avoid her. Soon talk turns between the two about how Steve is part of the D.E.O. They talk about the attack on Martha too and this vigilante that Lois has dubbed “Wonder Woman”. Also Steve tells Lois that he owes Bones for getting his life straightened out after getting kicked off the Base. So Steve and Lois know each other back in her Army brat days. Steve also tells Lois that he was unable to find the woman that helped bring him back Stateside. Lois is surprised to hear this as that is the most she has ever heard about his time on the island. Lois then teases Steve about the native island girl that he fell for on the island.

Steve then asks her about the fella that captured her heart as we see a panel that shows her engagement ring. Steve thinks that Lois’ fiancee is Wes Keenan as we see a flashback to season 6’s “Prototype” but Lois tells Steve that she rather not discuss Wes. But she does tell Steve that her fiancee is a fellow reporter. When Steve calls Clark “nebbish” Lois sends him a glare that she doesn’t appreciate her fiancee being called that.

We then flashback 10 years ago and we see Diana making attempts to leave the island when one of her “sisters” tries to stop her. But Diana ends up leaving on a makeshift parasail to either find her mother or Steve as she herself doesn’t know.

Back to the present, we are at the Marston Home for Wayward Girls and we see a fight break out between two kids over a toy when their mothers try to break up the fight, they end up fighting too. Diana comes in and stops the fight. Clark interrupts wanting to talk to Diana who goes by the name Diana Princess. When Clark reveals his eyes to Diana, she realizes that he is Superman. They talk about how when Diana arrived, she really wanted to help people. Watchtower aka Tess gives Clark a call about with a location of perhaps where the creature may have come from. Superman and Wonder Woman rush to the location and discover some symbols that tell the story of Diana’s people. When Diana sees this, she realizes her mother is alive.

In Issue 61, we see Doctor Bones, truly is made of bones as he is in his skeletal form when someone on his team says they are ready for his treatment. Bones is then alerted that they identified the fingerprints that were found at the scene of the attack.

We don’t find out what that is from that point of view, instead we see the team of Clark, Lois and Martha crack that. We learn that with Batman’s help, Clark is able to identify who was at the Freemason temple in the last issue. A little side note: I just love the added touches that Bryan Q. Miller does. There is a panel where we see Lois giving Shelby a walk! We all know that Lois has a complex relationship with the mutt considering she hit her with her car and is also very allergic to Shelby. End of side note. They realize that Diana may have some answers so Clark takes of as Superman while Lois drives there.

Anyways, the trio encounter some restricted files but Martha manages to crack it and we see a picture from WWII that shows a Bones that still looks the same as today. We also hear mention of Zatanna’s dad and the name Shadowpact.

We next see Bones now with some skin on meeting with a young man at Congress. This man is Felix Faust and he and Bones go way back. Apparently, Felix too hasn’t aged a day. They talk about the attack on Bones and Martha and how it was used to draw out Diana. Felix mentions Shadowpact and wants Bones to bring in Diana. He even rips off Bones skin to reveal his skeletal form again to get him to comply. Felix leaves and Bones commands Team 7 to bring in Diana.

Meanwhile, we are at Steve’s apartment. He is singing in the shower and in the darkness of his apartment is Diana. She notices that he kept the football that she made and becomes awash in memories. Steve then comes out of the shower only in a towel and pulls a gun on Diana. She quickly subdues Steve, who loses the towel and he has to use the football to cover his privates. He wonders who is the burglar and when he finds out it is Diana, he is overjoyed to see her. Diana notices a picture of her mother with Steve, who tells her that her mom took care of him for a while when he got back. Diana is angry that Steve could be the reason why her mother never came back but Steve tells her that he hasn’t seen her mom in years. Before their conversation can get any further, Bones arrives and tells Steve to arrest Diana.

Issue 62 we have Diana versus Tank with Diana winning. Diana does take down the tank but soldiers start to fire at Diana despite Steve’s pleas asking Bones to stand down. General Sam Lane tells Bones that this particular situation has gotten out of control. Bones then asks Steve to bring Diana into custody but he refuses, blaming Bones for creating this situation. Bones disavows Steve, who also lays some blame on General Lane on this situation. Bones asks the soliders to “burn” Steve and stars to shoot bullets at him. Diana goes to step in the way of the bullet but it is caught by Superman. He quips to General Lane that he hopes he cleared the area before bringing in the tank, alluding the situation in “Guardian” where the General fired on Superman without considering who would be in the way. General Lane assures Superman that he did. General Lane places the blame on Bones for creating this situation.

Diana then marches up to Bones demanding where her mother is, who tells her that he will take her to her. Diana thinks that Steve has known all along where her mother is but he assures her he did not. Wanting to know the truth of her mother’s whereabouts, she agrees to go with Bones. Meanwhile, Superman is angry at General Lane but he doesn’t want to argue with the Man of Steel and walks away.

Knowing that Steve has been served a burn notice, tells Steve to make a run for it and tells Steve to meet Lois in the alley.

Faust is informed from one of his henchmen that Diana has been capture by the D.E.O. and he starts to perform a spell that will set his master free. The issue ends with us seeing Hippolyta (Diana’s mom) in suspended animation.

Diana does an admimirable job of defeating the DEO but eventually she is brought into custody by Bones despite the protestations of Sam Lane.

In Issue 64 we are at 10 years ago and see Hippolyta on an air craft carrier undergoing some testing as they arrive in New York City and when she sees the Statue of Liberty, she has hope for this “new world”. Back to the present, Bones is torturing Diana. While torturing Diana, he explains to her why he is doing all of this: he is being blackmailed by Faust because he made a deal with Hades during World War II that pretty much made him immortal. Why does Faust want Bones to torture Diana well it is to find out what Faust wants to do with Diana and also to know what makes Diana tick and essentially wipe out Themyscira. As Diana continues to be tortured, her super hearing picks up Clark telling her to hold on while he tries find her mother.

Clark is at D.E.O. headquarters to complete his tour that got cut short. A new agent, Agent Cameron Chase is giving him the tour now instead of Steve Trevor, who was put on administrative leave. As Chase gives him the tour, Clark asks her why did the D.E.O. bring an “innocent super” into custody. She asks how did Clark get that piece of confidential information. He responds that he so happened that his fiancee’s father was at the scene during the arrest. While on the tour, Clark sees what Chase calls Celestial Specialists who work on keeping bad spirits out of HQ or as Clark counters keep them in. The tour is more of a front for Clark to use his x-ray vision to scan the building to find Diana’s mom. He does find her in the “black room”. He uses his lunch getting the better of him as an excuse to get away from Agent Chase. When he enters to room, he informs Diana that he has found her mother alive but in suspended animation. All of a sudden a creature is seen busting in and out comes a mysterious person.

Lois and Steve meet up with Lois’ dad in an underground parking lot as we open up issue 65. Lois tells her dad that the DEO had no right to arrest Diana. Sam defends himself to say that he was only there to make sure that nothing got out of hand. And both Lanes pretty admonish Steve for defending Diana and getting himself burned in the process. Steve says he did what he did because of what Diana did for him when he was a kid. He explains that Lois wouldn’t understand in what he feels like to help someone like Diana (who Lois referred to as Wonder Woman) because Lois has such a normal fiancee (little does he know).

Meanwhile, in the DEO headquarters, it is under attack and the target were those monks who keep magick out. Once they are down for the count, Faust can finally do what he came to the DEO to do. Grab the jewel that is in Hippolyta’s tiara. Before any of this happens, Bones and Clark have a discussion about Bones’ pack with Hades and when he broke it is when he lost his skin and muscles. A battle ensues between Faust and Bones. When Faust casts his spell using Hippolyta’s jewel, Hades appears, it blasts Clark away but frees Hippolyta. Diana, who was freed because of the attack on the monks comes to her mother’s side who appears to be okay. Clark needs to get back to the surface to help the chaos that happens here and needs Diana’s help because magick effects him. He rips open his shirt and becomes Superman and goes to try and save the day.

We see Hades looking upon 21st Century Washington, DC with disdain when the army arrives to attack him but Hades counters be raising the dead in Arlington Cemetery to act as his own army. Meanwhile, as Hades attacks DC, Lois, her dad and Steve are all trying to reach Superman, the DEO and the President respectively but to no avail as there seems to be no cell service. Lois whispers to Clark (calling him “sweetie) that if he can hear her, give her a sign. Of course, Clark is always listening out for Lois and he uses his super breath to stop the zombies.

As the same time, Superman is trying to call Watchtower for backup but no one is answering. He does ask for back up in hopes that someone heard him. Faust does tell Hades of a new God that Earth is worshipping (Superman). Of course Hades wants to take down Superman.

We see General Lane driving over the zombies and we see these zombies creating havoc. We see Hades create something that must be pretty awful considering Martha and Shelby’s reaction and Clark yelling that he needs help now.

As this is happening, we back in the Black Room and people are trying to stop Diana but she won’t be stopped. Her mother also is holding her back. Diana has no desire to sit back and see Earth and also possibly their home being taken by Hades. She slowly starts grabbing some gear and issue 66 ends with her in the full Wonder Woman costume that we all know and love.

We are on board Air Force One and President Martinez is assuring his family that all will be well when one of Hades’ harpies attacks the plane. Superman comes to the rescue and the president wonders why is Superman supposed to be doing the job of the DEO.

The fight is then brought to the ground as Hades and Superman face off. Superman tells Hades that he is here to protect the people of Earth while Hades continues to taunt him and thinks he has defeated Superman when some magical creature stomps on him. Meanwhile, Faust informs his boss that Wonder Woman is causing some problems and Hades says he will handle her.

Back at the DEO headquarters, we see Wonder Woman defeat all the creatures that was attacking it. Issue 67 ends with Steve Trevor being taken away by one of the harpies and while Lois tried to grab on to his leg to impede the action, it was to no avail and Steve is whisked away.

In the penultimate issue, Hades, believing that Superman is down for the count, uses the Lincoln Memorial for a throne and starts to bask in his glory when Wonder Woman comes in asking how could Hades disturb the dead like that. He defends himself saying that he is giving them new purpose. Hades dangles a captured Steve Trevor in front of Wonder Woman. This pisses her off where she asks Hades to leave him alone. Hades scoffs and wonders why someone like Wonder Woman wants to help men. Wonder Woman tells him that she isn’t but she is helping man kind and start to lay a beat down to Hades’ harpies and zombies. Just when Hades thinks he has defeated Wonder Woman, Superman joins in the fight. We learn that the only way to defeat him is to kill someone connected to him. Superman realizes that it has to be Faust but he is opposed to killing anyone. When Wonder Woman tells him that is the only way, he replies back and says there is always another way.

Superman then grabs Hades and tries to reason with him but when he doesn’t Superman simply says that he can fling him across the universe where he will spend eternity being alone and floating in space whereas he could return where he came from and rule down there. Hades takes Superman’s offer and he gets burrowed into the grown with Wonder Woman tossing Faust after him.

When the ordeal is all over, Diana and Steve reunite while Superman and Diana wonder what comes next.

What does come next in issue 69 is President Martinez addressing the nation. He talks about the events of Contact (i.e. season 10’s “Finale”) and now the attack on DC by Hades. Martinez mentions how the events are things they have never seen before but thanks to Queen Industries, who is helping rebuild DC, they can get back on the feet. The president ends his address admitting that aliens and magical creatures are out of their depth but have heroes like Superman and Wonder Woman to assist them.

On top of the Lincoln Memorial, Superman and Wonder Woman discuss their god-likeness and what it means to be a hero battling the dark with their light. Superman then pretty much offers her a job in Justice League as he mentions setting up a Watchtower outpost in DC that Wonder Woman might interested in using, if she is staying. Wonder Woman tells Superman that after talking to her mother, she will be staying to show that her people should not be feared and that those that work for truth and justice can make a difference.

When Superman mentions Steve, Wonder Woman tells him that she will be seeing more of that “boy”.

We are then at Andrews Air Force Base and General Lane is seeing Hippolyta off on a plan that is almost “invisible” back to Themysicra. Mother and daughter have a tearful goodbye and we see that Diana has joined the DEO and is known as Agent Prince. Steve Trevor so happens to be her handler.

Meanwhile at the Reflecting Pool, mother and son (aka Martha and Clark) are having a conversation about the first time Clark came to DC. It was during a class trip that Clark really saved hard to go and didn’t want to accept any funding help. Talk turns to Clark’s trip to the future in “Argo” where he saw how bad xenophobia can get but somehow he did something to quell that dear for a bit but he doesn’t know what. He also can’t see what he can do to turn tide against anti-alien hate. Martha tells her son that people are afraid of what they don’t understand. Clark shares that even though he showed his face to world as a symbol of hope, Martha finishes that he doesn’t feel like it is enough. Clark decided that he needs to start inspiring change.

Part of that is Superman fixing the Washington Monument with a crowd below cheering his efforts.

photo (6)

Art work by Jorge Jimenez

Down on the ground, amongst them is Lois Lane watching video of Superman’s repair efforts. She says that it never gets old watching her fiancee be a hero when Clark comes behind her asking her how he looked. After some comments about him flying around in tights, Clark admits that he is nervous about what is to come (more on that later). Holding hands, Lois asks if things are going to be different tomorrow. Clark says yes they are going to be. So Lois wants them to savior tonight and the next panel we see them kiss passionately.

So what was Clark nervous about? It is his meeting with President Martinez on the White House lawn. The president formally introduces himself to Superman but doesn’t know what to call him. Superman replies that he should call him Kal-el of Krypton and that he is an alien. Thus this arc sets up Smallville: Alien and we will see how the world will react to this revelation.

“Olympus” is by far and away the best Smallville Season 11 arc. I loved the stakes in it. Loved the introduction of Wonder Woman to the Smallville universe and glad Bryan Q. Miller didn’t go all New 52 and have Superman and Wonder Woman be in a relationship but instead we Clark and Lois as strong as ever and Diana getting together with Steve Trevor. Liked the twist that Steve once dated Lois.

And Jorge Jimenez art work was amazing. Loved how he drew Wonder Woman and I was genuinely frightened of the Harpies and Hades. There was enough creep factor in this episode and loved how it concluded the day after Halloween.

I am so looking forward to what “Alien” will bring.

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  1. I really love smallville. Thanks for the review, can’t wait to see the review of alien

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