The Tomorrow People “Girl Interrupted” Recap and Review

Tomorrow People episode 3I have to say that this week’s episode of The Tomorrow People, “Girl, Interrupted” is perhaps the strongest in its young run. It features a pretty strong turn from Peyton List and a character starting to see some relevance.

This episode focused on how Cara broke out. We open the episode 5 years ago at a school dance, we see a shy and with pretty strong bangs, Cara sitting by herself. Two teen boys come in and one of them points out Cara to the other. He tells his friend, Tyler that he should go for it because Cara won’t say no.

So Tyler approaches Cara and we see him talk to her but we are at her POV and we learn that Cara is deaf but is able to read lips. After some flirty small talk from Tyler, he manages to get Cara alone in car where they park at a pretty secluded place. After some more flirty small talk, Tyler and Cara start to make out but he starts to get too fresh and Cara tries to put a halt to it. Tyler of course will have none of it and tries to go for more. Cara escapes and is seen running in a pretty foggy field. Tyler eventually catches up to her and throws her to the ground and tries to rape her but Cara lets out a Silver Banshee cry that throws Tyler off. When Tyler tries to go for her again, she Force pushes him quite a ways a way. We find out that Cara can now hear and she becomes overwhelmed with all the noises that she hears.

We later learn that Cara has killed this boy and is now under arrest at the police station. Her father comes and tries to explain to the police that Cara was attacked by Tyler and was just defending herself. The police don’t believe that considering that Tyler’s skull was bashed open. They take her away and just as it she is about to put in jail, she apparates to her family’s home.

These flashbacks are sprinkled throughout the episode and there is a final one that I will get to later.

Back to the present day, Cara is on the subway car and is starting to her hear other people’s thoughts. When the all leave the train, she teleports to the Lair. We later learn that this day is the day that Cara broke out and it has always been a difficult time for her.

At the Lair, Russell and John have a plan to use Ultra’s computer to grab all its intel to get ahead of any breakouts that Ultra identifies. They need Stephen to help with their plan.

Stephen and Astrid are at a typical high school party where Astrid wants to re-integrate him into high school society. However, Stephen is able to hear his fellow classmates thoughts. In particular, he hears the dark thoughts of one classmate, Emily that are probably related to the death of her sister. He hears that she plans on being dead within 48 hours.

At Ultra, we see Jedikiah with a caught Tomorrow People. This guy has used his powers to steal valuable art work. This guy thinks he will be killed but Jedikiah takes aways his powers to become human. A shot is administered and he gets seizures indicating the serum working.

Stephen meets up with his fellow Tomorrow People and John and Russell share with him their plan. As part of being a double agent, they want Stephen to break into a restricted area. With the help of Cara, she will guide him where to guide. All he needs to do is placed a dongle in the main frame and TIM will get access to a whole whack of information that they need to track/find breakouts. Stephen agrees.

Before he goes on his mission, he talks to Cara about wanting to help Emily. Cara is against him using his powers to help humans and the fact that they don’t help humans as it risks exposure. He uses Emily’s story of being behind the wheel when her sister was killed but this doesn’t convince Cara. And this ends their conversation.

We next see Stephen at his after school job, his new partner, Agent Darcy Nichols wants to test his newfound power of stopping time. She figures that this power is triggered when he is scared so he points a gun at him and shoots but alas time did not stop. He wonders how he is still alive and Nichols reveals that she used blanks.

Stephen leaves his training and goes on his mission. Eventually, Cara leads Stephen to complete his goal however when it comes time to escape, Cara becomes overwhelmed with all the voices she is hearing around her and Stephen finds his own way out. However, he runs into Jedikiah. Stephen tells him that he wants to find him to talk to him.

Stephen is pretty convincing in that he wants his uncle’s advice on whether or not to help Emily. Jedikiah is just like Cara and he says he shouldn’t help at all. When Stephen leaves, he asks a henchman to sweep the floor that Stephen was just on.

At the Lair, it seems that their planned worked and Stephen covers for Cara for dropping the ball. Cara explains what happened to Stephen. He tells her that she must find it hard not to be part of the outside world but she says she is happy to not be part of it.

Back at school, Stephen hears Emily say random times out loud and uses his powers to knock out one of her journals. Astrid sees him following Emily and thinks she is stalking her. Stephen says that he is worried about her and lies that he heard her talk about her sister’s death at the guidance office and is worried she will hurt herself. Astrid thinks this is sweet.

Meanwhile, John is trying to see if Cara is okay. But she isn’t open to his concern and they get into a mini fight. Cara only wants to focus on the present and not look back at the past.

At a coffee shop, Stephen and Astrid return Emily notebook and uses it as an opportunity to express their concern. Emily tells them that she killed her sister because she didn’t see an on coming train and that her parents see her as a murderer. When Astrid mentions Stephen overhearing Emily at the guidance office, Emily says that it can’t be because she hasn’t visited it for a year.

At the Lair, Stephen uses TIM to find out what those times that Emily was spewing means. Stephen figures out it could be train schedules but TIM can’t find any trains that match those times. John, Russell and Cara come in and tell them that helping humans is not what they do.

Cara believes that humans aren’t worth saving and they will show their true colours when they find a freak amongst them. TIM interrupts and says that Ultra has identified a break out at the Navy Yard. Cara can’t read her but John and Russell decided to check it out but Cara wants to go to despite John not wanting her.

Eventually this trio makes it to the Navy Yard and as I predicted it is a trap. This breakout is actually Agent Nichols who engages Cara in a fight while John and Russell fight Jedikiah and other Ultra agents. Eventually Cara is caught and is teleported away. Russell sees this and tells John that they need to escape in order to help her so they too teleport away.

Russell and John tells Stephen that Ultra have Cara. John wants to go in save her but Stephen uses his double agent status to rescue her.

At Jedikiah’s office, Stephen wonders how he got Cara (as they both watch video feed of her in power suppression restraints). Jedikiah shows him the dongle and asks that he found shortly after he came to work for him. He wonders if Stephen knows anything about this. Stephen lies pretty well and says he knows nothing and asks that Nichols submit a test to prove it. Jedikiah believes his nephew.

Jedikiah mentions how his best agents couldn’t get Cara to reveal where her compatriots are and his only option is to kill her. Stephen doesn’t want that because he feels that he owes her for helping him realize that he isn’t craze. Jedikiah why should he save her. Stephen replies pretty much as revenge on John. Using John’s feeling for Cara would be the ultimate revenge. Taking away her powers and making her human, she becomes someone he hates and with no powers, someone useless to him. Jedikiah likes this idea especially when Stephen suggests that he administer the serum to Cara.

In the interrogation room, Cara is wondering what Stephen is doing as Jedikiah and Nichols looks on. Stephen keeps on apologizing that this is the only way for her. He makes to inject the serum but something happens as we see something shatter to the ground and Stephen still injecting something into Cara. She convulses and we break for commercial.

When we come back, we are on the subway again. We see Cara mind speak with Stephen and teleport around to him. She asks how he managed to do it again. The it is stop time. We then flashback to the interrogation room and just as Stephen makes to inject Cara, he stops time, switches the serum with saline and asks Cara to act the performance of her life. Time resumes and we see what we saw earlier. Stephen acts his part of being devastated at what he has done and Jedikiah and Nichols buys what he is selling.

Back at the Lair, John and Cara reunite and she realizes that Stephen is in big trouble should Jedikiah sees her using her powers again.

Also, TIM informs Stephen that he missed 12 calls from Astrid. When he calls back, Astrid tells him that Emily is missing and her parents can’t find her. They realize that today is the anniversary of her sister’s death and she wants to die like she did. TIM manages to figure out where Emily might be.

Stephen goes to save her but Cara and John come too. Cara decides she is the one to save Emily. She teleports into Emily’s car as a train is oncoming. After some sage words about killing herself doesn’t honor her sister’s memory and the like, Emily pulls herself out of the train’s path and Cara teleports out.

Stephen thanks Cara and she and John teleport away. As Stephen goes to teleport we see Astrid pull up in her car by the train tracks and she sees Stephen teleport away.

In front of Emily’s house, Cara and Stephen sees that everything is alright with Emily and her family. Cara then shares a memory with Stephen. She shows her that when she returned home, her father pretty much rejected her even after she tells him that she can hear again. Her father says that the boy that she killed father is some big wig and that no one will believe that she is innocent. We see in the background, her little sister eavesdropping in on the conversation. Cara’s father gives her all the money he has on her and tells her to run far away. Cara’s sister comes to the balcony and yells her name. Cara looks back, says goodbye and starts her life as a fugitive.

Back at Stephen’s house, Astrid is in his bedroom and sees if he will tell her his secret. She mentions seeing him at the train tracks one moment and not there the next. Stephen tries to lie but Astrid is disappointed that he won’t tell her the truth. She vows that if he won’t tell her, he will find out.

And that is maybe how you give Astrid some relevance because right now she is like the Peter Ross of Smallville and season 1-3 Chloe. Even after Pete knew, he was still a useless character but as soon as Chloe knew, she became relevant so I am hoping the same for Astrid cause right now, she seems to be irrelevant to this show we really don’t need her right now to connect her to Stephen’s human life. We have his mother and brother for that.

But what I really liked about this episode is the surprise that Cara was deaf before her powers and Peyton List was pretty great in those flashback scenes. Looking forward to seeing how the others like John and Russell broke out.

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