Arrow Season 2 “Identity” Recap and Review

IdentityAny episode of Arrow that opens with a shirtless Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen working out in the Arrow Cave is fine by me and that is how episode 2 of season 2 opens up.

But after a short workout scene, the action starts with a FEMA truck on its way to the Glades to deliver much needed medical supplied to Glades Memorial Hospital when two men of the Triad are about to hijack it. We see Roy in a stolen red car (of course it would be that colour) listening to a police radio scanner where he hears the call for help. Roy manages to stop one of the bikers but the other biker opens fire on him and he flips his car. Roy is okay, a bit battered but fine. He gets arrested for this troubles while the bad guys get away.

And they get the FEMA truck because China White (Kelly Hu) kills them.

At Verdant, Diggle asks whether or not Oliver is ready to start his new crusade. Oliver is ready but doesn’t know where to start because he used to use the list. Diggle says that just look around, Oliver should be able to find where to start. Diggle mentions that the Big Belly Burger got robbed and Oliver is concerned that something happened to Carly (Diggle’s sister-in-law and girlfriend). Diggle akwarldy says that it is her night off (it is so obvious that they broke up – but Oliver is obvious). Thea is surprised to see Oliver there and he jokes that he has a secret entrance. Their talk is interrupted when Thea gets a call that Roy is in jail.

We see Laurel interrogating Roy and wants to know the vigilante’s identity. When Roy says he doesn’t know him, she shows him what he thinks is his arrow but it is a red one. Laurel asks why is he helping him. Roy says he believes in what he does in helping people and that there are other like him and has seem them specifically her (meaning Black Canary who we briefly saw in the last episode). Laurel says that she used to think like him but now thinks that the Hood is dangerous.

Anyways, when Thea arrives, Laurel tells him that they are not charging Roy. Laurel tells Oliver that Roy was helping the Hood and that every time he comes o the scene all hell breaks loose and renews her vows to stop him.

Oliver then has a talk with Roy and asks him to stop what he is doing. Roy thinks that a rich boy like Oliver doesn’t understand what he and the people of the Glades are going through and mentions how the FEMA truck was meant to take much needed medicine to the Glades and if people like Oliver and the police won’t help then it is up to him.

Oliver and Diggle decide to visit Glades Memorial where the see Sebastian Blood (Kevin Alejandro) out in front giving a press conference with protesters surrounding. Blood says he is there to help save the Glades and when Oliver shows up, it all becomes a blame game on him and how his family is responsible for killing 503 people in the Glades because they built the earthquake machine. Oliver vows to atone for all his family has done but Blood doesn’t quite believe him. As Oliver leaves, protestors smash one of his car’s window.

Back at Queen Consolidated, Felicity is pissed at the promotion that Oliver has given her. She feels that being his executive assistant is a waste for an MIT grad like her. Oliver says that he needs the close by to talk to about their nightly activities because it would look suspicious if he is always travelling to the IT department to talk to her. Oliver says she needs a secret identity to hide how they spend their night. Felicity says that she likes spending nights with him and when she realizes what she just said, counts to 3 to then continue her rant. Also, Diggle reveals his secret identity and that is being a black driver.

Felicity sarcastically offers to get Oliver coffee as she reluctantly accepts the job. His first task for her is to find out when the next FEMA shipment is going out so he can stop the hijackers. He also asks Felicity to make a dinner reservation for himself, Diggle and Carly. Felicity wonders why Diggle has not told Oliver about the status of his relationship.

Oliver then sees a news report on his visit to the hospital and how it did not go well for him.

Back in the Arrow Cave, Felicity finds out when the next FEMA shipment is going out and Arrow goes out to greet the hijackers. Arrow manages to stop them before the kill the remaining driver but China White takes him out. China White thought he died in the quake but not gets her revenge on him for taking down her business. When Arrow throw and arrow at her, Bronze Tiger (Michael Jai White), a hired assassin, deflects the arrows and they fight. Bronze Tiger is surprised at the lack of kill shots and their fight continues until the Starling City Police comes on the scene with Lt. Price and Laurel. When Arrow sees Laurel, but he and Bronze Tiger scatter when the police open fire. One of the bullets hits Arrow just above the ankle but he throws downs a smoke bomb and makes his escape.

In the Arrow Cave, Oliver is stitching himself up and Felicity is pissed that the police is more interested in arresting Arrow then catching who stole the FEMA truck. Diggle mentions Oliver’s hesitation when Laurel came on the scene and the two have a bit of an argument. Felicity fed up with their fighting gets Diggle tell Oliver what happened to him and Carly. Diggle tells him they broke up because Diggle couldn’t get over the fact that Deadshot, his brother’s killer is still out there. It seems that apologies are made but I really don’t know since my CW interrupted the episode to announce the end of the government shut down and Obama’s press conference. It came back right in the middle of an island flashback.

When the episode comes back from commercial break, Arrow pays a night time visit to Laurel in her new ADA office. He kills the light and uses his voice modifier to have a talk. Arrow wants to know what happened to Laurel; how could she go from believing in him to going after him. Laurel tells him that she blames him for running away from the CNRI when the quake it and not saving Tommy. She calls him a coward and not a hero and never wants to see him again.

So while Laurel hates Arrow, she will defend Oliver to Blood who seems to think that Oliver is no friend of the Glades or Starling City and the fancy fundraiser he is holding for Glades Memorial and not showing up for it is proof of that. The reason why Oliver missed his fundraiser is Felicity tipped him off of another FEMA shipment but it was already in progress to he made a choice.

Arrow wants again fights China White and Bronze Tiger. Diggle too has joined the fray and knocks out one of the Triad members and makes a health care joke and takes off with the FEMA truck. China White sees this and climbs on board.

The police meanwhile, alerted to a Hood sighting comes on the scene but the supposed live video footage that they are viewing is old because it doesn’t match the new reality of the Glades. They wonder how a live feed could be showing year-old footage, we then switch to see a happy Felicity busily hacking away.

Back to the action, Arrow is trying to find Bronze Tiger who keeps on surprise slicing him with his Wolverine type knuckle ring claws. Eventually, Arrow overpowers Bronze Tiger with a taser arrow. Meanwhile, China White and Diggle have a fight on board the FEMA truck. When the truck crashes, they take their battle to the street and China White too is stopped by a fancy Arrow that seemed to zip tie her hands. She tells him that Arrow has changed and he would have killed her by now. She further taunts him by saying that the police will always see him as a criminal and never a hero no matter what he does.

The next day, back at Queen Consolidated, Oliver watches a news report that states that the police arrested China White and delivered the medicine to Glades Memorial but that the Hood might be responsible for that.

Oliver and Diggle then have a heart-to-heart about Carly and apologizes for not being there. Diggle then leaves before things get emotionally. Oliver stays to get work done since he is now CEO of Queen Consolidated. Felicity then brings in that promised cup of coffee but she indicates that this would be a one-time thing. Anyways, Oliver sees another report that shows Blood still on his rampage against Oliver.

In the alley of Verdant, Roy is taking out the garbage when he senses someone behind him, he goes to throw his red flechette but Arrow catches it. Roy turns around and sees it is him and tells him that he has been dying to meet him. Arrow tells him to stop being a vigilante but Roy tells that he has been inspired to help people because of how he saved his life and wants to do more; he wants to fight alongside him. Arrow says he doesn’t know how to fight but only knows how take a beating. He adds that if he wants to help him then Roy can be his inside man in the Glades and tell him what is going on. Roy asks how he can get a hold of him and Arrow throws back the red flechette and tells him to hang that in the alleyway (presumably of Verdant) and he will contact him. With all this red that they are throwing around Roy, it is so obvious that he won’t be Speedy (as that will probably be Thea) but Red Arrow.

Island Flashback

We see Oliver in shock over having just killed someone. Slade and Shado go and investigate one of the dead bodies and find a map of the area that includes Lian Yu. Attached to this map is a photo. Slade then notices how Oliver is slipping away and starting to become lost in the darkness in what he has done. Shado leads him away to a lake to get him washed him. Shado says killing that guy saved her. Oliver wants to take solace in that but fears that the island has made him a killer. Shado says that no island can make him something he is not. Oliver thinks then that he is a killer but Shado says that everyone has two sides to them: a killer and a hero. The two then take their tops off and start to kiss passionately.

It seems that Slade is worried about their relationship and pretty much warns Oliver to break up with Shado because the island seems to hurt people and is already doing things to him.

Slade uses the photograph he found to search the location on the island that it shows. Eventually our island gang find and near it is a cave that houses several skeletons with their heads bashed in. Shado and Slade surmise that they are World War II Japanese solider. Oliver then notices that one of the solider’s necklace has that stone arrowhead that he gave Thea has a gift back in season one. We later see Roy give that back to Thea when he vows that he has stopped playing hero as being with her means more.

Anyways, the episode ends on a true cliffhanger. Arrow goes to visit Laurel again to state that he was the one that help stop the Triad and was the one that helped Glads Memorial get the medicine they needed. But Laurel is unmoved and knows that he is a criminal that needs to be stopped and she knew that he couldn’t keep away and presses a handheld alarm that calls the police who have him surrounded.

So how will Arrow/Oliver escape this particular pickle? He must escape and next week he looks like he is teaming up with the Black Canary.

Also, I noticed that Arrow changed its opening narration where before we have Oliver saying that he came back to avenge his father but now it says to honour his friend by becoming someone and something else (that part remained the same).

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