If I Were Running The Amazing Race Canada: Leg 2 Kelowna to Vancouver

Leg 2 hits my hometown of Vancouver, BC and yes while it is easy to sit here at home and say this leg would be ours for the losing, I truly believe if I were actually running this leg that my brother and I would do fairly well.

Route Marker #1

Vancouver, BC and teams have $200 on their Interac debit card. So cool that Team Body Break got on standby. I shouldn’t laugh but it is funny that Team Cowboys can’t work an ATM. Ouch and the Cowboys missed the second flight.

So they head to the Maple Leaf Lounge in YVR for their next clue. Been there before and got a chance to get free food and drinks.

Route Marker #2

Richmond Olympic Oval. And teams are using the Canada Line – a line that I use everyday to get to work. Also the Canada Line was built for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics that connects the airport to its downtown core -the first Canadian city to offer that sort of rapid transit. Anyways, the Hippies got off at Aberdeen but that is the wrong stop. It should be Landsdowne.

And the Hippies are lost and wondering No. 3 Road but eventually make it to the Oval.

The sisters should not despair considering that the Canada Line from the airport runs like every 5 minutes especially at that time of day, which is rush hour.

Road Block

Speed skating -two laps under 1:30. I think I can do this as I am a fairly confident skater but the difficulty would be that it is using speed skates.

Who Performed the Road Block: Brett, Hal, Kristen, Jet, Tim Jr., Cory, Vanessa and Jamie.

This seemed like an easy Road Block for all teams.

Route Marker #3:

The Millenium Gate which is Chinatown in downtown Vancouver. Chinatown is a place that I went to a lot as a kid. The hippies are not in Chinatown but Granville Street, quite off base.


Draw it: Draw Chinese Zodiac symbol and bring it to Dr, Sun Yat-Sen Garden, which I visited recently. or

Dance it: A dragon dance but have to go to the Chinese Cultural Centre to pick a list in Mandarin to receive their dragon head and then go back to recreate a dance.

I feel we could do draw it considering that I am Chinese and have seen these characters all my life and have occasionally drawn some of these. Coincidentally, the tea company where they have to get pick their character is across the street where my brother sometimes has to work.

My brother thinks the judge at Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Garden would be harder on us because we are Chinese.

Dance it would be hard because I can’t read Mandarin but it is true that we can ask someone for help, which the hippies are doing. Also I am not coordinated to I would fail at this.

Draw it: Team Body Break and Team Doctors, Team Sisters, Team Brothers (and i understood when the judge called their painting pretty) and Team Cowboys (they switch to Dance it).

Dance it: Jet and Dave (but switched to draw it), Tim/Tim (but switched to Draw it) and Team Hippies. The judge tried to explain to Jet and Dave their drawings and she called it beautiful.

Route Marker #4

DP World where teams have to climb a structure to find their pit stop. Team Hippies are having bad luck with transportation this Leg.

Pit Stop:

Vancouver Convention Centre West and its eco friendly roof. This part of the Vancouver Convention Centre was built for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics and was used as the International Broadcast Centre. Now it houses things like Fan Expo Vancouver and the Vancouver International Wine Festival amongst other conventions. Arrow used it as the nightclub that Oliver held his welcome back from the dead party in the Pilot episode.

Order of Finish:

1. Holly and Brett

2. Hal and Joanne

3. Jody and Cory

4. Kristen and Darren

5. Vanessa and Celina

6. Tim Sr. and Tim Jr.

7. Jet and Dave

Eliminated Team:

Jamie and Pierre – catching that third flight was what probably what did them in

Parting Thoughts:

I really enjoyed that this leg was all in Richmond/Vancouver and I still stand firm that we would have done well on this leg as we are very familiar where everything was in this leg. But I feel this show gets bogged down with too many unnecessary commercial breaks, which I know won’t change considering they have tons of sponsors to pander to. Leg 3 we head to Calgary, a place I’ve only been to once. Also, The Amazing Race 5 went to Calgary as part of the final leg where their detour was set at Olympic Park.

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