If I Were Running The Amazing Race Canada Leg 5: Whitehorse, Yukon to Regina

Scan 132240001We move from the Yukon Territories to the Prairies as teams head to the place that I called home for 2 years: Regina, Saskatchewan.

What brought me to the province’s capital was journalism school. While I didn’t enjoy the winters there, I made many lifelong friends that include Sheri Block, who writes the recaps and interviews the eliminated racers for CTV.ca.

Anyways, it looks like there is a double U-turn on this leg.

Route Marker #1

S.S. Klondike. Cool looking boat. Looks like it is a government site so probably open to the public. I didn’t realize that actually had to search the boat for the clue not the clue box. It would have been fun to find the clue.

Route Marker #2:

Fly to Regina, Saskatchewan. If there was one thing I learned about Saskatchewan is actually how to pronounce the province. And Hal pronounced it correctly. Even though there is a -wan in the end you actually pronounce it as -win. And there is never a direct flight to Regina so I am not surprised at the layover.

Seeing this airport brings me back to all the times I needed to fly home.

Route Marker #3

SaskCan Pulse Trading Company. A needle in the haystack task that would be tedious especially if it is really hot. There is no system to something like this, just keep digging until you find it. And plus I am guessing you need turn by turn directions in Regina to find this place. Interesting that they took the penalty but probably the smart thing to do considering that people had finding the two mooses.

Route Marker #4

RCMP Heritage Centre. I have also been here. I saw a bit of this training plus I saw the RCMP Musical Ride with my dad. When I was in J-school, the Prime Minister Jean Chretien did a campaign stop in 2000 election and as part of a class trip we had to go to the RCMP Heritage Centre to hear him speak. I remember giving people a life and I got a little road ragey in the parking lot that my friends in the car thought it was hilarious as they have never seen me that way.

By the way, it has been so long that I’ve lived in Regina that I don’t remember how to get to the RCMP Heritage Center.

Road Block:

Make your bed to RCMP standards. This is so my brother’s task as he is so detailed oriented while I am not. And it is a very detailed oriented task.

Who performed the Road Block: Jet, Celina, Tim Sr., Joanne, and Jody

Route Marker #5:

The I Heart Regina sign in downtown Regina. And watch a Ukrainian dance and perform with them.


Brawn: Football exercises. I would do this because I fairly athletic over coordinated and plus I love the Saskatchewan Roughriders. If we miss the ball then we have to do the whole thing again and that would be tough.

Team: Jet and Dave, Hal and Joanne


Beauty: Cheerleading routine

Team: Holly and Brett, Vanessa and Celina, Hal and Joanne (thanks to the Tims U-turning them – not cool at all).

This Detour takes place at Taylor Field in Mosaic Stadium. I love the Riders’ mascot, Gainer. He is so cute.

Router Marker #6:

A luxury box in Mosaic Stadium

Pit Stop:

Wascana Center, Pine Island. I have seen this while I frequently visited the Legislature.

Order of the Teams:

1. Jet and Dave

2. Tim Sr. and Tim Jr.

3. Vanessa and Celina

4. Jody and Cory

5. Brett and Holly

Eliminated Team

Hal and Joanne. NOOOOOOOO!

Final Thoughts:

Now there really is no point in watching this show anymore. I am pissed that Team Body Break is gone. Damn you Tims. I guess if there is a team that I would go for it would be Jet and Dave. They seem like fun guys. Next week they are in Quebec City, Quebec. I was there for Carnival back in 2007. And language should not be a problem for us as we can speak and read French.

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