Saving Hope Season 2 Episode 7 “Bed One” Recap and Review

Episode 7Medical Cases of the Week

Alex meets her team (she was named trauma lead by Joel -see below). The first case comes in and it is a pretty bad car accident. Alex delegates to Reycraft and Charlie to treat her. As they are in surgery with her, the men are working on her but something goes wrong and we know something is wrong when Charlie can see her. It probably is her heart and Charlie calls in Dawn. She determines that her aorta has been ruptured and offers some surgical options but the doctor they need for it is not there. It is a profutionist that they need. Meanwhile, this woman’s spirit is talking aloud. Charlie offers to run the by-pass pump and calls the doctor that normally does it to walk him through it. This woman seems to be on a high at being a spirit.

Charlie is working the pump and so far so good. Charlie is reading all the stats of the patient as the surgery goes on.

Next comes in a young woman who has OD’d. Alex starts giving orders and the young woman wakes up. Luke has brought this woman in and Miller treats him. Luke needs her admitted so he can leave.

We then get an other man come in with his neighbour, who has drowned in their apartment’s pool. Fun fact: the man, Graham Kennedy, that brought the neighbour in is Matthew Bennett who played cylon Aaron Doral in Battlestar Galactica and the neighbour is one Ian D. Clark who played Simon Tremayne in Road to Avonlea.

Alex tells Graham that his neighbour will be okay but Graham banged his head from rescuing his neighbour that actually is a homeless man that hangs out at his building. Alex updates the neighbour on his condition and Graham postulates as to why he was in the pool. He wants to do more for him but for now there is nothing he can do. Graham wants to go back to work but Alex wants him to wait considering his head injury.

While Luke is waiting for his OD to get admitted, he offers to help Alex in the ER.

Everything seems to go downhill for everyone as the power, including backup power has gone down.

Because of the full power outage, all the electrical medical equipment is not working.

The power out is a problem for Dawn and Charlie’s surgery. They fear what will happen to her with the pump not working. Bonnie’s buzz is getting killed. Surgery continues on her and Bonnie keeps on talking to the patient and tells him that something is wrong. Charlie talks to Bonnie’s body to explain to her what is happening. He leaves the surgery so he can properly talk to Bonnie. Charlie reassures her of her chances. Bonnie doesn’t want this and explains how she went for a drive with her girlfriend and got into an accident. Apparently the girlfriend, Jackie, is missing and wants Charlie to find her. But Charlie’s priority is Bonnie. Bonnie blames herself for causing accident and begs Charlie to find Jackie and plays the sympathy card like what happened if this was Alex.

Charlie goes to see Alex to see if anyone brought in another woman and he gets the paramedics to go back to the scene of Bonnie’s accident to find Jackie. Alex thinks something is wrong with Charlie.

Back to Bonnie’s surgery, it is complete now they make moves to warm her body up. As they wait for the saline to work, Dawn and Charlie walk down memory lane the last time there was a blackout.

Wit the power back on, the pump is working but Bonnie isn’t responding because she is distraught over Jackie. Charlie once again leaves the surgery to find out that the paramedics have found Jackie who is alive. Back to Bonnie’s surgery, Dawn is going to shock her heart. We focus again on Jackie who is now awake and responsive. Bonnie tells Charlie how she will never forget this but he says that she will. Meanwhile, Bonnie is doing all right.

Miller gives the results to the homeless man to Alex and it seems his body has been through the wringer. We learn that this man is Graham’s father and his broken ribs came from an old injury. Graham tells Alex that his father was a bad one but Graham starts having breathing difficulty as he swallowed some chlorinated water and now is drowning. Air is not getting into his lungs despite being intubated. Now they are putting in an Macgyver like chest tube in him and it works.

Mr. Kennedy has woken up and Alex offers him a place in the hospice. It is at this point in the episode that I realize that Mr. Kennedy is a victim of elder abuse. Despite this, Mr. Kennedy is by his son’s side because he is family.

Luke’s OD patient is getting worse and he starts to shout of an order about giving a lot of insulin. Instead they want to use the paddles on her yet Luke defies them and goes ahead and pushes the insulin in and it solved their problem. He says he knows what he is doing but Alex thinks otherwise and she wants him to leave.

Charlie, Alex and Dawn

Alex and Charlie come home and hear some noises in their apartment. They find the door unlock and see someone rummaging in their kitchen. It is Luke who made a mess of their kitchen. It seems the city is going through a blackout. Luke has a peace offering has made the couple dinner but it isn’t quite up to scratch. Charlie wants Luke gone and he offers to leave by morning. Luke by the way is a paramedic.

It is morning and still no power and Luke is still at their apartment. His excuse not to leave is the heat wave that the city is suffering. He will find his own place once he gets his first pay check. Also, it seems that most emergency medical cases are going to Hope-Zion.

After the surgery, Dawn catches up with Charlie in the on call room. Dawn wants to know what is up with him and that she believes more than others do. She is worried about him, that he has become strange since waking up from his coma. Charlie tells her that she doesn’t have to worry about him anymore. Dawn says she wants to and goes to kiss him but he pulls away and tells her that he is in love with Alex. Dawn responds back does Alex know that he is a mess.

Back at Charlie and Alex’s, Luke and Alex have a brother-sister chat and he shares with her a childhood memory of their drunken mother and how he promised he wouldn’t end up like her but he did. Alex understands his broken promise and they share more childhood memories. Alex tells Luke that he isn’t a burden on her but he disagrees and promises to change.

Charlie comes home with some beer in hand and hangs the Reid siblings.

Joel and Maggie

He assigns Alex as the trauma lead to handle any cases that occur. He goes to see Mel about budgets and beds in her departments and the argue about it.

She comes to Hope-Zion to study for her boards and to check up on some of her post-op patients. One is Roddy (Red Green’s Patrick McKenna), who asks her how her studying is going and offers to quiz her on her boards. As he does, Maggie doesn’t seem so sure at the answers. Maggie checks up on Roddy’s leg, who has flesh eating disease, and all looks well -but of course we know things we probably go south. Maggie takes Roddy for a “walk” to dialysis One their way, they meet up with Joel and discuss cars.

With the power out, Maggie, Roddy and Joel are all stuck in the elevator. We learn a fire caused the backup generator to go out.

Roddy is not doing well without the dialysis. Maggie gets a call from Gavin who updates her on their rescue. Maggie asks Gavin to give her some drugs to help Roddy and Joel gives instructions on how he can do so. But the plan to get the drugs through the elevator shaft hits a snag as the overhear hatch is locked and Joel can’t get it open.

Roddy is getting hyperkalemic without the dialysis and is getting worse. To keep his mind off of his condition, Roddy and Joel go to quiz Maggie but Roddy passes out. Maggie starts chest compressions but Joel feels no pulse and we see those light flares again that was around a lot in season1. Seeing this we know that Roddy is dead. Just as Roddy dies, the power comes back on. As the elevator makes it to their destination, Joel and Maggie are silent and as the doors open, Gavin is their to meet them and Maggie tells them they were literally 10 feet away from saving him.

Joel lifts Maggie’s suspension but Maggie is miffed over Joel’s attitude over Roddy’s death as if nothing happened and now is back to being Chief. As Maggie walks away, Joel offers his condolences over the loss of her father.

The Rest of Hope-Zion

Miller seems to have enjoyed the chaos of the day and Mel asks if he is okay. Apparently, Miller has been staying at a motel so Mel offers her place to stay, which he accepts.

As we are nearing the half-way point of season 2, I am not quite sure where the show is heading. In season 1, we knew that the season finale would be Charlie waking up from his coma but there is no indication what season 2 is all about aside from being a medical drama and the fact that Charlie can see dead people/spirits. Does season 2 lead to Charlie telling Alex his secret and her leaving him thus leaving the door open for Dawn to swoop in? I don’t know but I hope it gets clearer soon. Also, with Daniel Gillies also in The Originals and if Saving Hope gets a third season, would Gillies return?

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