Revolution “Children of Men” Recap and Review

Revolution - Season 1In tonight’s penultimate hour of season 1, our merry band of rebels have landed near the Tower ready to invade and rescue Rachel, who has failed in her attempt to blow up Monroe with the grenade from the last episode.

Now a prisoner of Monroe’s, he uses Rachel to gain access to the Tower. The doors open and Monroe wants a tour with Rachel and Randall as tour guides. Randall and Rachel have a moment to speak and he wonders how Rachel could get in and he can’t. Randall believes that Grace is responsible since he did leave her there.

When the doors to the Tower closed on some of Monroe’s men, it really reminded me of the scene in Return of the Jedi when the doors to Jabba’s palace closed on C-3PO and R2D2. Anyways, the men on the inside of the Tower, those that were watching Monroe from security monitors in the last episode, closed the doors and are ready to welcome Monroe and company with guns.

Meanwhile, Miles and Neville are on a stakeout at the Tower looking for Rachel. Neville makes a passing comment about Miles’ feelings for Rachel that don’t go unnoticed by Nora and Charlie. Nora then notices what she thinks is a scout in the distance but it is Aaron.

At the control center of the Tower, Randall sees that Grace has managed to get the satellites fixed. He tells Monroe that having these up, allows him to be able to spy on people and the key is at level 12.

Reunited once again, everyone catches up with what everyone is doing, in particular how Rachel is in the Tower with Monroe and what her initial plan was.

Aaron informs Neville that he can get them into the Tower but they need to get passed Monroe’s men.

Back at the Tower, Monroe and company don’t quite make it to level 12 but are on level 11 where a bloody gun fight happens. Rachel manages to make to a panic room but Monroe follows and wonders who are the attackers.

Outside, father and son, Neville and Jason, create a distraction that allows our rebels to make it to the Tower. And now Aaron gets all Han Solo to break into the shield generator as Miles tries to hold off the stormtrooper attack. Aaron is successful and everyone gets into the tower while Neville and Jason are outside still holding off Monroe’s men. Miles wants Aaron to shut the door but Charlie doesn’t want to leave Jason behind and the two share a meaningful glance before the door closes.

In the panic room, which hangs pictures of past presidents like George W. Bush, Rachel tells Monroe that she doesn’t know how their attackers are. Monroe doesn’t believe her and their only chance of survival is to help each other. Rachel doesn’t want to help him but wants to kill him. Eventually, Monroe discover a cabinet filled with high octane weapons behind unbreakable glass.

We flashback to one week before the blackout and tensions arise between Ben and Rachel. Rachel wants to stop what Randall is up to while Ben wants to proceed.

At the Tower, Charlie is in disbelief that her parents were involved in all of this.

Back at camp, Neville is captured and his captor wants to know how to get back inside but Neville instead taunts him. Jason watching all of this, wonders what his father is up to.

Deep in the Tower, our rebels have come to level 11 and see the carnage. Before they can get answers, the elevator starts pinging meaning that they will soon have company. The rebels are running to escape.

We also learn that the Tower was actually a bunker used by Cheney and Rachel confesses that she doesn’t want to die as she wants to see Charlie again but she can’t help the man that killed her son. Monroe then talks about his son and what he would think of him and all the blood on his hands.

We flashback to four months after the blackout, and we see Ben using the amplifier pendant to power up the 1980s computer to Instant Message someone. Rachel comes home and recounts what society has come to since the power went out and she feels guilt over this. Ben tells Rachel that they need to stay strong and together for their kids. As he comforts his wife, Ben gets a response from message from Grace.

Aaron has a map of the Tower and he tells Miles of an armoury that they need to get weapons to combat their attackers. Miles makes his way to the armoury evading the guards along the way but when he arrives it has been emptied out.

Back at camp, Neville wants to talk to one of Monroe’s men, Riley, someone that he sense is easily manipulable. Neville shares is gratitude to Monroe but says that his paranoia has made him ineffective. Jason and Neville try to convince Riley that Neville is the better choice to lead and to start a revolt. Jason joins in on the chatter but Riley doesn;t seem to buy their talk.

The Tower guards have come across the Rebels but Nora and MIles have managed to take some out and grab one of their weapons. One security footage, Rachel sees that Charlie and MIles are in the Tower. Monroe swears that if Rachel opens the cabinet of weapons that he will protect Charlie but can’t guarantee Miles.

Meanwhile, Miles and company are blasting their way through the guards and when it looks like Charlie is going to be a victim, Monroe comes to her rescue and mother and daughter are reunited. And just as they are about the escape, they are caught. The guards then take Charlie, Aaron and Rachel to a commune, where we see people living like a society. There Rachel is reunited with Grace and Aaron finally meets her. Also in this group is someone from Rachel’s past, Dan and people that she left in the Tower when the Blackout happened and how everyone there will protect the Tower. Dan explains that they can’t let people to level 12.

As Monroe makes quick work of the Tower’s guard, he and Miles enter a good ole’ fashioned showdown with high powered guns.

Meanwhile, Riley has returned to Neville ready to accept his plan as well as 12 others to take down Monroe.He then he lets Neville and Jason go.

At the Tower commune, Dan burns Dr. Warren’s book so that the power won’t go back on. The truth comes out that if the power comes back on, it could either save the world or set it on fire.

So next week is the season finale. Will the power get turned back on? And if it does go back on, what will happen? Will Jason join Neville in his mutiny or is there a mutiny? And who will win the Miles versus Monroe showdown?

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