Arrow Season 2 “Broken Dolls” Recap and Review

Broken DollsTonight’s Arrow was a little disturbing but at the same time a great showcase for Paul Blackthorne to shine as Quentin Lance. However, I am getting ahead of myself. We need to see the conclusion of last week’s cliffhanger with Arrow being ambushed by the police’s SWAT team after his visit to Laurel doesn’t go as plan. Arrow tells Laurel that he is not the enemy. Laurel says to prove it, he should lower his weapon. He does and when it looks like he is going to be brought in, the Black Canary (Caity Lotz) crashes in and uses a sonic device to hurt the ears of the cops and shatter the glass. Bravo to the makers of Arrow for turning what is traditionally a supernatural/meta human gift that Black Canary has into something more grounded and realistic. Also, it is so obvious that the Canary is wearing a blonde wig.

Both escape and Arrow asks why did she help him but she doesn’t answer and escapes. Back at the Arrow Cave, Felicity and Diggle are relieved that Oliver escaped. Felicity wonders why Laurel now is against his alter ego and Oliver tells her it is because he didn’t save Tommy. Talk turns to how he escaped and Oliver tells her is was a blonde all in black and a mask with a sonic device. Oliver tasks his team to find out who she is. Lance is just getting a hot dog lunch when a call comes through his police radio for back up on a murder. But when he responds, he was told that he is no longer needed. Lance goes anyways and he sees a woman dressed up like a doll. Det. Lucas tells him that Pike pulled him because this is the work of Barton Mathis, a killer that Lance put away 6 years ago. Lucas tells Lance that if he sniffs near this case again, Pike will arrest him for obstruction.

At the Arrow Cave, Felicity tells Oliver and Diggle what she has found out about the Black Canary: she seems to be targeting men that attack other women. However, her debrief gets interrupted by a call from Lance. He wants her to set up a meeting with Arrow. So on a rooftop, Lance fills Arrow in on Barton Mathsis. He is known as the Doll Maker because he fills young women’s throats with a flexible polymer and then dressing them like a doll and posing them as such. Mathis killed 8 women before Lance caught him. Mathis escaped because of the quake destroyed a section of Iron Heights. Lance gives Arrow his personal files on the case and needs his help in catching him. Meanwhile, we see a young woman just finishing a bit of shopping late at night. She goes to her car but Mathis is there and comments on her skin thus she becomes her next victim. Team Arrow pour over Lance’s files to see any patterns. Not seeing any, they both realize that they need to meet with Mathis lawyer and gets Felicity to get Lance to meet him. Before that though, Felicity wonders if they should drop looking for the Black Canary. Oliver tells him that he has that handled. Arrow goes to Roy with the mission to find the identity of Black Canary but leave the confrontation to her.

At the DA’s office Donner is pleased for Laurel in knowing that the Hood would go and see her. Lance then comes for a visit looking for Mathis lawyer, telling his daughter how Mathis has escaped. Laurel wonders why considering the last time the case took him to a dark place. He tells her that every victim he takes makes him feel guilty. Laurel tells him that he wants to relieve his guilty conscience with his vendetta but he turns the table and says that he isn’t the only one, referring to Laurel’s vendetta against the Arrow.

At Iron Heights, Thea visits her mom before her pre-trial. Moira seems resigned to her fate while Thea wishes otherwise. Lance  goes to Mathis’ lawyer’s office looking for him but he is not so forthecoming with the information until Arrow comes on the scene asking the same thing. It seems Mathis’s lawyer is surprised that he has escaped but still isn’t talking on where he could be until he shoots an arrow through his shoulder.

His lawyer tells him that Mathis is probably at the Bisque Museum as it reminds him of a place in Germany where porcelain dolls were invited. Across the street of that museum are some apartments that Mathis has rented a room. Lance and Arrow go in but instead of finding Mathis find a porcelain doll holding a newspaper clipping about Lance capturing Mathis and a rotary phone. The phone rings and Lance answers. It is Mathis.

Arrow gets Felicity to start a trace on the call. Meanwhile, Mathis and Lance have a conversation. Lance wants Mathis to let his victim got but Mathis just taunts him on what he is going to do to her. Felicity in unable to trace the call and this pour young woman has become a doll and the police later find her body with Lance later coming on the scene.

Oliver wants Felicity to hack into the police labs to see the ME results but unfortunately for Felicity the police have sent the work do be done by a private lab, who servers have been protected. So they bring the hack to the lab. Lance and Arrow break into the lab performing the tests and Arrow uses some sort of technical device that allows Felicity to hack into the results. As we see the results, Lance notices a similarity. It seems that two of the victims used the same unique skin cream: Mermaid Skin Cream.

We next see Roy on his mission to find Black Canary. He goes to a man he knows in the Glades and sells him a case of fancy champagne for information. This man tells him that a girl named Sin (Bex Taylor-Klaus) has been seen hanging out with her and tells him where to find her. Felicity learns that this cream is only sold in four stores so she offers herself as bait by posing as a customer of the skin cream. Oliver is reluctant to let her go in the field again but she insists. So on this mission, Felicity is at the last store (who hilariously asked if she is going to be reimbursed) and now are just waiting for Mathis to make his move. Everone is watching Felicity from Arrow on a rooftop, Diggle in a car and Lance following her (he is not happy that Felicity is putting herself in danger). Arrow tells Lance that Felicity volunteered to go which Lance responded that she must really believe in him. Arrow tells Lance that his daughter once believed in him too. Lance then reveals to Arrow that this case is important to him because he got the Mathis case shortly after Sara was killed and the victims were around her age and each woman he killed was like losing his daughter.

When Felicity thinks she is being followed, it ends up being false however. But Felicity ends up running into Mathis who grabs her. All three men go after Mathis. Arrow puts an arrow to Mathis but it doesn’t injure him enough so he tosses Felicity aside and gets away. Lance meanwhile has called for police backup while chasing Mathis and just when he thinks he has him, he escapes and the police converge on the scene and Lucas arrests Lance for obstruction of justice.

Felicity tells Oliver of Lance’s arrest and also tells him that she put the word out that the Mermaid skin cream is defective thus hopefully preventing more victims. Felicity wonders what Oliver will do about Lance but he needs to deal with one legal problem at the time since he is on his way to his mom’s pre-trial. At this pre-trial, Moira’s lawyer tries to get her released on bail but the judge doesn’t want to release someone who was an accomplice to the murder of 503 people. Meanwhile, Donner seeks the death penalty against Moira much to the shock of her lawyer and kids.

At the police station, Laurel manages to pull some favours she really didn’t have to get him released. Laurel working on the anti-vigilante task forced allowed Lance to go free. Laurel is surprised that Lance is now calling the Hood, the Arrow and is wanting to work with him. It seems that father and daughter have come a complete 180 on their relationship with Arrow. Lance is worried about Laurel and sees that Tommy’s death is eating her up and the reason for her witch hunt but Laurel doesn’t want to her hear what her dad has to say.

Roy manages to track Sin down but when he starts asking about the Black Canary, she runs and Roy gives chase and they end up at Heritage Hall (a real place in Vancouver that is along Main Street) and up the clock tower there where Sin clocks him unconscious. As Lance leaves the police station, he approaches what he thinks is a man in distress next to a van but it is Mathis who tasers him and when he puts Lance in the van, we also see that he has kidnapped Laurel.

Back at Verdant, Thea is arguing about never receiving a champagne shipment when Oliver comes in and they discuss their mother’s case when Oliver receives a text from Felicity telling him to turn on the news. Here we see a report on how Lance and Laurel have been kidnapped by Mathis.

At the Arrow Cave, Oliver wants to know how it happened. Pulling police surveillance footage, Felicity notices a van that is from a chemical warehouse in the Glades that was declared condemned. Team Arrow realize that it is a perfect place for Mathis to make his dolls.

When Roy wakes up, he has been zipped tied and being interrogated by the Black Canary asking him if he is “they” sent him or if he is one of them. But Roy doesn’t know what she is talking about but the questions stop and Canary gets Sin to let Roy go after seeing a text he received from Thea saying that Laurel Lance got kidnapped. At the warehouse, Mathis is taunting Lance as he sets up the doll making process on Laurel. Lance begs Mathis to let her go but Mathis knows that Laurel’s death is way better punishment than killing him. Just as the liquid is about to make it down Laurel’s throat, Arrow comes to the rescue and shoots the liquid away. He lets Lance go and he tells Arrow to do whatever he need to do to capture Mathis.

As Mathis starts running away, he is stopped by the Black Canary but he stops her by pulling down a bunch of metal bars on her. Just as he wants to reveal her face, Arrow shoots two arrows at his shoulder pinning him to one of these bars. He tells Mathis that he is going back to prison but Canary stabs him in the chest thus killing him.

After Laurel is freed, she is surprised that the Arrow saved him and keeps on saying he saved me. Lance misunderstands but Laurel clarifies that Tommy came back to CNRI to save her. She feels guilty because even though Oliver warned her to stay away from the Glades she still went and if she didn’t got, then Tommy would still be believe. She feels guilty because she feels like she killed Tommy.

Lance makes sure that Laurel is settled back at her apartment, Arrow pays a visit to make sure that Laurel is okay. Lance thanks him for saving his daughter. Arrow replied that she needed saving and Lance in return says that she wasn’t the only one. I think this signifies a new partnership between the two men.

Back at Iron Height’s, Moira’s lawyer says that they will fight the death penalty but once again Moira is resigned to her fate and it seems that she is keeping a very big secret from not only her lawyer but her kids to that might damage the relationship she has with them.

At Canary’s hideout, an Asian man dressed like the Dark Archer pays Canary a visit. It seems that Ra’s al ghul (the villain in Batman and most memorably played by Liam Neeson in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy) is looking for her and wants her to return. But she says that she can’t go back and wants this guy to tell them that they couldn’t find her and that she ran. This man won’t lie for her so she just kills him. Team Arrow decides that they need to find the Canary to find out what side she is on.

Island Flashback

Back at the crashed plane they call home, Slade, Shado and Oliver have brought one of the Japanese solider’s skeleton back. Shado goes to exam in it and tells Oliver that she was pre-med back in China so she knows what he is doing. Oliver and Slade go on a recon mission to see where there island visitors are from but Oliver doesn’t want to leave Shado alone. During their walk, Slade stressed the importance of having no emotional attachments as it makes it easier on life. However, Oliver disagrees and that emotional attachments make him who he is. We of course know that Oliver later turns to Slade’s way of thinking in season 1. As they make it to the top of a hill, they see a freighter ship just a few clicks away from the island and notice that it is opening fire on something. Both men realize it is on their plane and know that Shado is in danger. Oliver and Slade run to the plane while being fired upon. One of the shots blasts Oliver off his feet and knocks him out. He wakes up briefly to see the plane on fire and also to see Slade’s hand burning before he completely blacks out. When he wakes, he notices that he is in a cell and next to him is what I believe to be Slade but I really don’t know. And Shado, we are led to believe that she is dead. We know that this prison isn’t on the island but we realize that Oliver is on this freighter ship and it is moving away from the island. And end episode.

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