Continuum Season 2 Episode 5 “Second Opinion” Recap and Review

The following recap and review contains spoilers for season 2 of Continuum that won’t air in the U.S. until June 7. If you still want to know, then please read on.

continuum205It is 2077 and we are at Sam’s birthday party and the birthday boy is our brooding out on the balcony over his MIA dad, who has to work thus is not present. Kiera is trying to cheer her son up by giving him his birthday gift from his dad. In it are some model figures depicting the battle of Georgia Straight. Sam leaves to show off his new toys to his friends puts. Kiera looks on but at the same time looks sad.

In the present, Kiera has a similar looking toy soldier in her, looking for a Mr. Escher on her computer. She calls Alec for his help on finding Escher. Apparently this Escher and his company are big wigs in 2077 but so far are not making a dent in the present. Alec notes that Kiera is off, she notes that today is her son’s birthday.

Carlos comes in and Kiera informs him that she wants to put surveillance on Travis and his gang. When Carlos tries to get Kiera to talk about her son, she stays on task. Carlos still is trying to reach out to Kiera about her friend, but Kiera doesn’t want his support but still stays on mission.

Kellogg comes to Alec to try and formalize their business deal and goes to show him a high tech location. Alec agrees to enter into a partnership with Kellogg but stresses that he is the majority partner in this deal. Kellogg agrees and Sadtech is born and Alec is its CEO.

At the precinct, Kiera is having memories of her son, it starts to overwhelm her when Betty comes to her about some things she found out about Travis. She tells her she will look at it later. Every seems to note that Kiera is not alright.

All of a sudden a whole bunch of people enter the department to remove Dillon as police chief.

Kiera is in the woman’s washroom having an emotional breakdown and when her stall is out of toilet paper, a woman next door gives her some so she could dry her tears. She meets this woman, who asks Kiera if she wants to talk about what has her distraught. Kiera simply mentions that she is missing someone’s birthday. The woman said that maybe they could talk more later.

When Kiera leaves the washroom, she wonders what is going on and Betty tells her that Dillon has been fired. And we are introduced to the new chief and it is the lady in the washroom, Inspector Harris. She announces that she is investigating a possible mole in the department and they are looking at people’s computers and other things to find out the mole. She asks for Carlos’ help in investigating Kiera.

Meanwhile, Kiera wants to know what happened to Dillon. He tells her that he had to pin the whole Travis thing on someone and that it bit him in the butt. Kiera vows to clear his name.

We next are on Alec, who is being followed by Jason, who shows him the time travel device that we saw in the pilot.

Back at the precinct, Carlos informs Kiera that Harris wants to see her. Kiera wants to find out what they are looking for in the mole. Harris then comes to speak to Kiera and as she makes her way to her office, she tries to reach out to Alec, who is busy talking to Jason but as he talks, Alec manages to answer Kiera but at the same time grabs Jason’s plans.

In the office, Agent Gardiner is also present to this meeting, she is forced to present her phone but Alec assures all is well. Harris and Gardiner question her on Section 6 but she doesn’t answer. They all want her to call her case officer but Alec needs time to build her cover. She refuses to answer any questions and tells them to look at her computer and her phone. Harris is curious that Kiera has no record of her family. Kiera still won’t answer. Alec is trying to build her record and Kiera is antsy and the toy soldier falls out. Harris vows to find out all about her son. Gardiner starts to play with the soldier and she goes ballistic and her CMR shuts off and all of a sudden a psych program appears played by Smallville’s and Battlestar Galactica’s Alessandro Juliani appears telling her that they need to do a psych evaluation and while they do that, she will go offline. Of course no one in the room sees him but Kiera.

The psych program wants to talk to Kiera about her son Sam and she leaves the office but the progam keeps on following her and he walks through desks. She tries to get to Alec but he is not responding. She talks to the psych program and tells her that she needs to talk about her feelings so that she can get back online. He can get her back online in an hour as long as se resolves her feelings.

Now it is Carlos’ turn in the hot seat. They wonder how Kiera knows  everything before he does. They think she is Liber8 and Section 6 doesn’t exist. Carlos doesn’t believe their accusations.

At the lockerroom, Kiera wants the psych program to let her talk to Alec but he is confused as to who she means. The psych program believes her and she hopes to regain contact with him. Alec is trying to figure out what is wrong and when he calls her cell, Gardiner answers and says hellow Alec and he hangs up.

The psych program wants to know what she meant by Sam doesn’t exist. She tells him, she will tell him if she can talk to Alec. Kiera finally gets a hold of Alec but he can’t access the psych program. She wants the psych program not to erase any of her memories. Alec will see what he can do and that is when the psych program cuts off their communication.

Kiera and lets just call the psych program Dr. AJ, are now in the woman’s washroom portion of the lockerroom. Kiera gives Dr. AJ the greenlight for his therapy session. She talks about her son and her worries of not returning to him. He wonders why Kiera hasn’t gone to see him. Kiera tells him that she is in 2013 and Sam hasn’t been born yet. Dr. AJ thinks they are in 2077 thus thinking she is crazy. Betty interrupts their session and tells her about a file she has kept about her movements that could be damming to her in the eyes of Gardiner and Harris. Betty gives her a program that would wipe these files. Betty also tells her of how she went to a Liber8 meeting that would make her seem to be the mole.

Kiera wants Dr. AJ to give her CMR back to help protect Betty but he won’t until she confronts her guilt of abandoning Sam head on. She is trying to prove to Dr. AJ that he is in 2013 and not 2077 and he spoke to a young Alec Sadler and he can’t contact his servers. Kiera tells him about her time travels and asks how she is supposed to function. If it is 2013, then Dr. AJ’s program doesn’t apply to her.

Betty is next in the hot seat and she looks worried as she looks to Kiera before meeting with Harris. Carlos can’t believe they think that Betty is the Liber8 mole. Harris wants to Betty confess the files on her computer and how she attended a LIber8 meeting. She confesses that she was at a meeting on Dillon’s orders but there is no record of such an order and no file exists. Betty is taking into custody. Betty wants them to call Dillon but they won’t. Carlos vows to clear Betty’s name.

I guess Dr. AJ is called Fairweather but I am just going to call him Dr. AJ. She tearfully spills her guts out about her son and worries what she is doing now might harm him. Dr. AJ finally appears and tries to get Kiera to open her heart up but Kiera still feels overwhelming guilt over leaving her son and she believes that Sam will blame himself for her leaving and not coming home. Dr. AJ wants her to tell him it is not his fault and projects an image of Sam from his memories. Kiera is reluctant considering that he is not real but Dr. AJ wants her to talk to him, which she tearfully does and I cry too as she tells her son not to blame himself and tells him that she will always be with him and that she will let her go. Before he disappears, Sam tells her that she loves him. Dr. AJ tells Kiera that perhaps she doesn’t have to let Sam go but something has to change and that she has to accept the truth that she may never get back to him even though she won’t stop trying. In the distance, she sees that Betty is being arrested. Dr. AJ wonders what she will do, Kiera said that she will probably go to jail but will fight it. Dr. AJ terminates his program and gives her back her CMR.

The other person that was in the room with Harris and Gardiner is looking over some files in his office when something on a nearby shelving unit gets knocked over when all of a sudden a flying USB key gets onto his computer to wipe the files. We know that this is Kiera using her suit.

Harris and Gardiner confront Kiera how Betty is the mole and how they are working together. They talk again about Section 6, Liber8 and the files on Betty’s computer. Kiera refuses to answer.

Now that Kiera is back online, Alec is working on the files they have on Kiera but realizes that they are gone. However, he notices a Trojan horse on the files, placed by Liber8 to frame Betty. Kiera wants Alec to leave it so Harris and Gardiner can find it, which they do. In the background, watching all of this is Kellogg, who silently walks away.

All the work that Kiera has done has cleared Betty’s name. Harris still wants to talk about her son and Section 6 but Kiera again refuses to answer her questions because she doesn’t work for the VPD so doesn’t have to answer her questions. Kiera says that everyone at the VPD rather that she stay on. Harris seems reluctant to allow her to stay but she does. Betty is then free.

Alec then meets up with Jason to talk about working on the time travel plans and they enter his new lair.

At the end of the work day, Betty thanks Kiera for getting her off and Carlos is reluctant to leave Kiera based on her emotional state but she says that she is fine. Kiera then starts to think of her son and seems more at peace with it and puts away his toy soldier in her desk and silently wishes him a happy birthday.

As the episode ends, we see Betty get into the car of Lucas who asks how everything went. She replies that if she is here it means that it went well and we soon realize that Betty is the mole. I think this is a great twist, it gives the character a little bit more to do than just be the VPD tech geek. I am looking forward to see how entrenched she is with Liber8.

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