If I Were Running The Amazing Race Canada Leg 4: Calgary to Yellowknife, NWT

Leg 4 sees the teams first go up north to Yellowknife, NWT. I’ve never been there but my father did live in Inuvik for 5 years to teach. This happened long before I was born. He would always tell us about 24 hours of sunshine and how he would have to put up black curtains on his bedroom window because it would still be bright out even at 10pm. I would love to visit Yellowknife to truly see the Northern Lights. I’ve only seen it barely while I was in Regina.

Anyways, the team that I am rooting for, Team Body Break leaves as team #1 out of Calgary and onto Yellowknife.

Route Marker #1

Bush Pilot Monument in Yellowknife. And it looks cold there.

Route Marker #2

Government Dock and follow path to the B&B.

Road Block:

Polar Bear dip. This is a task that either one of us can do no problem I would think. It is interesting that they are wearing socks for this. But I guess you need it considering that you have to stand on the snow while you are waiting for your turn.

Who did the Road Block: Holly, Cory, Hal, Dave, Tim Jr.

Route Marker #3:

Carcross, Yukon. Been there once during a cruise to Alaska and one of my excursions was a horseback ride through Skagway to the Yukon. Also, Carcross used to be called Caribou Crossing.

Then the steam engine the Duchess. This town looks pretty cool. Something definitely out of the Gold Rush and a Western.


Choice #1: Yukon Supply Run. Construct a raft and go to Dawson River to get the clue.

Team: Dave and Jet, Hal and Joanne, Tim Sr./Tim Jr.

Choice #2: Klondike Gold Rush. Complete three traditional Klondike activities: 1. Cut through a 20 inch log using a longsaw 2. Lodge an axe on the target. 3. Push a wheelbarrow through an obstacle course while the team member collects 5 gold nuggets. I would choose this one as this seems way more fun to do.

Team: Holly and Brett, Kristen and Darren

Speed Bump:

The Tims need to locate Yukon log camps and search for Robert W. Service’s poem “The Shooting of Dan Megrew”. They have to memorize and recite the first four verses to an actor playing Service. I remember that my older brother’s elementary school put on a play version of this poem and he had a part in it. But I could be wrong about this.

This isn’t too bad as I would memorize two verses and my brother would memorize the other two. I think I would do well considering that I have a pretty good memory.

Pit Stop:

Carcross Dessert. Very interesting contrast to the snowy peaks of the mountains.

Order of Teams:

1. Jet and Dave – Win an all inclusive trip to Cancun, Mexico

2. Holly and Brett

3. Hal and Joanne

4. Vanessa and Celina but they were penalized because Jon needed to be able to see their bags but they ended up finishing 4th anyways

5. Tim Sr./Tim Jr.

6. Jody and Cory

Eliminated Team:

Kristen and Darren

Final Thoughts: Another team that had an Express Pass and didn’t use it. They should have and let their hubris of being able to do the paddle challenge get the better of them. And it might be a mistake for the sisters to use the Express Pass so early but I don;t think they are very strategic players. But maybe not, they realized that they were on the last plane that meant that one of the three people on that flight would be eliminated so I guess it made sense to use it. If I were in their situation, I guess I would do the same thing.

Should Hal and Joanne have given up their spot to Cory and Jody? No I don’t think so. Cory made that mistake and this is a game and everyone is in it to win it. Just because they are Canadian icons doesn’t mean that they should. If this happened on the regular Amazing Race no one would give up their spot. What would good would that do? This isn’t Survivor you don’t need to curry jury votes.

Seeing Hal and Joanne do their detour was absolutely hilarious. Plus this leg, we saw a bit of tension between Team Body Break.

I can’t wait for leg 5. Teams are heading to Regina, Saskatchewan. The place I called home for two years. Go Riders Go!

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