Revolution Season 2 “One Riot, One Ranger” Recap and Review

Revolution season 2 episode 5

By Bec92160

Willoughby, Texas

Monroe and Charlie have made it to Willoughby. They see the patriots guarding the town. Charlie spies something. In the distance several riders are approaching the town on horseback. They are kicking up quite a dust storm.

Two soldiers show Truman the bodies of the men Aaron burned.  With his mind.  Or thoughts.  Or, yet to be determined. Truman is all…what the hell.  His (we’ll call him First Lieutenant) First Lieutenant mentions there was no accelerant on the bodies.  I can totally see someone at some point in the future using Aaron as a weapon.  Sucks to be Aaron.

Miles and Rachel confer about Ken the butcher’s body. He’s impressed with her disposal skills.  Aaron comes calling.  He looks freaked.  He is freaked.  He asks Miles about the railroad.  Miles is curious as to how Aaron know about that.  He tells Aaron it’s a long story, take a seat.  Aaron relays last night’s events adequately enough that Miles is now the one who is freaked.  Rachel is also freaked. Aaron begins to tell them he saw everything that happened to Miles and that he, Aaron, set the men on fire.  Rachel knows immediately what Aaron is talking about.  They start talking about the nanotech/fireflies.  Miles wants them to dial back the crazy.  Rachel doesn’t appreciate the comment about the crazy.  Guess they aren’t laughing about that yet.

Enter the horseback riders.  Every comes out to see them enter the town.  Miles slinks back so he won’t be seen.  Clearly he knows these fellas.  They’re Texas Rangers. John Franklin Fry is the Secretary of the Interior of the Great Nation of Texas. He’s amused that Truman introduces himself as Director of the US Government.  Fry calls Truman out. Shows his holstered gun. The patriots draw on Fry and his men. Showdown!! People in the street quickly leave.  Miles admires Texas. Good one.

Truman calls him men off. Truman and Fry discuss the letter Truman wrote to Fry regarding Willoughby. Truman is pissing on Fry turf. Fry’s not having it. Rachel asks Miles about Fry. Apparently Miles tried to kill Fry when Miles was with the Monroe Republic. Swell.

Miles sees Fry as his only shot to assist in starting the war against the patriots.


People are fighting to get on a wagon.  One of the patriots is not doing well controlling the crowd.  Tom sees the Secretary and approaches her.  Asks where the wagon is going.  The US Government built a new settlement in Perrysburg. Sounds nice!!  Artisan wells.  Better plumbing. Sweet.  The Secretary has been called back to DC and wants Tom on her security detail.  He tries to smooze her.  She’s verbally slaps him into place. Tom looks amused.


Fry and one of him men are having a drink and talking to Truman.  Truman is giving his best sales pitch.  Fry’s response is classic Texan smack talk.  Truman thinks Fry and his men should stick around to see that the patriots intentions are good. He’s arrogant and clearly doesn’t think much of Fry’s claim on the Nation of Texas.  Fry will discuss it with the general of Texas and leaves.  Truman call Fry a naughty word.   I don’t know how the network is getting away with the violence and language on this show but I’m dang glad they are.

Side note. The actors they found to play the US Government are eerily like the dunderheads running our government now.  Weird, huh?  Maybe not so much.

Truman delivers orders to his First Lieutenant. He’s pissed that he’s not as manly as Fry.

A kid stops Fry outside Truman’s office; hands Fry a sheriff’s badge and says “it’s from a friend”.  Fry enters the sheriff’s office.  Sees Miles and draws his gun.  Miles asks Fry to call him Stu Redmon.  They chat about old times.  Specifically how Fry thinks Miles is a war criminal.  Miles offers a drink.  Whiskey always calms things down.  They’re talking like soldiers do when they’ve been on opposite sides but have deep respect for each other.  They cut through the BS.  Miles tries to explain what the patriots have done so far (i.e. dropped the nukes) Miles points out in his colorful way that Texas will be hard to beat. Fry wants proof,  He can’t spare more troops on Miles say so.  Cuz Miles is war criminal who once tried to kill Fry. Fry has a point.  The Texas general (who Fry works for) wants a treaty with patriots.  Miles invites Fry to meet him later and get his proof.  Come alone. Fry is skeptical.  Miles leaves the office.  Someone kicks a can at him. Charlie is in an alley waiting for him. They hug it out.

Charlie shows Miles’ Rachel’s wanted poster.  Charlie is cocky and badass.  Miles is proud.  Charlie takes Miles to see “something”.

Aaron is at his house packing up.  He’s remembering his first meeting with Cynthia.  She interviewed him for a teaching position in Willoughby.  Wow.  Aaron has 4 degrees and 2 MIT doctorates.  No wonder he can set fires with his mind.  Cynthia dismissively thanks Aaron for coming in.  Aaron is miffed that she isn’t hiring him. He is after all the only one who applied.  That would smart.  Heehee.  Yes, I just went there.  Cynthia explains that Aaron smells like liquor; has no personality and is a little creepy.  He needs to smile.  Aaron begs because if he doesn’t get something to occupy himself he’ll lose it.  He agrees to smile. He gets the job.

Aaron is leaving.  I wonder if he’s just leaving Cynthia or leaving Willoughby?  Miles is following Charlie.  He’s telling her to give her mother a break, she missed her, blah, blah.  Charlie asks Miles for that same consideration at what she is showing him.   Miles sees Monroe. Miles is super pissed and starts by accusing Monroe of doing something to Charlie.  Charlie’s all…as if.

Miles walks away and wants Charlie to go with him.  Monroe yells a Miles because he walked a long way to help him.  Monroe points out that Miles needs him.  Miles threatens Monroe, AGAIN.  Monroe points out to Miles that he can’t seem to ever pull that trigger.  Miles just wants Monroe to go away.  Monroe wants to pay the patriots back for firing the nukes and blaming him.  He plays on Miles patriotism.  Monroe wants a truce with Miles so they can work together against the patriots.

Charlie wants to grab Rachel and go.  Miles wants to make a stand.  Monroe is on board. He starts to talk strategies he and Miles used before. Miles mentions Fry is leaving the next morning.  Monroe is on board to help get Fry the proof he needs to join forces with Miles.

Rachel is walking with purpose. Cynthia catches up with her.  She discovered Aaron is gone. Cynthia tells Rachel she knows about the nanotech.  She’s concerned.  They decide to split up and find him.  Rachel walks away.  Cynthia gives a look.  She is NOT what she seems.  She just played Rachel.  Uh oh.  Cynthia remembers a moment with Aaron.  She gives him a present.  It’s a set of those clacking teeth.  He doesn’t get it. They didn’t teach subtly at MIT.  She explains he needed a smile. She calls him a dumbass.  Major flirting.

Cynthia was married.  To Carl.  Carl is a bully.  He’s getting in Aaron’s face.  He tries to play it off as a joke.  Cynthia’s husband is a total a-hole.

Miles and Monroe are looking through the train cars.  Monroe is being…..sweet to Miles. LOL  It seems like he wants to be besties again.  Miles calls him on it.  Monroe says he doesn’t want to be there on the same side as Miles any more than Miles wants him around.  Miles verbally bitch slaps Monroe back to the gutter.  They found some tracks.  Miles and Charlie take off.  Truman’s men see Monroe.  They recognize him.


The Secretary and her guard are making their way through the woods.  They come upon another wagon of patriots.  Tom is suspicious.  The Secretary is not suspicious.  Something is wrong.  The head of the other group says he was sent to meet the Secretary.  He draws his gun.  Tom shoots him.  A gunfight ensues.  Tom gets the Secretary out of the wagon and they start to run.  The Secretary gets shot.


Aaron is sitting in an old boat/trailer storage lot.  Rachel finds him.  Aaron is missing the old days when he was a gazillionaire software genius.  Aaron is freaking out about him seeing things and his new ability.  Aaron admits that seeing Miles and setting those men on fire isn’t the first time it happened. We flashback five months.

Aaron is in the same junk yard.  He sees some people in a car having sex.  He realizes what he’s seeing and turns around to get out of there.  The man in the car is Cynthia’s husband.  The woman in the car isn’t Cynthia.  Cheater.  The husband knocks Aaron down threatens him.  No telling Cynthia.  The husband and the woman get back in the car.  Aaron grabs his glasses and gets up.  We see a nanotech/firefly fly by.   Aaron is angry and humiliated.  Behind him the car burst into flames with the husband and woman in it.  Aaron rushes over but the car in engulfed in flames.  They cannot get out of the car. The woman is banging on the window.  Back to the present.

Aaron reminds Rachel that the whole town thinks the lantern started the fire.  Aaron realizes that he is the one who started the fire.  He’s afraid who he’ll hurt next.  Rachel begs him not to leave.


Tom helps the Secretary away from the wagons.  He wants to remove the bullet.  It seems they are the only two who survived.  She resists but he reminds her she needs to start trusting him.  As she removes her blouse he asks about the ambush.  The Secretary explains she wrote a letter to high command because the new settlement is only taking the young and healthy and it is really a reprogramming center.  Not the nice place they are led to believe it is.  She describes the reconditioning treatments including steady diets of LSD and PCP.  Her letter was a protest of those procedures so they sent a kill squad for her.  Tom expresses his regret for being involved with her.  She is not a means to his end.  He stands to leave her in the woods.  He wants to be a patriot damnit!  He doesn’t want to be a fugitive.  He turns to leave. The Secretary tells Tom that they have Jason at the reprogramming center.  She offers to take him to Jason if he takes her.


Monroe, Miles and Charlie are still following the trail.  They are ambushed by patriots.  A fire fight ensues.  Monroe reminds Miles about Southbend.  Another reference to a prior situation they were in. Charlie thinks they are full of it. They are just saying names of cities. Monroe tells Charlie to cover them and Monroe and Miles take off.  They make their way behind the patriots.  Together they are a well-oiled machine.   They take them all out. Good times.  Oops they didn’t get everyone.  Miles catches the one that broke his hand.  He knocks him out.  They’ll keep him alive for information.  This one also worked for Titus.

Rachel and Aaron are walking together. Aaron has an episode.  He falls to the ground. He sees Charlie, Miles and Monroe and a mill waterfall type thing.

Over to Charlie, Miles and Monroe.  Charlie is sitting exactly where Aaron just envisioned her by the water at the mill.  They have the patriot tied up in the millhouse. Monroe nods to Charlie.  She’s standing guard over the prisoner.   Monroe goes to find Miles.  Monroe tells Miles he thinks that that was kind of fun.  Miles isn’t softening. Rachel and Aaron enter the mill house.  Rachel grabs a rifle. Cocks it and points it at Monroe. Miles jumps in front of her before she can kill Monroe.  Charlie enters and tells Rachel she brought Monroe with her.  Miles grabs the gun.  Tells Rachel she can shoot him later.  Miles gives Monroe the rifle and sends the other 3 upstairs.  Aaron passes Miles and points out the “twist” of Monroe being with them.  A little comic relief.  I love that about this show. Charlie hugs Aaron.  They have a moment.  Charlie approaches her mom.  Rachel is furious that Charlie brought Monroe to them and that she trusts him to help them. Charlie snaps back at her mother.

Fry enters the mill house.  I’m nervous.  Miles removes the gag on the prisoner and blood pours from his mouth.  Miles reaches in and grabs a cyanide tooth. Miles is pissed. Fry wants to believe his story but can’t.  Some shoots Fry in the back.  MONROE.  What the hell.  Miles throws Monroe against the wall. Monroe wants to frame the patriots for Fry’s murder.  Miles remembers why he hates Monroe and hates himself.  Monroe points out that Texas will avenge Fry’s death in a way that only Texas can.  The others look on. They know Monroe is right. They hate it.

I find this show exciting and the pace is fantastic.  These characters switch sides in a heartbeat which adds to the thrill.  Next week looks interesting.  Will this show follow in the footsteps of cable network shows that kill off main characters to heighten the drama?   I’m not sure how keeping Monroe alive will add to the story as opposed to giving him the death penalty.   I guess we’ll see.  Til then.  Ciao.

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