If I Were Running The Amazing Race Canada: Leg 7 Quebec City to Iqaluit

In this leg we move from the warm weather of Quebec City to the cold of Iqaluit, Nunavut, the third territory of Canada and a place that I would love to visit too.

Route Marker #1

Search the Iqaluit Airport for their next clue and it is cold out there.

Route Marker #2

Sylvia Grinnell Territorial Park

Route Marker #3

Search near the Sylvia Grinnell river for two throat singers.


Harpoon Hunter

Drag your partner 1km in snow shoes to a target and both team member need to use a harpoon to hit the target then the person in the sled then drags the partner back. Hmm this one seems hard because you will be tired dragging someone in the snow on 1km. It takes me about 8 minutes to run 1km so I can’t imagine on how long it would take to drag a 150lbs person, which is probably the weight of my brother in the snow and in the cold. I think harpooning something would be fun but I would be physically exhausted from dragging someone. As I think it would be more strategic for me to drag first then get my brother to drag afterwards.

Team: Jody and Cory, Vanesa and Celina (of course Celina would call this the most difficult thing she has done), Tim Sr. and Tim Jr., Jet and Black, Holly and Brett -who switched from the other one.


Igloo Builder

Using provided tools and 30 pound blocks of snow, build an igloo. This one doesn’t seem to hard and as kids, we used to love building snow forts so I am thinking this one as this would seem more fun to do. But after watching the team struggle then I am guessing the harpoon one is the better one.

Team: Jet and Dave, Holly and Brett

Route Maker #4

Frobisher Bay and a Hudson Bay Trading Post

Road Block

Consume Mucktuck -a traditional Iqaluit Snack. So basically we are eating raw whale blubber which is what I suspected. I would probably do this one. To me this looks like sushi and if I get my mind think another food then I might be able to hold it down and eat all 10 pieces. And if you throw it up then you need to start again and that would suck.

Who performed the road block: Jody, Celina, Tim Sr., Jet

Speed Bump: Ride a dog sled to deliver food. I would come in last so I could do this. When I did my Alaskan cruise that was one of the optional excursions that I wanted to do but it was too expensive.

Pit Stop

Top of a mountain that has an Innukshuk.

Order of Finish

1. Jody and Cory

2. Tim Sr. and Tim Jr.

3. Jet and Dave

4. Vanessa and Celina

Eliminated Team

Holly and Brett

Final Thoughts

The most fun task on this leg would definitely be the dog sled and it is too bad that it was a speed bump. And at least we get rid of one annoying team, if only Vanessa and Celina would go next but why do I have the feeling that they might win. Anyways, the next leg seems team hit the Maritimes, specifically Nova Scotia. I’ve been there but mostly Halifax, Peggy’s Cove and Lunenberg and I really loved the Maritimes. And it looks like they did give team a manual car. Darn I was really hoping that it wouldn’t happen.

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