The Tomorrow People “Pilot” Recap and Review

The Tomorrow People Pilot PicLet us meet high schooler Stephen Jameson (Robbie Amell) as he narrates what he goes through on a daily basis. In the morning, he takes a series of pills. When we see him go to school, we see that he has lost a lot of friends and at night he ties himself to his headboard.

We then switch the action to John (Luke Mitchell) who has broken into a medical center and in the mental health ward seeking a particular male’s file. He is being helped by Cara.

Cara of course is played by Peyton List who some people know from Mad Men or from As the World Turns but I will always know her as Lucy Lane, Lois’ wayward sister in Smallville.

Anyways, John is caught and he escapes the security guard by teleporting off the roof.

When he hits the ground, he followed by three men who have also teleported to his location. They follow John down to the New York City subway. John manages to defeat two of the men and enters the train as it pulls up to the station. But the third man teleports into the car and the two fight back and forth that involves a lot of teleporting. A homeless man is witness this as John teleports away.

Cara admonishes John for using his powers in public but that is all forgotten then they learn the name in the file is Stephen Jameson. Cara telepathically talks to Stephen.

Stephen wakes up but not in his own bed but that of the neighbour couple who immediately takes Stephen back home and yells at his mom (Sarah Clarke) at how could a sleepwalker get into a house that has two deadbolts and lock the door behind him.

Mrs. Jameson is worried about Stephen and how they can’t afford his treatment.

Stephen meets up with his best friend in school, Astrid (Madeline Mantock) and tells her about what happened last night and that even though he is taking his meds, they don’t seem to work. A bully then takes the pills that Stephen needs (he took them the day before too) but unbeknownst to the bully, Stephen switched his pills with laxatives knowing he would take them.

During biology class on genetics, Cara starts speaking to Stephen again and he ends up disrupting the class when he yells at the voice in his head to stop talking to him. He leaves class and later that night, he has a childhood memory of his father (Jeffrey Pierce) showing him a magic trick.

Once again Cara contacts Stephen at night and leads to the Broad Street subway station. When he enters the car, John and Cara teleport him to an underground lair (or an abandoned subway station).

There Cara explains to Stephen that they are called the Tomorrow People, a set of humans that have a mutated gene that causes them to develop the three Ts: teleportation (I am just going to call it apparating or apparate), telepathy, and telekinisis (which I am going to call the Force). Stephen doesn’t believe them and even though John lifts Stephen up, he thinks he is having a psychotic break

There are about 15 people in this lair and just like them. Cara explains that his powers were dormant but now are starting to break out and this is common as they show them two recent teens whose powers just started coming out. It seems that Stephen’s powers have started to come over the last year and thus the start of all his problems from losing friends, seeing a shrink and thinking he is a freak.

Cara further explains that sometimes people with this gene, their powers don’t break out and just live their lives like normal humans. Another Tomorrow Person comes into the scene, Russell (Aaron Yoo) who calls themselves homo superior.

Cara and John then explain that there is a secret government agency called Ultra hunting them down to destroy them. Their agents are Tomorrow People too.

We then are at Ultra headquarters and their head, Dr. Jedikiah Price (Mark Pellegrino) is interrogating the Ultra agent that let John get away. He is not pleased that he exposed them to the public as we see police footage of the homeless man recounting the fight that he saw.

Price pulls a gun on him but rests on the table. The man clearly wants to use his powers but Price says he knows that his powers won’t work in the room. The man takes the gun and points it at Price but he can’t pull the trigger. We are told that the gene that the Tomorrow People have prevent them from killing people.

Back at the lair, Stephen is told by Cara and John that their father is their leader, a hero to them and one of them. They want Stephen’s help in finding him. Stephen doesn’t believe this either because he sees his father as a lunatic, deadbeat dad.

Cara and John take them to their computer/tech room so TIM (the voice of Dan Stevens) can show them something that his father left for him.

Despite being shown a video message (which he doesn’t see all the way), Stephen says he is nothing like his father and wants to leave.

In the morning, as Stephen goes to brush his teeth, his toothbrush falls off the sink but Stephen stops it from falling by using the force to grab it again. His brother Luca asks him what he is doing but Stephen says that he is just brushing his teeth.

At school, Stephen goes to tell Astrid everything and I mean everything. Astrid doesn’t believe him and thinks that he is crazy and pushing her away after he tries to show off his powers to no avail. Astrid then walks away from Stephen.

In the school’s hallway, the bully is pissed that Stephen put laxatives instead of his pills and starts to beat him up. But Stephen uses the Force to push him away and when the bully is on the ground, he starts to use the Force choke on him until the gene that prevent him from killing people puts a stop to that.

Of course this lands him in big trouble and his mom tells Stephen that he is lucky that no one is pressing charges. Mrs. Jameson wanted to spare Stephen everything his dad went through if she got him the right help. Stephen apologizes for all the trouble that he has caused.

Stephen walks home from school but realizes he is being followed by some black SUVs and tells Cara so and gives her his location. However, Stephen is captured by Price (who discovered why Cara and John wanted that file) and Cara is too late.

At Ultra headquarters, Stephen is strapped to a chair in the interrogation room and he tries to use his powers but Price tells him it won’t work. They have a conversation about not just Ultra but Stephen putting his trust in Cara and John.

Meanwhile, Cara, Russell and John are using TIM to locate Stephen. When they do and realize that Ultra has him, Cara and Russell go to rescue him while John stays behind as he was against this rescue mission.

Russell and Cara arrive at Ultra headquarters and in the lobby the use a combination of the Force and apparation to defeat the guards.

But as the go further into the Ultra building they realize that their powers don’t work. It is like whole building is made of blue kryptonite (if you are Smallville fan you will know that blue kryptonite takes away the powers of a Kryptonian).

Back in the interrogation room, Price wants to inject Stephen with some sort of serum that will turn him into a normal human. Price explains he is a genetic scientist and he wants to help human kind by eliminating people like him before they cause humanity harm (I think this scene happened earlier). Stephen is against this idea and the Tomorrow People just want to be left alone. Price still is going to inject him. Before he can though, he is alerted to a disturbance and Price leaves with his agents to stop Cara, Russell and John (who decided to join after all).

However, something strange happens; Stephen manages to apparate out of his restraints. He catches up with John, Cara, and Russell but so do Price and his Ultra agents. Price fires a bullet off but Stephen stops time, which slows down the bullet and he manages to apparate everyone out.

Back at the lair, it seems that Stephen is special as he managed to use his powers while in the Ultra building and has a power no one has.

Cara and John believe that perhaps Stephen is the Chosen One and they make up and of course they are a couple. Also, it seems that Stephen is on board to become part of the Tomorrow People team and he asks TIM to see the rest of his father’s message that essentially says to don’t believe everything that you see.

However, Stephen might be switching sides when he goes home and learns that Price actually his is father’s brother (they had a falling out). He shows him some video footage that he died in a car explosion. He wants Stephen to join Ultra and help bring other Tomorrow People in. Price explains that he became a genetic scientist to understand why he was human while his brother developed super powers. Price tells Stephen he needs to decide which side to join. I am sure there is more to this but I can’t remember it all.

Cara and Stephen meet later that night and Cara implores Stephen to not join Price and Ultra.

We learn that Stephen decided to take Price on his offer and we see the narration we saw at the beginning but with a twist. We see a more normal morning routine, he has made up with Astrid, call John and Cara his friends but then we see that he is working for Ultra and his boss is Price. I think it is pretty obvious that Stephen joined Ultra to spy on them to help the Tomorrow People and to also help him find his father, who is so obviously not dead.

My thoughts on this show? I actually like it. The special effects of the different powers are cool but I have tons of questions though. First question, how much does Mrs. Jameson know? Does she know her husband is a Tomorrow People and that her son has met the same fate? Will Luca develop powers too or is he just human? And why do I have the feeling that Astrid is this show’s Chloe meaning that Astrid has unrequited feelings for Stephen, who in turn will develop feelings for Cara thus making John jealous. This is so season one of Smallville where Cara is Lana, John is Whitney and Stephen is Clark.

I did find it a bit distracting having Dan Stevens the voice of the computer as I am a fan of Downton Abbey and it still pisses me off that he left the show.

Also, how are the producers going to make Vancouver look like New York City (where the pilot was filmed) because we really look nothing like NYC.

Other than that, I think this show is in my wheelhouse to like but what does it have to remind me of Harry Potter, Star Wars and a bit of Smallville. Let’s hope I think of those shows less and less but it is hard especially with the whole teleport and telekinisis powers.

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