Orphan Black “Unconscious Selection” Recap and Review

We pick up right where we left off and that is Kira being rushed to the hospital after being hit by a car. Everyone from Sarah, Mrs. S., Felix and Alison is worried over the fate of the little girl, it turns out that Kira will be just fine. It is as if she wasn’t hit by a car at all.

Back on the boat, Helena is trying to tell Thomas that Sarah has a daughter but he thinks that it is impossible but after grabbing Kira’s letter, he might just believe her and is pissed that she let Kira go. They then discuss Olivier and how Thomas wanted her to cut his tail off to get Leekie’s attention. Then Sarah calls to draw Helena out so that they can meet.

At Mrs. S’s everyone tells Sarah that all is well with Kira and should stop worrying but Sarah tells her and Felix that Helena has to go.

At the police station, Art and Deangelis are still working on Beth’s connection to the lookalikes but it seems there is tension growing between the two partners.

Dr. Leekie is at Paul’s condo and confronts him about the lie of how there really were two clones at the club. He also confronts Paul on how Sarah was pretending to be Beth.

Meanwhile at Felix’s loft where Alison is hiding out, she is hilariously cleaning it when Felix arrives home to tell her of Kira’s recovery. Alison still can’t go back home in fear of endangering her children so Felix lets her stay at his place. She wants Felix’s help as she goes back home.

Sarah asks Cosima as to why Kira was unscathed from the accident. Cosima believes that Sarah could have passed along something genetically to Kira that could have helped her healed. Cosima said that she can figure this out if she could test their genetic material but Sarah doesn’t want to.

Paul then arrives at Mrs. S’s to tell Sarah that Dr. Leekie knows all about her and wants to meet her. They both distrust Leekie but it is way for them to get answers.

At the boat, Thomas is not pleased with Helena and throws her in a cage and locks her in and yells that she is no better than her clone sisters. Helena is trying to escape her cage.

Back at Cosima’s lab, a colleague gives her the results of the genetic tests on her clone sisters. They seemed to have discovered some unusual results with one of the samples. Delphine then arrives and arranges a date later on with her.

In Kira’s room, she says goodbye to her daughter and wants to be sure that her and Mrs. S will be safe as she leaves. Mrs. S ensures that they will be and shows her the shotgun that she keeps.

As Sarah goes to her meeting with Leekie, Art calls “Beth” wanting to meet. The two meet and Art shows her a picture of Felix. She pretends not to know him but Art tells her that she visited Felix a few weeks ago. Art wants her to come clean with him but she just drives away.

When Alison goes back to her home is Scarborough, she encounters a neighbourhood intervention for her that includes the local pastor, her husband and Aynsley. Donnie and Aysnley spills to the group all the ills that Alison committed against them. Not wanting to hear anymore, she leaves the room with Felix following her.

Later, Cosima tells Sarah that there is a way for people to tell them apart but Sarah wants to know how Leekie knew her name. But Cosima is stumped and reassures her that she didn’t tell Delphine any of their identities. Sarah then tells Cosima of her meeting with Leekie and while Cosima thinks they can get answers, Sarah wants to kill him. Paul brings Leekie to their meeting at a construction site.

During their meeting, Leekie is unable to answer any of her questions but tells her his responsibility is data collection and making sure they are all well. Sarah wants to know what this is all about but before he answers, he wants to know about Helena. Paul mentions Thomas and Leekie tells them that Thomas is a religious zealot. Maggie Chen was brought into this and how Helena was trained to kill the clones. Leekie wants Sarah to bring in Helena to deprogram her. If she does this, then she and he clone sisters will be left alone and no more monitors. Leekie promises to get the help Helena needs.

At Cosima’s, Delphine arrives and Cosima is all suspicious of her and confronts her on her lies and how she is associated with Leekie. Delphine defends herself and tells Cosima that she is in danger.

Back in the burbs, Alison has holed herself up in her bathroom and Aynsley and the neighbourhood girls wants to talk to her but she will only talk to Felix. Both talk about next steps and Felix advises Alison on what to do. It seems that these two have developed quite the sweet friendship.

Now we see Art at the train platform where Beth has killed herself and notices a security camera. Art is now watching the security footage and sees the truth that Beth is the one that killed herself and that someone that looks like her (Sarah) stole her purse hence her identity.

Helena is still in her cage and is not successfully in escaping when Sarah tries calling her again. Mrs. S asks what Sarah is going to do with Helena. Sarah is conflicted but Mrs. S says she owes her nothing. When Mrs. S tells Sarah that she tried to investigate her past, those she called were not forthcoming, as if they were scared too.

Back at Cosima’s Delphine is still trying to explain herself but Cosima is having none of it. Delphine said that they only thing she told Leekie is the names of her clone sisters but nothing of Kira and won’t. She tells Cosima that she has fallen for her.

When we next see Helena, she has managed to get hold of her phone and has called Sarah for help. Mrs. S and Paul believe that Helena is setting up a trap and they both want her to give Helena to Leekie. Sarah is unsure what to do so she goes up to see Kira, who tells her mom that what happened to her wasn’t Helena’s faul and that she just needs her help. Sarah leaves Mrs. S’s with a gun.

At the intervention, friends starts to talk about Alison’s behaviour and Alison returns the favour about sharing her true feelings about everyone to everyone. Surprisingly, Donnie jumps to her defence and gets everyone to leave. Both Felix and Alison thought that her confrontation went well.

We now see Sarah at the boat where Helena is being held captive, Sarah finds her. Helena asks about Kira but Sarah tells her that she will never see her again. Despite saying that she would never hurt Kira, Sarah doesn’t believe her and wants to kill her but instead breaks her out. Helena tells Sarah that she is all that she has now and hugs her. Thomas then enters and Helena pulls the gun on him. Helena tells him that Kira will not be armed but Thomas tells her that since she is the original it means that Kira is her daughter. Sarah tells that she isn’t the original but a clone and that he is lying about Kira and that he will lock her in a cage like her. Helena then starts to beat the crap out of Thomas until he manages to knock her out. Sarah locks up Thomas and hints that Leekie might be coming to get him. She then escapes with Helena but places her in her trunk. Mrs. S calls and Sarah tells her that she will give Helena to Leekie because she wants to keep Kira’s identity safe but Mrs. S tells her to bring Helena back to her place and will explain everything but it seems that she isn’t alone when she makes this call.

Shortly after leaving, Leekie arrives on the scene to collect Helena but Sarah isn’t there. Leekie calls a lady and tells her that Sarah didn’t show with Helena. From the reflection, I think this is another clone or possibly the fabled original.

We then cut to the police precinct where Deangelis wants to talk about Beth to the chief. She shows him all evidence she has on Beth and her lookalikes. Art arrives and tells them that Beth is dead and they need to arrest Sarah Manning.

Sarah has arrived back at Mrs. S’s where she introduces her to Emilia, an African lady, who tells Sarah that she is her birth mother. She tells Sarah how she was the surrogate for a couple that provided her everything she needed in London. But Emilia felt something was fishy considering all the medical tests she went through and how they mentioned neolution. She soon realized they weren’t a couple but scientists and the child wasn’t for them. So Emilia ran and hid. She gave birth two twins where she gave one to the state (aka child services) and the other to the church. Sarah soon realizes that Helena is her twin sister.

Now we head straight to the season finale and more questions are being raised. So we can probably guess that Leekie was one of the scientists that approached Emilia to be a surrogate but who was the woman? Can’t wait to find out next week.

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