Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. “F.Z.Z.T.” Recap and Review

MING-NA WEN, CHLOE BENNET, ELIZABETH HENSTRIDGE, BRETT DALTON, CLARK GREGG, IAIN DE CAESTECKEROur merry band of SHIELD agents are on the hunt of a killer that leaves their victims floating surrounded by an electrical field.

The first victim is a boy scout troop leader and volunteer fireman who was found by his troop floating.

When the team comes on the scene, when Simmons approaches it, she gets a little shock and the body falls to the ground.

Skye is tasked to finding out more about the first victim but he is pretty clean. FitzSimmons notice another electrical anomoly somewhere in the States. This takes our team to a barn where another victim is seen floating and the same electrical field surrounds him.

On the Bus, Simmons notices that the wounds on each of the victims heads is not an entry wound but rather an exit wound meaning that the electric current left their bodies and fried their brains.

Skye then notices a connection between the two men. Both are volunteer firemen at the same firehouse and were first responders during the battle of New York.

As she says this, we see a man with a Chitauri helmet. Coulson, Melinda and Ward goes to this firehouse and we see this man, Tony, is there too. He is also a fireman and he is sweating profusely and acting all suspicious. When Coulson goes to talk to Tony privately, we see objects floating near him. Coulson asks why does he have a Chitauri helmet. Tony says it is a souvenir and that one day while bored he and the two other victims were cleaning it.

Hearing this, Simmons determines that it was something on the helmet that has infected the men that cause them to emit an electrical field that kills them. After evacuating the firehall and knowing that Tony will die, Coulson shares his near-death experience and assures Tony and there is something lovely on the other side. After getting to safety, Tony dies.

Back on the Bus, Simmons determines that the virus actually is infectious and Coulson sees that Simmons has been infected and locks her down on the Bus. Coulson tasks her to find a vaccine or as ends up calling it the anti-serum.

Coulson meets with Agent Blake (Titus Welliver – who played the part in the Marvel short Item 47). The crux of their conversation is that Blake wants Coulson to jettison Simmons as per SHIELD protocol. Of course, Coulson doesn’t do that.

As it turns out, Simmons only has two hours to live and after trying and failing at an anti-serum on a couple of rats, she is in despair as is Ward who is pissed that he can’t protect against something he can’t see.

FitzSimmons has an epiphany as to why the anti-serum wasn’t working. The realize that the need the Chitauri helmet for it contains some skin cells that has developed an immunity. Fitz goes and gets it and works with Simmons to get the anti-serum to work. After injecting their last rat, it seems to work but then there is an electrical flash and the rat starts to float

Simmons thinks it has failed. Realizing that she is going to die, she asks the rest of the agents for a moment alone with Fitz. Instead of a heartfelt goodbye, she knocks him out.

We are alerted that the cargo door of the plane was lowering and we realize what Simmons is going to do in order to save the team. However, Fitz realizes that the anti-serum did work but before he can give it to her, Simmons jumps off the plane.

Fitz desperately tries to get to her but Ward comes through and with parachute on the back and anti-serum in the other, saves Simmons.

Later, Coulson reprimands Simmons for the stunt she pulled but is glad that she is okay.

Other developments of this episode is that Coulson ordered some medical tests on himself that come back normal. Near the end of the episode, he confesses to Melinda that even though the tests say he is all fine and good, he actually feels different. Melinda approaches Coulson and looks at the wound he sustained in The Avengers and tells him that of course he is different and wouldn’t expect otherwise after dying and coming back to life. Melinda also mentions going through something that made her different. Could this be that she gave up a child for adoption? There was a scene early in the episode that had Skye and Melinda side by side and they looked like they could be related. And didn’t anyone else think that Coulson and Melinda might kiss? I thought so.

And Skye is slowly starting the gain back the trust of the group but still has to wear that bracelet. Also, I am still shipping FitzSimmons especially after discovering how they always seem to do things together from being university together all the way to joining SHIELD. And they are some in sync with each like when they both made fun of Ward the same way. Who else wanted them to have a real proper kiss instead of the kiss on the cheek that Simmons gives Fitz.

Anyways, the end credit scene takes place at the Sandbox with Agent Blake taking possession of the Chitauri helmet and reams Coulson out for disobeying an order and that he can take away his dream team. Coulson fights back and says that he will fight him if he tries.

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