Saving Hope Season 2 Episode 4 “Defense” Recap and Review

Medical Cases of the Week

A charity basketball game between the doctors of Hope-Z and a group of lawyers leads to a win but not without its casualties as one of the lawyers, Russell Birk (Noam Jenkins) is hurt. He is an ambulance chaser that has sued Charlie in the past for malpractice.

Russell doesn’t want to do some procedure that Alex wants to do but he soon relents but as soon as they go and do the procedure, Russell states that he can’t feel his legs and blames them for paralyzing him.

It looks like his digestive system is a mess along with his spine. Joel comes in and questions why she is performing surgery when he complained of paralysis. But he seems to have gone through the surgery and now they are checking on his back.

Joel and Charlie are consulting on the best course of action for Birk so they don’t get sued. In the ICU, Birk’s wife comes in and it looks like she is on the malpractice route but they explain his condition and she wants them to fix him. When Birk starts to pull on his breathing tube, Joel and Charlie manage to get him settled but Birk appears to him as a spirit and wants to use this to his advantage. When Charlie tells him and that he won’t remember anything when he wakes up, Birk counters that he remembers everything and he knows that.

Joel goes over Birk’s x-ray with Charlie and it looks like his spine fractured to easily when he hit is side. Joel thinks it is complicated surgery and suggests a technique. However, Birk wants Charlie to do the surgery and tells him that if doesn’t he will tell Alex is “I see dead people” secret. Joel is worried that something will go wrong and they will get sued.

Charlie pretends to be on his phone while he talks to Birk, who believes that Charlie might deliberately botch the surgery.

Joel and Charlie scrub and prepare for the surgery and Birk tells him not to screw up. But all of a sudden the surgery that Alex performed has perforated and they need her back to fix it before they can continue. However, Charlie and Joel can’t move him so that Alex can fix him. But Alex says she can perform the surgery upside down, which Charlie approves. So while Alex does her thing, the boys to theirs. Birk starts to crash and we see his spirit being affected. But Alex fixes. Charlie then notices Birk’s spirit fall to the ground and speaking to the spirit figures that he might have a hematoma while the rest of the doctors look puzzled as to why he stopped the surgery. Charlie wants them to check on something and when they do, they discover his spine is compressed. Alex wonders how on earth Charlie could know that and doesn’t quite believe it was a hunch.

The surgery is a success and when Charlie steps out, Joel wants to know what happened earlier. Charlie lies and tells him that he needs space but feels that Birk would probably sue despite saving his life. Joel tells him that he will defend Charlie. We then see that Birk spirit is no longer there.

Birk has woken up and Charlie tells him of his condition and what caused it is that he was injecting himself with HDH, who doing that to stay young and strong. When Birk states that he remembers everything, Charlie looks worried but Birk starts talking about the basketball game.

Maggie brings Dr. Miller in on a case where someone hurt himself going through a window of a church but Miller refuses to treat him as the patient stole his wife. So Maggie treats him herself. This man explains how he renovated Miller’s house but ended up stealing his wife. He thinks he was sent here to atone to Miller. Maggie brings in Miller when Hank starts to feel pain in his face and mouth and all of a sudden can’t see. Shahir comes in a sees that he has needles in his brain that were placed there when he was a baby and the accident pushed those needles into a harmful way. It is possible that Hank could die from it but Miller convinces his ex-wife to perform the surgery. Maggie gets to scrub in on the surgery. The surgery is a success and Hank will get his vision back.

We see the return of the Great Randall who is having pancreatic problem. It seems that Alex is not forgiving of the hoax he played on her for pretending that he could talk to Charlie. He tells her that he has given up that line of work but is glad that Charlie has woken up from his coma. As Alex examines him, he is in definite discomfort and she determines that his pancreas is infected. Alex confirms this and tells Randall that she will remove the dead tissue and the infected area. Before going into surgery, Randall wants Alex to call his estranged daughter but she tells him that he can do that himself when he gets out. Alex discovers a lot of tumours and there is nothing she can do as he only has a month to live. With that news, she goes to call Randall’s daughter. When Randall wakes up, Alex tells him that she couldn’t get a hold of but he is not surprised and tells him that she isn’t coming. Alex then tells him the bad news. Randall doesn’t want to hear his treatment option and he wants to explain how he became the Great Randall and it was due to a car accident that allowed him to see spirits. Because of that his life has gone downhill. Randall learns that excessive drinking caused his condition and it seems that he is welcoming death.

Charlie and Alex

Randall meets up with Charlie in the cafeteria to apologize about his behaviour when they first met. He also  feels sorry that Charlie still has the curse of seeing spirits. We see that Randall is a spirit. The real world Randall wants to see Charlie and Alex tells him about his medium abilities. The two men then talk alone and they talk about his gift and how Alex doesn’t know. Randall tells Charlie to never tell her as Alex deserves the fairy tale life. He feels that if Alex knows she won’t understand thus ruining Charlie’s life. When Alex wants to know what they talked about, he lies that Randall wanted to say how lucky he is. Then Alex asks about the surgery break and he lies that he is okay. Alex then tells Charlie that she wouldn’t wish anyone Randall’s life. We then see several spirits at Randall’s bedside talking his head off.


He has a work function to go to and wants Maggie to go with him but considering Maggie is with Gavin, she turns him down and she jokingly says he should ask Alex.

Joel then turns his attention to Mal, who turn him down and she too mentions asking Alex.

While out getting a hot dog for lunch, Joel runs into Sonya (Erin Karpluk) who is at the hospital for a follow-up appointment. Before she leaves, this inspires him to ask Sonya to the hospital fundraiser. He insists that it isn’t a date but then changes his mind. Sonya is reluctant because of his reputation that she heard from the nurses. She adds that Joel needs to do a better job at asking her for a date.

But Sonya then shows up at this fundraiser to be Joel’s date. She starts asking what she knows about him. After stating her last name and that she is a good mother, she lists other things about her like how she is a social worker. More chit chat happens between the two and they go into the fundraiser.

It seems their date is going well as they debrief on the fundraiser and the two share a kiss. Sonya warns Joel not to screw around with her because of her son. Joel hears her message and they continue their kiss.

The Rest of Hope-Zion

If you watch the “Last Call” digital series, it looks like Mal and Miller have gotten closer and just as they were making a lunch date, Miller’s ex-wife, Ariel, comes in wanting to know what is going on with her husband, Hank and is surprised that Miller is not treating him. Miller sees the irony in this whole situation.

Miller comforts Ariel while her current husband is in surgery. Despite knowing Shahir is a good doctor, being a former doctor’s wife she knows it is not enough. Ariel wants Miller to pray for Hank but he tells her that he hasn’t prayed since she left him. But she begs him to and he does. With Hank recovered, Miller comes to terms that they are truly over and Ariel wishes him happiness.

Miller asks Mal out for dinner and as they go and leave, Mal gives him a kiss. At first she thinks that she misread the situation but no she didn’t as we see the two make out in the elevator.

Gavin brings in a dog to ICU and asks Mal if he could bring the dog in as pet therapy, which she said she will think about it. We later see this dog with Randall.

So this is the episode I was talking about! We finally get to learn more about the other doctors of Hope Z. Miller was one of the doctor’s that I wanted to learn more about. We see how hurt he was when his wife left that, which caused him to leave his religion. It is good to see him have a little something something with Mal.

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