Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. “Girl in the Flower Dress” Recap and Review

agents-of-shield-girl-in-the-flower-dress-2-300x199Tonight’s episode opens up with Los Angeles pretending to be Hong Kong. Here we see a street musician by the name of Chan-Ho Yin. At first his magic seems pretty basic like turning an egg into confetti. People aren’t impressed. He then spies a lovely young lady in a floral dress. They eye each other and this seems to inspire Chan to use his real magic. He can create fire out of his hands and this vows and scares his audience.

Chan and this woman, who introduces herself as Rayna, go back to his apartment. She talks about his gift and not to hide it. Soon enough, we find that we can trust her as two men in fire-retardant suits come in and take him away.

Back on the Bus, we see Ward and Skye play a rousing game of Battleship as part of her training. Coulson and Melinda look on with Melinda not wanting to admit that perhaps Coulson was right to trust Skye. Just as Melinda was about to convince Coulson to do some training, an alert comes in.

A SHIELD agent tells them about Chan and how his power put him on SHIELD’s radar and put him on a list of people and objects that are special that SHIELD should be aware of. The Hong Kong SHIELD agent, Kwan, alerts them that Chan’s identity was comprised because of some data hack. The SHIELD gang realize that the only group that could be responsible is Rising Tide. All eyes go to Skye.

Meanwhile, Chan has woken up in a nice room. He thinks Rayna is part of SHIELD but she assures him that she is not. She wants to help become famous for his powers but needs to run some tests. Chan is not convinced until she gives him a superhero name of Scorch and uses Steve Rogers aka Captain America as an example. This convince Chan to be on board with Rayna’s plan.

On the Bus, Skye has managed to discover who hacked SHIELD. It is a hacker by the name of Miles, last name not important, and he is in Austin, Texas. The team head to the Lone Star state but when Ward is made by Miles, Coulson chases after him but Miles sets in motion a gridlock and he escapes. When Miles arrives home, Skye is there and she is pissed at him for hacking SHIELD and running her inside job. Of course this argument turns into a makeout session and the two proceed to have sex.

In their afterglow, Miles and Skye discuss her inside job at SHIELD and his hacking of SHIELD causing problems. He wants to help but she doesn’t want it as it might ruin her work. Skye needs to get back to her SHIELD team and as she leaves the bedroom to find Melinda at the other end. It is apparent that Coulson didn’t trust Skye and had Melinda follow her. FitzSimmons seems hurt that Skye would betray them while Skye tries to plead her innocence and explain herself to Coulson who isn’t listening. Melinda is also getting nowhere with Miles. In the end, Coulson says they got what they were looking for and head off to Hong Kong to get Chan but takes in Miles and Skye as prisoners.

Back in Hong Kong, Rayna has her team of scientists inject Chan with the Extremis serum and we see his pyrotechnic power increase. This makes Chan really happy now that he doesn’t have SHIELD holding him back from using his powers.

On the Bus’ interrogation room, Miles maintains his innocence and keeps on spouting the Rising Tides’ manifesto of freedom of information.

Coulson and Melinda have a talk about Skye and her betrayal. Coulson believes that Skye is hiding something still.

FitzSimmons keeps on digging and discover something in Miles’ hack. Ward comes in the interrogation room and tells Skye (when Miles wouldn’t) that her boyfriend was paid $1 million for that information on Chan. Skye is pissed but he defends his actions. Miles does tell Ward that a woman in a floral dress that paid him and the money came from some eco-research facility doing experiments on centipedes. This sounds off alarm bells in both Ward and Skye as they remember Michael (the man from the pilot) being a part of the Centipede experiment.

The team discover a Centipede lab in Hong Kong and Melinda and Coulson go down to rescue Chan while Ward minds the prisoners.

We also learn that Rayna wanted Chan because his blood is fire resistant because of his power. Rayna tells this to the doctor that we saw in the Pilot. The doctor wants to extract Chan’s blood and use it on the super soldiers that get the Extremis drug to prevent them from blowing up.

Chan is tied down as the doctor and Rayna extract his blood and when Chan tries to use his powers to escape, he ends up with burned hands.

Melinda, Coulson and Kwan make their way into Centipede’s Hong Kong facility and make it into the lab to rescue Chan. But a lab technician put it in lockdown and Chan goes all crazy, after injecting more Extremis serum, and kills Kwan by burning him.

The team needs Skye’s help in hacking the system to open the door but she can only do that by being in the building. So Ward and she go in the field to do just that. Meanwhile, Coulson and Melinda try and talk Chan out of doing something horrible. A Cantonese conversation between Melinda and Chan gets no where and when Coulson shoots several of the nighty night bullets into Chan to no avail, Skye gets the doors to open and Chan escapes.

Rayna manages to escape with Chan’s blood but the doctor ends up getting killed by Chan’s fireball. Chan is stopped when Melinda puts in a double dose of the Extremis serum in him and he starts to implode. Coulson needs Miles’ help to hack into the building’s servers to re-route the ventilation so that Chan’s explosion can shot through there and then through the roof.

When all is over, Coulson lets Miles go but not without a parting gift. He gives him a bracelet that acts as a neutralizer for any electronic devices and also thanks him fo the generous donation to Kwan’s family.

Finally, Coulson and Skye have a conversation that reveals all. Coulson tells her to stop lying to him. She finally relents and removes the SD card from her bra (we saw this early) and tells the truth. The SD card contains information not on SHIELD but on herself. We learn that Skye is an orphan looking for her parents and with everything she has tried to find, she found only one document from a St. Anne’s Orphanage but it has been redacted. Coulson finishes that it was SHIELD that redacted it. Skye says that she won’t stop till she finds out the truth but Coulson warns that she may not like the truth. It seems that Coulson is a forgiving man and lets Skye stay but gives her the same bracelet as Miles. Skye puts the bracelet on.

In the post credit scene, we Rayna talking to a prisoner and tells him how the serum can be neutralized and their soldiers can be ready to be used. However, she needs this prisoner to talk to the Clairvoyant about Stage 3 but this prisoner seems reluctant but from my understanding, this guy will.

So we have a bit of a break until the next SHIELD but I have a theory to pose. What do you think that Melinda May is Skye’s mother? It is so obvious that Skye is half-Asian. I can totally see it and after confirming that actress Chloe Bennet’s father is Asian, this might prove credence to my theory. What do you think?

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