Supernatural: Killing Monsters, Hunting Things,…family business: Comic Con 2013

Spn-tweet-11Supernatural was at Comic Con Sunday morning. Unfortunately, I wasn’t there, but I have scoops from my spies about Season 9 to share.

-On the boys’ relationship:They will lean/need more of each other to deal with the fallout from the season finale.

-Lots of angels with different agendas.

-Big changes for Cas now that he’s human.
-Explore more of the Men of Letters and what it means to Dean and Sam.

-More of Charlie.

-Misha will direct episode 9.17.

Supernatural returns for Season 9 on a new night Tuesday, October 15 9/8c on The CW!

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During the day, I work at an University and at night I fight boredom with recaps for @popgoestheworld.

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