If I Were Running the Amazing Race Canada: Leg 6 Regina to Quebec City

Now that Hal and Joanne are gone from The Amazing Race Canada I guess the team that I would cheer for would be Jet and Dave. They are a fun team that I do enjoy watching.

Anyways, Leg 6 takes us to Quebec City. I’ve been there once for Carnival and it was a blast while it was friggin’ cold, it was fun. And I took first class on VIA Rail to get to there from Toronto.

Route Marker #1

Quebec CIty, Quebec. Levis Forts, National Historic Site. I probably saw this but honestly wasn’t paying attention to my surroundings because it was so cold that all I cared about is being warm.

The Regina Airport looks like it has an upgraded look since I last flew out of it. Why aren’t the sisters more airport smart.

Route Marker #2

Statue of Samuel de Champlain. So this is outside the Chateau de Frantenac. I have definitely been there as a lot of cool Carnival stuff happened there.

So as you can see from this leg that speaking French is vital but this isn’t a problem for us as we can speak French. I was in French Immersion all the way to Grade 12. So pas de probleme pour moi ou pour mon frere.

Also, I didn’t know there was a ferry to get across the St. Lawrence but then again, it probably was frozen over while I was there for Carnival. Also, there is a funicular in Quebec City, who knew? And I agree with Jet and Dave, the sisters are terrible racers


Sculpt it

I would agree that this is big in Quebec City as Carnival had tons of ice sculptures there. This one wouldn’t be too bad as I think we could do this too. But this required a lot of detail so it would be good for my brother.

Team: Jet and Dave, Vanessa and Celina, Tim Sr. and Tim Jr.

Spot it

Spot what is missing in a mural painting and place what is missing using the words in French. I think I might have to do this one because I have a good memory and good observation skills. Plus we speak French so we would know the words but after taking a closer look at the words, I think I would be just as lost as Jody and Cory as it has been several years (and that is putting it mildly) since I’ve been immersed in French

Team: Jody and Cory, Holly and Brett

Route Marker #3

Place de University du Quebec

Road Block

French Crepe making. This would be me. I have made crepes before and I can speak French so I would be able to understand their order. We need to make four: two sweet and two savoury.

Who performed the road block: Dave, Vanessa, Holly, Cory and Tim Jr.

Route Marker #4

Lacrosse Playing field on the Plaines de Abrahams and we have to make a lacross pass to each other and score a goal. I can get the goal scoring down but I can’t get the pass because when I played it in Junior High I sucked. And we both have to score and each catch a pass

Vanessa and Celina, Tim Sr. and Tim Jr., Holly and Brett

Pit Stop:

Avenue St. Denis – Battlefield Park that over looks Old Quebec.

Order of Finish:

1. Jet and Dave

2. Jody and Cory and Holly and Brett -I have never seen a photo finish

3. Vanessa and Celina

4. Tim Sr. and Tim Jr. -saved again by the non-elimination.

FInal Thoughts:

It really is hard for me to care about this show now that Hal and Joanne are gone but that being said, I really did like taking a look at Quebec City. I would love to really go back and visit Quebec City again because it looks like a beautiful city to me when I am not freezing cold. I need to go back when it is better weather but when it is not too hot because I’ve been to Montreal in the summer and it is way too hot for my liking.

Next week’s show looks really good as they are in Iqualit, Nunavut. It looks cold but it looks like it would be a difficult leg.

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