Continuum Season 2 Episode 11 “Second Guess” Recap and Review

The following recap and review contains spoilers for season 2 of Continuum that premiered in the U.S. on June 7 thus are several episodes behind. If you still want to know, then please read on.

We are in 2077 and Kiera is getting a check up on her CMR. She complains of headaches but her technician tells that they did an upgrade. Kiera has a question about what they do with her recorded memories. He tells a lie and Kiera knows it and she finds out that they archive her memories. Kiera is upset at this invasion of privacy. The technician finds it fascination.

In the present, Betty tells Carlos and Kiera of how a cyber terror threat that effect everyone with an Internet connection in the Lower Mainland. Carlos believes that Liber8 is responsible. A little scuffle happens where this cyber attack unveiled an affair between one officer’s wife with another officer. Dillon breaks up the scuffle and wants to stop the hackers. Betty explains the cyber attacks and Carlos believes that this could be connected to the municipal election.

Dillon wants Betty to do an email sweep on everyone associated with Liber8. Dillon states that the Piron mandate gives them this right.

We find out that Lucas has created the hack to get access to privilege information but not create chaos. Sonya wants to know what Lucas is up to with this. Lucas tells Sonya what he has done is one step to achieving their goal. We then see Lucas, with suitcase in hand meet with Kagame (Tony Amendola) in a van filler with tech and he wants Lucas to bring Vancouver to its knees.

With this weakness in cyberspace, Kiera wants Alec to see what happened to Gardiner. An accident occurs outside BC Place and we learn that the cyber attack has affected the traffic lights. Kiera believes that someone may have accessed the Arc. Alec hopes to find a trail left behind of the cybercriminals.

Jim Martin is giving a speech in front of the Central branch of VPL talking about wanting to keep Vancouver safe and restoring peace. Dillon gives a rundown of the chaos the cyber attack has caused and turning to the VPL for help. He wants to take them down and that involves anyone who is associated with Liber8 and we see a montage of the VPL taking these people in and they are a mix of people.

Betty is having no luck in finding the cyber attackers. Dillon sees that Betty is no comfortable doing this kind of search because they have targeted people that may have the very loose connection to Liber8 but Dillon is not deterred.

Martin is having a conversation with his wife about choosing to have his speech where the mayor was shot when Travis and Marco interrupt to have a private conversation with Martin. Travis calls on a favour from Jim and that is a meeting with Kiera to find Garza. If Martin doesn’t comply will he end up like that last mayor. Travis tells him that his death will be slow and painful.

Dillon is in his office watching a video of Julian who claims responsibility of the cyberattack. We see that he is known as Theseus. Carlos and Kiera are introduced to Agent Lewis of CSIS and they want to know if Julian for sure is involved. Agent Lewis then wants to know where Agent Gardiner is as he has disappeared. Dillon wants Kiera to give a detailed report on the last whereabouts of Gardiner.

Alec then calls Kiera incredulous that Julian could be involved but Kiera tells him that she will handle this. Carlos then informs Kiera that the cyber attacks have extended to Skytrain and has shut the system down. Kiera tells Carlos that she is concerned for Julian and as soon as she says that Julian walks in the precinct to turn himself in.

In the interrogation room, Julian continues to spout his agenda to Carlos and Kiera. She wants Julian to stop pontificating but says that he wants to report a crime against humanity and the criminal is Alec.

We see more scenes of chaos and Alec gives an update to Kiera about the possibility of hacking Arc, which is Julian giving Lucas his cellphone thus his code. And because Lucas has other pieces of the time travel device then it makes sense that he might be responsible. Alec believes that when Lucas uses this code next, they can then find him.

Back to Kagame and Lucas, he praises Lucas for being courageous but also for being stupid for not capitalizing on their attention. Kagame tells them that a tsunami is on its way and he refers to Alec but there is another and that is Lucas and he can change the future so the world can survive.

Alec seems to have pinpointed Lucas’ location and Kiera uses her CMR to note that they were here but have left. Alec seems eager to catch Lucas.

And, as is throughout the episode, breaks between scenes are snippets of CCTV video.

Martin and his wife come out of his campaign office and are ambushed by a reporter asking about emails between him and Sonya Valentine, a known Liber8 associate. Mrs. Martin needs him to get from under Liber8 and he tells her that he is.

Martin then meets with Sonya at the docks and she is pissed for throwing her under the bus and not supporting her cause. Miller tells her that their deal needs to be on the DL but Julian ruined that. He needs time to make this work. Sonya asks him to find Julian and set up a meeting with her.

Somewhere along the seawall, Alec and Emily talk about the cyber attacks and how it relates to the Arc and how Alec is the only one who can stop it is to destroy the program. He is reluctant to destroy all that work and how Kellogg won’t be happy. Emily tells him to not be concerned.

Carlos, Dillon and Betty are watching Jim Martin in the interrogation room and when Carlos goes to question him, he asks him to come clean. Martin comes “clean” in his own way and that he was setup and how it was convenient that these cyber attacks happened two days before the municipal election.

Alec and Kellogg meet to talk about Piron and what Escher is up to like the take over of a company that we saw earlier this season. Talk comes to stable anti-matter and that intrigues Kellogg. This can make Escher rich in terms of clean energy but Kellogg believes that Escher wants to nefarious reasons like powering the time travel device and if gets whole again then sky’s the limit.

Back at the precinct. Julian is leaving it but we also see Martin who introduces himself to Julian. They talk about their various reasons for being at the VPD. Martin talks about how they have shared interest when an elevator arrives, Julian gets in and leaves. Before Martin can leave, Kiera stops to speak to him about his campaign of sorts.

In the Art Gallery, Kellogg and Escher meet to talk about their mutual financial interests: Todd Sanchez and Alec Sadler. Kellogg talks about stepping on each other’s toes and pushing back while Escher is ready to push back too. Kellogg is trying to read Escher and tells him to stop hiding. Escher tells him he is not hiding and calls him Matthew and that he is right here. Kellogg is ready to expose Escher’s secret in time.

Kellogg is meeting with Sonya and Lucas to talk about Escher’s plans and it doesn’t seem that she is interested. Kellogg believes that Escher is going to ruining their cause and if Kagame was here he would believe in what he is saying, Lucas says that Kagame is here. Sonya pulls Kellogg aside and tells him Lucas is nuts and blames the time travel as the cause.

Dillon pissed that Julian had to be let go and Kiera seeks out Kellogg on finding dirt on Julian. He tells Kiera of how Lucas has gone crazy because he sees Kagame.

Lucas and Kagame are driving in the van and he tells Lucas not to give up and tells him the real enemy is the police. Betty then discovers something on the news and that is the deal between Esher’s Piron and the VPD. Carlos knows that his is bad news and he and Kiera meet with Dillon on the fallout of this. Kiera suggests Dillon hold a press conference to own up to everything. Dillon is reluctant because he doesn’t want the people to mis-interpret the deal.

Travis and Martin meet to discuss something about Lucas turning himself him and where he can meet Kiera while Martin calls Sonya about Julian’s location.

In Alec’s lab, he has worked out something to lure Lucas. They give Lucas a call and using a voice modifier, Alec pretends he is Kagame to get Lucas to tell his location. He tells him that he is where it all began. Kiera wonders about the Arc program and what good it is. Kellogg comes in and tells of its purpose. Kellogg said it is a shortcut to the future, the one that Kiera wants to get back to and that Alec wonders about. Kiera then leaves to find Lucas and we see the VPD descend on the van. Lucas wants to fire his way out but Kagame tells him not to and Lucas is captured.

Kiera investigate the van and finds the rest of the time travel pieces. She wants to leave it as evidence but Carlos turns his back on her so she can take the pieces.

Sonya and a pair of unknown scary looking men are taking her to meet with Travis. Apparently this meeting is a surprise to them both. It appears that Martin set them up for Travis to kill Sonya but instead they start to kiss passionately. It seems that Martin’s plan backfired and instead he reunited the two lovebirds who are now out for revenge.

Betty shows then video footage of Lucas’ van and we see that Lucas wasn’t seeing Kagame but Julian who Kiera says is the mastermind of the terror. Dillon tells Carlos and Kiera that he won’t be holding a press conference but will let this pass so they can do their job.

In Alec’s lab, he is debating what to do with the Arc’s program with Emily. She tells Alec that she will take responsibility of destroying the Arc so he hands her the USB key. She goes to put it down the garburator or does she?

Carlos and Kiera talk about the day and the case and also for Carlos letting her take the time travel pieces. We see that Jim Martin has won the election and that Emily indeed didn’t destroy the program

We also see Kiera give Alec the rest of the time travel device and Kiera places the piece she had in it. Alec then places the completed the device in the Arc’s chamber and we see it rise and starts to do it’s magic as Alec’s eyes light up.

Lucas enters the psych ward and everyone person he sees in it is Kagame. And as the episode ends, we see all the CCTV footage that was seen throughout the episode being viewed by Escher.

I was worried that Kellogg was being marginalized this season but it looks like he is more involved with what is happening then I thought and that is great to see. And I feel for poor Lucas. Just when he was someone than just the tech person, he goes crazy. And it was too predictable that Sonya and Travis would reunite. But how long will Jim Martin be mayor before he gets killed by our time travelling Bonnie and Clyde. Now that the time travel piece is together, does that mean that Kiera can go home? From the previews that could be but with Emily having the Arc’s program and probably will hand it to Escher, that seems unlikely especially since we have a season 3.

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  1. ” Kiera is upset at this invasion of privacy.” I say there is no Privacy in 2077 At all at least not for CPS Officers! I had a conversation with a Fellow fan on twitter about this topic just a week before this episode aired… I also posted in on The continuum at Reddit.. –>

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