If I Were Running The Amazing Race Canada: Leg 9 Halifax, Nova Scotia to St. John’s, Newfoundland & Labrador

It is the penultimate episode of the inaugural season of The Amazing Race Canada and also the second half of the double leg. The teams continue on in the Maritimes this time hitting a province that I would like to visit one day St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, the last province to enter Confederation.

Anyways, as we begin this leg of the race, all teams are making their way to St. John’s via ferry to…

Route Marker #1

Terry Fox Monument. And teams have to memorize the quote (I have a good memory so this shouldn’t be a problem for me) behind to then proceed to…

If I were Jet and Dave I would drop that cabbie since she doesn’t know the routes at all in St. John’s.

Route Marker #2

Quidi Vidi Brewing Company where teams would have to kiss a cod and drink screech during a Newfoundland kitchen party. Sure I can do all of this. For $250,000 and a trip around the world and a car I would.

Route Marker #3

Shea Heights Overlook


Tell a tale

Newfoundland storytelling in Petty Harbour. Listen to a fisherman’s story, memorize and re-tell it in the Newfie dialect. This would be too hard to try and understand the fistherman let alone have to memorize his tale.

Team: Jet and Black, Vanessa and Celina

Wag a tale:

Work with a Newfounland dog and deliver milk and eggs up a hill. Deliver it one piece to get the next. I would do this one and yes we have to be very careful about this. The problems is I am afraid of dogs so that could pose a problem.

Team: Jody and Cory, the Tims

Route Marker #4

O’Brien’s Music Store

Road Block

Be a busker on George Street to earn $50. I think I have the personality to do be able to do. If they have a keyboard or a trumpet and if there is some sheet music that I can use, I should be able to do this. Since Jody told a story of his legs getting blown off, then I might use the fact that I am a human internet movie database to my advantage like for every movie I get right, pay me a $1.

Who performed the Roadblock (but these people had to): Tim Sr., Jody, Dave, and Celina.

Pit Stop

Cape Spear

Order of Finish

1. Jody and Cory

2. Celina and Vanessa

3. Tim Sr. and Tim Jr. (don’t let the editing fool you that Jet and Dave had a chance)

Eliminated Team

Jet and Dave. It was nice to see them be so humble and not be funny at this moment but be genuinely disappointed at not winning.

Final Thoughts

So that is our Final Three. With Jet and Dave gone, I think the only team that I want to win would be Jody and Cory. I eventually did warm up to Jet and Dave (it only took two episodes) but they were such a fun and funny team. And I am making a prediction now that the finish line is Nathan Philips Square or possibly the stadium formerly known as Skydome or Casa Loma, all of which are in Toronto.

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