Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. “Eye Spy” Recap and Review

SHIELD season 1 episode 4Tonigh’ts episode opens up in Sergel’s Square in Stockholm, Sweden (actually shot on location). We see a lot of similarly dressed me (white dress shirt, black tie, grey sport coat, red face mask and a poor boy hat). All are carrying a silver metal brief, the kind that you would have seen on Deal or No Deal. As the walk through a square a young African American woman is aware of their presence and follows them to the Stockholm subway system and onto the train. Inside this train, we see this woman make eye contact with one of the men. She closes her eyes and next she smashes the emergency brakes and the whole train goes dark and comes to a halt at the next station. When people exit and the light comes on, all these men are down for the count while one of them has their hand cut off thus taking the brief case. We see this woman open the case and we see that it contained diamonds. She soon makes her escape.

On the bus, FitzSimmons is showing Ward their latest weapon, the night night gun that shoots out a bullet filled with a powerful drug. Coulson comes looking for Skye but Ward doesn’t know where she is.

Coulson finds them in the short bus aka their black SUV. Coulson needs her help in finding out who is behind the theft.

They arrive at the subway car and we learn that the men were hired my a jewelry company to transport the diamonds. Melinda wants to know why HQ assigned them this case, Coulson tells her he picked it. Meanwhile, Skye theorizes that they thief could have a super powers and her closing her eyes is significant. Skye figures a way to identify her and that is through Instagram since a lot of people were taking pictures of the men in masks Eventually, they find the woman responsible.

And she is Akela Amador (Pascale Armand) a former SHIELD agent that Coulson took under his wings and trainied. In a later scene, Coulson tells Skye that he hoped to take the loner Akela and turn her into a team player. Anyways, Akela apparently was part of a failed mission and was declared dead.

The team determine that Akela went to Belarus to sell the diamonds. We this meeting and Akela makes the deal and the buyer gives her a key card that apparently will give her access to $30 million and the guy wishes her luck as she enters that facility.

Before the go and find Akela, Melinda wants to let HQ know what is going on but Coulson wants to hold off.

In Belarus and on the trail of Akela, Simmons mentions how it is her dream to come to this country and she Fitz get into a mini-fight about her reasons why. Also, Fitz is nervous about being out in the field again since the last time went so terrible. Coulson and Ward tell FitzSimmons and Skye that all they have to do is just stay in the van.

While Coulson and Ward walk around a village in Belarus, FitzSimmons and Skye manage to find some sort of video feed that seems to watching them. At the same time, Ward and Coulson find where Akela was staying and figure out that she probably knows that they are there. We then see Akela drive a truck into the van that Skye and FitzSimmons were in, despite Skye’s attempt to drive the van away (she couldn’t because the seat was positioned for a tall Ward) and when she tried to pull the gun on her, Skye confused how to remove the safety and actually removed the magazine. Akela hits them and the van rolls over. Before all of that we get a hilarious scene of Skye bothering Ward on where to pee and if there are any snacks on board. Also, Melinda is holding SHIELD HQ at bay with vague updates on their mission. Coulson is grateful for this.

Back on the bus, Ward is worried that Skye and FitzSimmons are traumatized but they aren’t and are back at tracking Akela. They realize that the camera watching them is actually in Akela’s eye and we see her try to remove it in her hotel’s bathroom. She writes a notes asking if she can sleep. This tips Coulson off that she is being controlled and asks the team to monitor her video feed. Melinda doesn’t understand the length Coulson is going in helping Akela and wants to kill her in while Coulson does not but bring her in. Whatever their differences on this matter, Melinda volunteers to take the first watch.

Skye updates Coulson on Akela TV and the two have a heart to heart on how her situation is similar to Akela’s and is grateful in the faith that Coulson is showing in her.

When Coulson goes to check on the feed himself, he finds Fitz sleeping on the job and they rewind the tape and see that Akela got instructions to go to some building the next day at 9am. They go further and see that Melinda knows where Akela is.

We see Melinda go confront Akela and wants to bring her in. The two have talk Akela tells Melinda that she has to kill her or she will be killed. The two then fight when Akela turns off the lights and uses her power to grab a gun and is about to shoot Melinda but Coulson comes in and shoots her with the weapon we saw earlier.

When Akela wakes up she wonders why she is alive as her handler would have flipped her kill switch. Coulson tells her that they hacked into her feed and Ward and Skye are completing her mission now with Ward wearing Clark Kent style glasses to emulate her eye.

Coulson wants to know what happened to her. Akela says that she has been watched for years and asks why is Coulson being so understanding and not being smug about her downfall. He tells her that he is not that person anymore. Akela feels guilty about her failed last mission. She then explains what happened to her and that when she woke up, she found herself blind in one eye and then in a cage at the bottom of a copper mine. Then one day, she thought she was rescued by SHIELD but doesn’t really know who rescued her. Then she found herself in a hospital and the ability to see out of both eyes. After awhile, she started getting messages asking her to steal and do some B&E’s. She tried to ignore the messages but she would get headaches to get her to comply.

At the building, Ward and Skye await instructions, which they get asking them to go to one particular area of the building. Skye warns Ward to not look in mirrors or reveal his man hands or the guy will kill Akela.

Coulson tasks FitzSimmons to remove the kill switch out of Akela and in a funny scene, Simmons is so squeamish at trying to apply a local anesthetic to Akela’s eye that she just takes Simmons’ hands and pokes her eye herself.

Back at the building, Ward uses the key card to make it to the Delta wing. The next message asks for the guard to be seduced. Skye suggests that Ward try to bromance him but Ward is not successful and knocks the guard out. He enters a room where two men are on old school typewriters and on the wall are scientific equations and a set of mysterious equations. We realize that seducing the guard was essentialy as he would have entered his password to stop the alarm from going off. Unfortunately for Ward the alarm does go off and he has to make his way out of the building.

Back on the Bus, Simmons is successful at removing most of Akela’s eye but needs Simmons help for the rest (basically disarming the bomb) but they need Ward’s help in determining how. Unfortunately their time is running out as Ward looks into a mirror and Akela’s handler sees it is not her and flips the kills switch but thankfully Wards gets Fitz to cut the cord and Simmons grabs the eye and throws it in a pretty strong container and it blows up.

While all this is going on, Melinda helps Coulson track down the handler who Akela described as an older heavy set Englishman based on the vocabulary he uses, dated references and typing mistakes. When Coulson goes to confront him and reveals that he is a SHIELD agent, this man’s fail safe in his eye goes off and he drops to the floor dead.

On the bus, SHIELD agents go to take Akela into custody and while her handler is dead, his handler is still around. Coulson tells Akela that he will testify on her behalf to help her out. As Akela is being led away, she asks Melinda what happened to Coulson.

Once again in the black SUV, Coulson and Skye have another heart to heart and Coulson starts to appreciate why Skye likes the solitude of the van. We then see Akela lie down in her prison bed and closes her eyes and she looks like she is finally at piece.

In the post credit scene, nothing new is added in terms of story but more of a humorous scene of Fitz and Ward playing poker with Skye intending to use the glasses to help Fitz cheat but when he hears that the glasses will let her see him naked, he folds. Of course, Skye uses it to see Ward naked thus solidifying the fact that this show will put those two crazy hot kids together.

This was a pretty solid episode. I enjoyed the action and the Mission Impossible feel this episode had. FitzSimmons are always comedy gold and loved the on location shooting in Sweden. And this show seems to be taking a really slow crawl in discovering the really truth behind’s Coulson’s death and recovery when I kind of want answers now. And with 22 episodes now confirmed, I want some character back story for all and not just Skye, who seems to be getting a lot of focus at the expense of some people like Melinda.

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