Saving Hope Season 2 Episode 9 “Vamonos” Recap and Review

It is the Summer finale for Saving Hope and CTV has yet to announce when the remaining 9 episodes will air. While I am not in love with this show, I do love Erica Durance and I hope that there is a third season of the show so I can see more of her on our TV screens.

Anyways, on to the action….

As the episode opens, we see Charlie and Alex in bed, it looks like they are in the hospital and post-coital, they declare their love but Alex tells Charlie that he seems distant but then Charlie becomes Joel and Alex wakes up.

She heads down to the lobby and meets up with Charlie and Joel. Joel leaves and Alex tells Charlie about a speech that Luke is going to do.

Alex’s medical case

Their patient is a female to male transgender one. Alex goes over the procedure with him, who wants to be called Riley (played by Degrassi’s Justin Kelly) and is documenting his procedure. Maggie comes in to show Alex and Reycraft Riley’s CT and they find a tumor. The doctors try to determine what kind of tumour it is but see that it is a tumour that can multiply. They go in and tell Riley the bad news. Apparently this news means that they can’t remove Riley’s uterus and ovaries and will need to off his testosterone as it might increase his chances of cancer. Alex promises to find out what is wrong with him.

So Alex performs the surgery on Riley that she consulted Joel on (see below) and they are running into some complications. Alex fixes the problem but Reycraft wants to stop the surgery before any more complications happen.

Alex tells the Riley the bad news and the hysterectomy surgery is too dangerous and can’t complete the surgery. Riley takes the news really bad. Alex thinks that Riley is getting extra testosterone that is causing his mood swings.

Riley’s mother discharges her son as he wants to get his surgery done in Aruba and is insistent on going despite Alex’s protest. Riley then starts clutching his chest and starts having difficulty breathing and collapses in the hospital lobby.

Dawn goes into consult as Riley had a irregular heart beat. We see that Riley is hopped on steroids that caused his condition and mood swings.

Alex believes that Riley’s mom supplied him with the drugs. She tells Alex that all she wanted to do was help Riley because she messed up when he was born. Riley had both male and female parts. Doctors recommended that they wait to see what he identified with but she couldn’t and decided she wanted a daughter and kept the rest secret even from Riley.

Alex and Maggie looks over Riley’s medical records and look over the procedures that took away his male parts. They discover that his tumour is actually 20 year old scar tissue.

Alex then tells Riley that she will perform his hysterectomy and gets his mom to reveal the truth about how she decided that he would be a girl. This news upsets Riley.

When Riley wakes up, Alex tells him that his surgery was a success and he asks to see his mom. Mother and son reunite. As a gift, she gives him his student card and calls him son.

Charlie’s medical case

Charlie is treating Jenna, a woman who hurt her leg pretty bad in a trampoline accident. She doesn’t want to be put under or drugs to help her with the pain so Zach gives her the bare minimum and they set her leg back in place. Jenna seems to be in a rush to leave as she needs to complete things before midnight as she believes she will die at that time.

Gavin is brought into consult on what Jenna told Charlie. Jenna believes that since she is turning 40 tomorrow that she will die since no one in her family has survived past the age of 39. She cites all the females in family that died shortly before turning 40.

Gavin gives Charlie his diagnosis on Jenna and the root cause is her mother’s death. Gavin tells Charlie that Jenna needs to feel like she is being heard.

Jenna needs to go and Charlie tells her that she understands what she is going through and that she takes her seriously.

Charlie gives the results of her tests and gives her the all clear and she leaves saying tonight’s episode’s title “Vamanos”.

However, instead of leaving as Charlie thinks she is, she goes up to the roof of the hospital. Charlie thinks that she is going to jump but Jenna just wants to see the Perseus meteor shower that occurs every August. Jenna asks Charlie if he believes in the afterlife. Charlie answers that he does.

Charlie and Jenna wait for midnight to hit and he shows her that it is 12:01am so she survived. Now she has some regrets as she made a scene at work and maxed out her credit cards. She gives a kiss of thanks and leaves.

When Charlie roams the halls again, he sees Jenna again but this time she has no cast and we realize that she is a spirit. We see Zach performing CPR on Jenna who collapsed on the floor. So it seem that Jenna’s family is indeed cursed.

The official cause of death is natural causes. Dawn diagnoses her with something that I didn’t catch. Charlie feels responsible for not catching it and wants to deal with Jenna’s body’s arrangements.

Charlie apologies to Jenna’s spirit for failing her and that she will soon pass over and he promises to stay with her when she does. She tells Charlie a story of the song of Vamanos and she leaves.

Joel’s medical case

Sonja as brought in a patient of hers for Joel to see. This man is a recovering alcoholic and went off the band wagon and ended up with an infection and the trouble is Hewell has ended up stuck in the walls of Hope-Zion. Sonja needs Joel’s help to get him out without anyone finding out as she could get in trouble as she didn’t report her patient as breaking parole. He does ended up helping.

Alex goes to seek Joel’s help in what to do with Riley’s tumor and gets his approval on the procedure she wants to perform. Before this, Sonja meets Alex and realizes that she is a very attractive woman, which surprises her.

Anyways, Joel and Sonja work together to free Hewell. While they are working on that, Sonja wants to know more about Joel’s past relationship with Alex. He tells her they are only friends now.

We discover that Hewell is upside down and now is arm is killing him and that could cause problems since it is the arm that hurts.

As Joel gets better equipment to free Hewell, he reunites with Luke where they catch up.

Joel begins the work on removing Hewell and it complete and he gets himself out much to Sonja’s happiness.

Joel updates Sonja on Hewell’s condition and she thanks him for his help. Sonja asks him about the photo shoot that he had to do. He mentions advice that Alex gave him. When he talks of plans with Sonja, she seems reluctant to do anything. Sonja believes that Joel can’t commit to her because he still has feelings for Alex and essentially breaks up with him. I actually hope not. I like Erin Karpluk and she is supposed to be a recurring guest star and three episodes isn’t recurring to me.

Episode’s End

We see Charlie drive by the trampoline that caused Jenna to come to Hope-Zion. We then are at Luke’s talk about his addiction. Alex is there and is waiting for Charlie to show up but Joel comes instead.

In his speech, Luke thanks Alex for her support. And she looks on like a proud sister and tells Joel so. Joel wonders where Charlie is and Alex tells him that he is supposed to be there. Luke joins them and the three take off to get some waffles.

As the song “Vamanos” plays we see Charlie jumping on that trampoline.

So ends Saving Hope for the summer and it didn’t really leave on a cliffhanger. I don’t really like where this show is taking Alex and Charlie. They seemed like such a solid couple that I really hope they don’t break them up. Whenever CTV decides to air the remaining 9 episodes, we get to find out.

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6 Comments on Saving Hope Season 2 Episode 9 “Vamonos” Recap and Review

  1. Who portrayed Jenna? Her name is not on any of the normal lists: IMDb, TV guide etc.

  2. What was the Spanish song playing when Charlie was jumping on the trampoline. I can dins it and my Shazam does not recognized it.

  3. What was the Spanish song playing when Charlie was jumping on the trampoline. I can dins it and my Shazam does not recognized it.

  4. ..just rewatched some episodes and researched the diagnosis of Jenna- it was Sudden Arrhythmia Death Syndrome (SADS), a genetic heart condition, that can lead to sudden death of apparently healthy (young) people under 40; there may be warn signs like fainting or shortness of breath during exercise or excitement..

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