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Suits = Season 3For those of you that forgot where last season ended, here’s a belief recap: Mike  betrayed Harvey to keep his job. Mike told his secret to Rachel. Mike and Rachel had sex in the file room. Pearson and Hardman became Pearson and Darby.

Major developments of season 3 premiere, “The Arrangement”:

  • Mike wants a relationship with Rachel. Rachel wants Mike to quit first and then she’ll think about it.
  • Mommy (Jessica) and Daddy(Harvey) are still fighting.
  • Harvey was Superman before he hired Mike. Now he’s Batman and Robin desperately wants to in the Batcave again.
  • Luis likes uniball pens and bran bars.
  • Donna likes Hitler jokes and Richard Gere.
  • Game of Suits-Cat joins the cast as Ava, a fiery oil baroness.
  • Harvey finds the most attractive trait in a woman is her brain.
  • Loyalty-word of the day
  • Rachel and Mike have sex again. Are they a couple?
  • Louis lost the Associates to Nigel and a potential ally.
  • Mike is now on Donna’s bad side.
  • Mike thinks a DeLorean can fix his relationship with Harvey.
  • Harvey wants to a managing partner and take down Jessica, maybe with Darby’s help.

The premiere set up some interesting story lines, can’t wait to see how they play out.

No Tweets, this week. Since this is late. There will be for next weeks episode, “I Want You to Want Me”.

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