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Welcome Suitors! On this week’s episode, “I Want You to Want Me” we learn:

  • Louis had a Robin Williams in Dead Poets Society moment saying goodbye to the associates, there were tears.
  • Louis can mentor his own associate, he wants Mike.
  • Harvey gave Louis his blessing to the union of him and Mike.
  • During girls’ talk, Donna learns from Rachel that Mike is well endowed.
  • Ava and Harvey have a lot in common when comes to their mentor/mentee relationships.
  • Harvey is a modern Steve McQueen?
  • After a bad day in court, a mud bath is the cure.
  • The break up of Harvey and Mike is affecting others, mainly Donna and Rachel.
  • Mike likes working with Louis and Harvey is so over Mike.
  • Harvey and Jessica have it out on a roof and work on Ava’s case together. No resolution though Harvey still wants to take down Jessica.
  • Mike is the love child of Harvey and Mike?
  • Mike considered Louis’s offer for like a minute but then Harvey wanted him back. So no shipping of Mike and Louis.
  • They break to make up and for now Harvey and Mike are back on. Poor Louis.

Here are some of “I Want You to Want Me” best tweets:

  • @flaaaareon: Prom king and boy wonder #suits
  • @WineAboutLaw:FYI boys, we always start with the most important emotional question. #suits
  • @QueseBucks_215: Watching #Suits makes me wanna enroll in Law School.
  • @MerinoMedia: MUD BATH ME! Seriously! What is it that I have to do to be Louis’ minion?! #Suits
  • @LaurieHaz: We’ve all bonded so much with Louis Litt tonight.  Thank God mud is thicker than water.
  • @TheWittyGuru: Louis has really let himself go, he used to have somewhat of a form to his body, now he’s shaped like THE PENGUIN #Suits #suitsSeason3
  • @thePRwoman: This civil war going on in #Suits is intense.
  • @alli_oop22: True life: my #Suits addiction once spiraled so out of control I bought an LSAT prep book.
  • @Liliana2895: No guy can pull off the #Suits look. NO ONE. So don’t even try. And don’t post pictures about trying either 😒
  • @redline: Wow, #Suits is having a lot of fun with the Harvey/Mike shippers tonight. Also, congratulations on your face, Gabriel Macht. Seriously
  • @DVKing1106:All I know is this.. Since Mike’s secret is revealed once a season, Lewis will find out, and he’s taking down EVERYBODY #Suits #Smh
  • @Nate_Coutteau:  The power couple is back!
  • @tommylee_7:Finally get to see British Harvey next episode! Now wheres British Donna? #Suits

Join me next week for “Unfinished Business”.  Keep Tweeting!  Your tweet could be seen here.

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