If I Were Running The Amazing Race Canada: Leg 8 Iqaluit to Halifax, Nova Scotia

Before I moved back to Vancouver from Toronto, I knew that I wanted to visit the Maritimes as it was probably my last change that I would live that close to those provinces without it being a long flight. So I flew from TO to Halifax, rented a car and made my way to the dorms at Dalhousie. I drove around the city, exploring the Citedel, Pier 21, the Alexander Keith Brewery and the farmers market. I also drove to Peggy’s Cove to see the famous lighthouse and Lunenberg where I had a lobster dinner.

I then journeyed from Nova Scotia via the Tidal Bore and New Brunswick to PEI, home of Anne of Green Gables. But I am getting ahead of myself as our top 4 teams raced from Iqaluit to Halifax, Nova Scotia.

This leg has a U-Turn and teams will have to drive a car with manual transmission

Route Marker #1

CTV really screwed up with tonight’s episode by starting with last week’s episode then they cut off a bit of tonight’s episode were we missed a lot of the teams leaving but I guess it wasn’t that important because all the teams bunched up in Pier 21. The passport stamp thing is what I did as a tourist when I visited the museum so it is a pretty easy task.

Route Marker #2

Mahone Bay. I drove through there on my way to Lunenberg. I had lunch there as recommended by a Lonely Planet book. And this place is known for the churches that were featured.

Road Block

Look for scarecrow that is on the BlackBerry Z-1p and build its twin. Take picture on the Blackberry. This is a detailed oriented task so this would be something my brother would do.

Who performed the Road Block: Jet, Cory, Tim Jr.

Route Marker #3

Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic in Lunenberg. I have been here. Just outside is the Bluenose.



Go on a boat, haul up 6 lobster traps, band the lobster in there and deliver the lobster to the Grand Banker Bar and Grill. This is easier to do,

Team: Cody and Jory, Jet and Dave

or Turf

Taste 12 different sausages and memorize the names in German. This is going to be hard because after a while the 12 sausages are going to taste the same and if you are under stress, you can’t memorize the names in German. The way to do this would be one person would eat six or ID six and the other would ID the other 6.

Teams: The Tims, Celina and Vanessa

Route Marker #4

St. John’s Anglican Church. I think I saw this church during my carriage ride through the two of Lunenberg.

Pit Stop

The Bluenose II which is pretty much back where they were outside the Fisheries Museum.

Order of Finish but not really

1. Cody and Jory

2. Tim Sr. and Tim Jr.

3. Jet and Dave

4. Vanessa and Celina

Route Marker #5

St. John’s, Newfoundland. I would love to go to Newfoundland, one of the only provinces that I have never visited.

FInal Thoughts

I thought that once you U-turned someone that you get use it again. But I guess the Tims could. Anyways, I guess there was bound to be a leg where it is a double leg. I am also disappointed and how stupid the Tims and Vanessa and Celina were in not knowing that the Bluenose is on the dime.

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