Arrow Season 2 “Crucible” Recap and Review

CrucibleThere is a fancy dinner party at the Queen’s Mansion and Isabel Rochev is wondering to Felicity where Oliver is. Felicity tells her that he is detained and we see Oliver in his Arrow guise taking down some gang bangers with some pretty powerful guns. Arrow wants to know where they got their weapons but they aren’t talking. Diggle tells Arrow that they are military grade weapons that were stolen from an army base, Camp Kirby. Diggle then informs Oliver that he is late for his dinner party.

When Oliver finally arrives, Isabel is not happy that he is late for an investors’ party where they hope to get people to invest in Queen’s Consolidated. When Isabel notices that he has blood on his face, Felicity hilariously covers up for him.

While Felicity and Oliver discuss the mission, when they mentioned guns, Blood and Laurel walk in on the conversation and talk turns to the gun violence in the Glades. Oliver mentions the DA office must be working hard on finding out who is bringing in the guns but Laurel tells him that they know who is. It is a gang leader called the Mayor, who believes that he now runs the Glades. We see the Mayor at target practice at a strip club (which looks exactly like the strip club in Smallville season 5’s “Exposed”). Anyways, when a gang member comes back empty handed, the Mayor wants to kill him but his cousin defends him so he gets killed instead.

Back at the party Oliver asks if Laurel is ok and she talks about her ordeal with the Doll Maker. Felicity is watching this conversation and she comes to a realization. She speaks to Oliver privately and surmises that the Canary isn’t obsessed with Oliver but actually Laurel.

We see Laurel return home and we see the Canary watching her from the building across the way. When an arrow comes her way, the Canary escapes but Arrow has set a trap for her and she is caught. Arrow asks why is she watching Laurel. Canary asks why is he following Laurel and calls him on his relationship with her. He asks who she is and she calls him Ollie. When Oliver pulls back her wig and mask, we see that it is Sarah Lance, Laurel’s sister and presumed dead. After that reveal, Sarah uses one of her sonic devices to make her escape.

It is too bad that they didn’t get the original actress that played Sarah in the Pilot to come back so it was odd seeing this flashback to the day the Queen’s Gambit went down seeing Caity Lotz in the role.

Back at the Arrow Cave, Diggle and Felicity wants to know how could a person that supposedly died on the Queen’s Gambit is alive and well and back in Starling City. Diggle thinks Oliver lied about her dying on the yacht and while Oliver isn’t very forthcoming, we learn that Oliver actually saw Sarah again about a year after she supposedly drowned. We learn that she was on the island with him but he tells his friends that when he returned back home, he truly believed that she died and has no clue where she has been. Diggle wants to know if Oliver will tell his family that Sarah is alive.

Oliver deflects and asks about where Diggle is on finding about more about the guns. Diggle says that he is on it.

At Canary’s hideout, Sin and Sarah have a talk about family and we learn that Sarah saved Sin from some men that attacked her.

Diggle contacts Lyla, his contact at A.R.G.U.S. who tells Diggle about how the weapons crate has a GPS built in to track it but the Mayor disabled it. Lyla gives Diggle the transceiver.

Meanwhile at Queen Consolidated, Oliver meets with Blood and offers to host a Cash for Guns event and wants to do this anonymously just as Blood wonders his motives. However, not so fast. Isabel doesn’t want Queen Consolidated to sponsor it because they are on financial tender hooks. Oliver then says that he will pay for it himself. Isabel also scoffs that Oliver doesn’t really have that kind of money and that his priority should be to the company.

While working late at the DA’s office, Adam pulls Laurel away to take her out to dinner. Adam talks to her about work-life balance while we see Laurel down wine after wine. When Adam sort of asks her out, Laurel gets uncomfortable and leaves.

As she is driving home, she is stopped by a cop and asks if she had anything to drink. After trying to pull the ADA card, the officer tells her that she still needs to see her license and registration.

Back at the Arrow Cave, Oliver needs some good news. After some runaround to get to the good news, Felicity manages to get the GPS tracking signal (which Queen Consolidated build by the way) back on and we find out where it is.

We are at the strip club and the Mayor notices the tracker back on. Arrow comes on the scene, guns and arrows are fired but the Mayor gets away but the weapons are secured.

Back to Laurel and we see Lance coming on the scene to get his daughter out of trouble. He is worried about her and how her drinking is starting to reflect his. Laurel scoffs at him and says she doesn’t have a drinking problem and wants people to cut her some slack. She leaves after refusing a lift from her dad.

At Verdant, Sarah has decided to pay Oliver a visit. She wants to know if Oliver told her family that she is alive. He says no. Oliver then tells her that she saw her die. Sarah then asks what happened to Slade. Oliver then asks where has she been. She doesn’t answer. Sarah later tells him when she heard about the Starling City vigilante, she knew it was Oliver. Oliver wants to know where she learned to fight. Again, she doesn’t answer. Then he asks why did she come back. Sarah came back to see if her family was okay after the earthquake.

Their conversation is interrupted when Lance pays Oliver a visit to ask him for help in talking to Laurel and getting her to open up about her problems. Lance relates how after losing Sarah, he started drinking and says that Laurel needs a friend. All the while Sarah is listening in.

Oliver does have that conversation with Laurel but Laurel is none to happy that he and her dad have ganged up on her. Oliver defends himself that they are just concerned for her. Laurel denies that she is having any problems and she is coping/dealing with her problems just fine.

At the Cash for Guns event, Roy turns in some guns and Thea is there too. Sin is also there and ribs Roy for dating a rich girl like Thea. Also at this event is Oliver and Blood. They have a conversation about crucibles but is interrupted by the Mayor is not happy with this event. Blood tries to defend it and when weapons turn on him, Oliver saves him but guns are still fired. People are shot and one of them is Sin, who Roy saves by bringing her to the hospital. When Sin recovers, he promises to keep Roy’s secret that he is helping the vigilante.

Because the Mayor revealed his face to the public, Felicity learns that he is Xavier Reed who has been in and out of foster homes where members seem to have military ties. Felicity and Diggle learns that he targeting a weapons shipment of rifles with grenade launchers.

Arrow and Canary team up to take down the Mayor. A cool fight sequence happens where at one point Arrow and Canary switch their weapons and use them quite expertly. Canary wants to kill the Mayor but Arrow manages to get Canary to let him live and taken into custody.

The next day at Queen Consolidated, Blood visits Oliver to thank him for saving his life. Oliver mentions that Blood should run for Mayor but Blood says he wants to save the Glades in his own way.

When Sarah goes to make sure that Sin is okay, Oliver is there too and wants Sarah to tell her family that she is alive and that she is needed. Oliver accepts that when the Lance family knows that he lied that she died on the Queen’s Gambit, they will never talk to him again. But that is a risk he wants to take to reunite her with her family. Sarah seems to be convinced. All this is intercut with Lance at an AA meeting confessing his worries about Laurel, whom we see popping pills and washing it down with booze.

Note that Sarah is wearing a baseball cap of Starling City’s baseball team. This is the one that her mother used as proof of her being alive during season 1.

Island Flashback

We are on the freighter and Oliver in their makeshift jail. The leader, an African American man, wants to know amongst others is if Oliver found a gravesite. Oliver refuses to answer so the guy shoots him

We see this shooting is to test his strength by getting him to pull the bullet out himself. This is told to him by his fellow prisoners. The man returns and asks Oliver again if he found a gravesite that has skeletons in it with misshapen skulls. This man takes his silence as confirmation and tells someone over walkie-talkie that they have the right island.

Later on, we see Oliver being taking to another part of the boat where it looks like he is going to get a beating by none other than Sarah Lance.

The Twist at the End

We see the cop that pulled Laurel over. He brought the Mayor to a man that wears some weird skeleton/monster mask and his voice is distorted. The Mayor calls him brother and wonders why he is wearing a mask. This masked man tells him that he wants to make the Mayor stronger so he can serve to help him free the city. He needs an army and the Mayor is the perfect recruit. The Mayor gets injected with some green liquid and after some seizures, dies. The man unmasks himself and we see it is Blood who asks one of his men to bring him another.

I am also making a prediction. I don’t know how long Caity Lotz is on the show for but I bet that her family will know that she is alive and her and Laurel will grow close again. Somehow, Laurel will figure out she is the Black Canary and working with the Arrow. Sarah will actually die, probably doing her Canary thing. Laurel will probably witness her death and then be inspired to pick up her sister’s mantle by becoming the new Black Canary.

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