Revolution Season 2 “Love Story” Recap and Review

By Bec92160

Revolution - Season 2We pick up where we left off.  Creepy Titus is sitting at his wife’s bedside.  He explains she’s a diabetic.   She went into renal failure.  There was no dialysis available so they continue to enlist “donors” to use to replace her blood with fresh O negative.  The thugs put Miles on the table next to Jessica’s bed. The same table they just dragged a corpse from.  He’ll be the new “donor”.  Titus leaves them to their business but not before thanking Miles for his contribution.

Gene, Rachel and friends dismount the horses at a drainage pipe.  Looks like they’re going in.

Miles is hooked up and his blood is being manually pumped from his body.  He’s being drained.  Literally.  Through the drainage hole in the floor comes Rachel  she climbs up and takes out the guy manning the pump.    Rachel unhooks Miles. They chastise each other for…whatever.  In comes Gene and helper guy.  Side note – helper guy is badger from Breaking Bad.  Miles decides they have to take Jessica with them.  Gene points out that not possible.  Miles insists  then he and Rachel take off back to the warehouse and free Sarah.   Someone’s coming in.  It’s a thug.  Badger blows him away.  Titus hears the shot. Thug 2 enters.  Miles struggles with Thug 2 and Rachel takes him out.  Thug 3 enters.  Badger shoots Thug 3 but gets hit with a hatchet.  Miles, Rachel, Sarah, Gene, Jessica and other helper guy get away    Titus break in to find his wife gone.


Shirtless Jason.  Thank you.  Tom comes in with their official patriot’s patches; flags of the United States.  They’re using their aliases and cutting ties with their past including burning the picture of Tom’s wife.   Tom is hell bent on revenge.  Jason is hell bent too.  They’re assigned to KP duty.  They enter a tent and get knocked unconscious.

Texas – in town

Cynthia is busting Aaron’s chops about his story of what healed him.  They’re still arguing miracle vs. science.  The new sheriff, Riley, calls to open the gates. Miles and group are coming up fast.  Miles and Aaron exchange “glad you’re alive” greetings.  Miles tells Gene to keep Jessica alive.  Gene reminds Miles/Stu his hand needs to be treated or Miles/Stu will lose it.  Miles/Stu blows him off.

Outside the wall is a very large group of people approaches the town.  Village people.  Village people are armed.  They are Titus’s people.  They’re coming to fight (and take Jessica back).  Riley is pissed.  Miles has a plan.  The butcher, Ken doesn’t look convinced of Miles/Stu’s plan.

Titus demands his wife be returned.  Titus “give me my wife or I’m coming in there”. Miles/Stu “if you come in here I’ll slit her throat” etcetera, etcetera.  Miles/Stu wants to chat.  Titus is having a hissy because he wants proof of life.

One of the village people thugs wants a one on one with Titus  they go into an abandoned school bus  the village people thug towers over Titus.  AHA the Village People are paying Titus to scare the town, not start a fight.  Titus call-off the deal he has with the village people.  Large village thug tells Titus to think about it.   WHOA….the village people are actually part of the “US Government” or I’m guessing the Patriots.  The same patriots Tom and Jason just joined up with.   Titus threatens the Village thug/government patriot back.  The thug backs off.

Plains Nation

Charlie is walking.  Determined.  With the good looking guy from before.  She’s going after monroe.  he figures out charlie’s hate is personal. he’s still not going to let charlie kill monroe. charlie snarks about the bounty.  good looking guy tells the truth.  the patriots are holding his dad hostage in exchange for Monroe.   He mildly threatens Charlie.  They continue walking


Gene is fixing Miles/Stu.  Riley accuses Miles of being the town drunk.  Miles calls Riley barney fife.  that would make Miles otis.  heehee

Just as a side note completely unrelated to this show.  i live in florida and currently the Rocking Roller Coaster Ride at Universal Studios is stuck!! and i’m watching Revolution and live news footage of the roller coaster.  I think people are stuck at the top.  Yikes!

Back to Texas

Rachel is caring for Jessica.  they are talking.  Jessica asks Rachel if they are going to give her back to Titus.  she begs Rachel not to give her back.  cant say that I blame her.  Titus is keeping her alive against her will.  she wants to be allowed to die.

Rachel begs Miles  to let Jessica stay.  they haul Jessica to the gates and open it. Titus sees Jessica.  Miles goes out and takes Titus to talk.

Plains Nation

Jason and Tom are lying on hte ground in a warehouse.  with their back turned 3 thugs are going through Tom and Jason’s stuff. Jason wakes up on the floor and goes for the gun of one of the thugs.  ahh success   Jason points the gun at the thugs.  Toms tells Jason they are being vetted and to give the gun back.  the head of the group enters.  he calls BS on the aliases and reveals that he knows that Tom is really Tom neville and hte kid is his son, Jason.


Titus wants someone punished for kidnapping Jessica.  he’s creepily describing her as a prcelin doll.  Miles want everyone in town to go free in exchange for Miles and Jessica and Miles blood.  every ounce.  Rachel walks into Jessica;s room to find she slashed her wrist and is bleeding profusely   Rachel calls for Gene.  Jessica bleeds to death.  uh oh.

Rolllercoaster update, 10 people are stuck on the rip ride rockit rollercoaster. they’re strapped in but hanging at the top. The fire department is working to get them down

Plains Nation

Charlie and her companion are still walking.  Charlie feels his eyes on her butt and threatens to poke them out.  haha  nice.  Monroe comes out of the woods and hits this guy over the head knocking him out.  He’s pointing the shotgun at charlie  he tells charlie to trust him.  bahaaha  sure dude.  He walks past her in in that way that people do when they want you to follow them.  Of course she follows him. to the wagon he hijacked the night before.  He shows her a wanted poster; its for him.  it says ALIVE then he shows her a wanted poster for her mom!!! also ALIVE 


Titus whispers something to a village thug.  not the big one from before.  Miles/stu is getting everyone together to leave town.  rachale give Miles the bad news.  Miles wants Rachel to act as though Jessica is still alive to get as many townspeople out alive.  The village thug has hopped the wall and is in the town running on top of the buildings.  Anyone not sure where hes going?  good.  the people are loading up.

Ken the butcher is waxing nostalgic about the town.  Aaron knows something is amiss.  Miles tells him to get cynthia and get out asap.  Aaron tells Cynthia to go. He stays behind wiht Miles and Rachel

Plains Nation

The head of that military group has Tom and Jason tied up.  he wants to execute them because of their ties to Monroe Militia.  Tom reminds him he was forcibly discharged.  Tom is working his magic.  Head guy is calling BS hes not buying it.

Tom fesses up.  He wants to join the Patriots to get at Monroe and kiill him.  for revenge.  he’s selling it.  the head of the group seems a little scared of Tom.  he still doesn’t believe Tom and puts the gun to Tom’s head.  the secretary stops him just in time.  she has had a lot of time to perfect her dramatic act.  she’s not as badass as she thinks. she’s sort of comical.  IMO.  She says they have special plans for Jason.  yikes.  Jason is pissed  sold out once again by his own father


Gene comes out of Jessica’s room carrying bloody rags. the village thug is on the roof of the house.  now he’s inside ;and entering Jessica’s room.  He approaches the bed.

Plains Nation

Charlie dumps water on a good looking guy as monroe holds him at gun point. Charlie questions him about the wanted poster more specifically the one for her mother.   he explains that some guys came up from cuba and they pay well and all the other bounty hunters have the same posters.  he admits the dad story was crap.  monroe wants to kill him Charlie says no.  Monroe knocks him out.  Monroe want to team up with Charlie to go find Miles and Rachel.  charlie’s all “fat chance”  Monroe has figured out that randall was part of this cuba organization.  he wants to help charlie’s family.  charlie declines his offer in her most badass way and takes off by herself.


The town is still scurrying.   Riley sees the thug who broke into Jessica’s room and Titus talking privately.  Riley knows something is up. Aaron hugs Rachel goodbye.  Rachel refuses to leave without Miles.  she wants to stay and fight.  Gene is threatening to throw Rachel onto the wagon.  the gate opens and the last wagon is leaving.  Titus is standing there looking creepy and clearly knows that Jessica is dead.  the village people attack the wagon.  Aaron grabs a gun and shoots.

The village people storm the town.  people scramble.  Miles secret plan hs something ot do with the barrels.  htey are filled with explosives.  Titus found Jessica.  he’s saying goodbye.  the big village thug from the school bus comes up behind him and puts a bag over Titus’ head “you should have listened to me Titus”.  the fighting continues.  Gene has a shotgun.  rachale hs a machete. Miles has one too.  Rachel gets sliced on the arm  then shot with an arrow from a crossbow.  she does teh slow falling thing.  Miles has 5 guys on him.  Aaron had run into a barn with other people and the barn is now being breached.  Aaron is defending them with a heavy pipe.  Miles goes down.  hes watching Rachel die.  village people are all over him.  an ax is in the air ready to strike him.  machine gun fire comes out of nowhere and kills mile’s attackers.  then kills the barn attackers.  Aaron looks out.  it’s…….a patriot.  US government.  he calls for a medic for Rachel.  shehas a pulse.  the us government army is entering the town and raising the american flag.

Miles looks stunned.

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