Saving Hope Season 2 Episode 5 “The Face of the Giant Panda” Recap and Review

Episode 5Medical Cases of the Week

Miller brings a case to Alex and it is a prisoner who came in from a flight from Edmonton. Her name is Lily and apparently she is a violent prisoner. Everyone is concerned for Alex safety because of Lily’s violent behaviour. We see that something is wrong with her ankle. Alex discovers a thrombosis and Lily uses that moment to attack Alex but is saved by the police officer, Officer Hazard, who tasers Lily.

Lily blood pressure starts to drop and Alex orders a bunch of tests and she tells Lily the bad news that she is having a miscarriage. Alex wants to know who got her pregnant but Lily is hostile towards her and refuses to answer her questions. Alex wants access to her medical files but she refuses. Jackson comes in with a bunch of pills that to Alex seems a lot but Lily won’t answer what the pills are for. Gavin tells Alex that all the pills for Lily are not necessary for her mental state. Alex is going to slowly wean her off to see the real Lily.

When Alex goes to see Lily again, it is night and day. She is much calmer and she apologies for her behaviour. She begs Alex to put her back on the drugs so she won’t get rages anymore. She then talks about her boyfriend, Percy and regrets losing the baby. Alex wants to help Lily but needs her medical files, she relents and lets Alex see them.

Officer Hazard tells Alex that because Lily attacked her, she is being moved to a maximum security prison but Alex says that it isn’t necessary but the guard tells her that it isn’t up to her. We learn through Gavin how Lily got into the prison system and stayed there and hearing all that, Alex is puzzled. Lily finds out that she is going to a maximum security prison when she starts to have seizures and she calls for Shahir, who notes something in her eyes and diagnoses her with Wilson’s Disease and most likely the cause for her behaviour. Shahir talks about the case with Alex and Gavin and if Lily was properly diagnosed that she wouldn’t have gotten into trouble. They work on a way to get a positive diagnosis so she won’t have to go back to prison. Shahir shows a brain scan to Alex and Gavin of Lily’s brain that confirms that she has Wilson’s Disease and Shahir gives tonight’s episode’s title.

Despite her medical diagnosis, Officer Hazard insists that Lily is still going to prison but Alex won’t let that happen. If Lily goes to prison, Alex can’t treat her so she and Gavin admit her to the psych ward. Officer Hazard is not happy at this turn of events but reluctantly lets it happen. Alex tells Lily that she will treat her and let her serve the rest of her sentence in a minimal security prison. Lily wonders why Alex is doing all of that.

Charlie and Maggie are working on a case of replacing bones in someone’s leg with a hockey stick and is going to harvest some bones in a dead body. But this dead body happens to be Maggie’s dad, who appears to Charlie as a spirit. Charlie asks Miller more info about Maggie’s dad, also Dr. Lin who was the bone donor. Apparently, Dr. Lin was found in a massage parlour. Miller didn’t know that the patient was Maggie’s dad. Charlie and Dr. Lin talk about what he was up to and Charlie introduces Gavin to him. Charlie tells Gavin that the bone donor was Maggie’s dad and wants Gavin to break the news to Maggie (see below).

Maggie wants to help Charlie with his case and feels that this her way to do something for him. Charlie is not comfortable but Maggie tells him that her dad is the reason why she became a doctor. Dr. Lin tells Charlie that he is okay with Maggie helping and after more pleading from Maggie, Charlie agrees. Before, he disappears, he is proud of Maggie. And she tells Charlie that she is her father’s daughter.

Charlie and Alex

Alex gets a call from a guy that looks like he is harrassing her and asking her for something but she hangs up on him. But this guy is persistent and Alex asks him to stop calling her. However, he wants Alex to pick him up from this hell. Alex hangs up on him when she sees Charlie who helps treat her for the prisoner bite.

Charlie is surprised that Alex is advocating for Lily. Alex leaves to take care of the guy who keeps on calling her.

This guy his name is Luke and we assume it is her brother who she bails out of jail for breaking a store front window. The siblings have an argument over his behaviour and she doesn’t want Luke to go to their mother for help. The two then put their argument on hold to go out for dinner.

Joel and Dana Kinney

Joel drops by to see Dana Kinney (Wendy Crewson) who has entered private practice after being passed over for Chief. She seems to have entered the plastic surgery business and is doing quite well for herself. Joel asks Dana if she misses Hope-Zion. Dana says she doesn’t miss it but Joel wants her to come back for one surgery. But she refuses and the go off to lunch at an Ethopian restaurant. They start to feed each other but Dana gets uncomfortable about this and they then continue to enjoy their meal. Joel introduces Dana to the line cook of the restaurant. We see that he has facial paralysis, which obviously is the man that Dana surmised Joel wants her to operate on. Dana leaves pissed stating that she is done with the hospital. Charlie gives Joel some tips on how to get Dana to do the surgery. It looks like the surgery might just work.

Embelly, the line cook, comes to visit Dana at her clinic and tells her that he can’t wait for help any longer. Sending Embelly here gets Dana to come to Hope-Zion to do the surgery and she is pissed at Joel for that manipulation. Joel explain Embelly’s history and how he was a slave and it was how he got his facial paralysis. He also tells Embelly’s story of going after the woman he loves.

Dana then goes through with Joel the surgery that she will perform on Embelly. But Dana only came to tell Joel what to do but not do the surgery. Dana can’t come back to Hope-Z so when Joel suggests another doctor perform the surgery, this convinces Dana to do the surgery.

Dana returns to her clinic and sees all the fake plastic people and realizes that she belongs back at Hope-Zion.

Because the surgery is a success, Joel offers her old job back and tries to entice her by offering her the opportunity to do surgeries like Embelly.

Before she leaves, Dana thought Joel asked her out of lunch as a date but she doesn’t tell Joel that.

Joel brings Embelly’s wife to him and the lovebirds are reunited and Dana witnesses the reunion.

Maggie and Gavin

Maggie and Mal are giving Gavin a hard time for crying during a movie when Gavin points out that he has never seen Maggie cry.

Maggie vents to Gavin how Charlie blew her off on his procedure. Gavin brings up Maggie’s father and she states that he was trying to have dinner with her and she refuses to meet with him. Gavin tells her the bad news that her father died and she realizes that the dead body that Charlie was working on was her father. Gavin goes to hug her but she doesn’t look to bereaved and she goes to call her mom.

Maggie starts to tell Gavin about her father and how he was an absentee father. He took a job with the WHO and pretty much abandoned his family.

Over her dead father’s body, she finally cries to mourn him.

Another solid episode with some interesting medical cases and we get to delve more into Maggie’s life and learn more about what makes her tick. It was great to see more of the staff like Gavin be more deeply involved in all the cases this week. And I am so happy that Wendy Crewson is back!

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