Revolution “Clue” Recap and Review

Revolution - Season 1If you recall in the last episode, Nora has been taken prisoner by Monroe and one of his first acts is to get Nora to wear a skimpy dress and it looks like he is wining and dining her.

He brings up Nora’s relationship with Miles and he wants to know where he is. But instead of answering it, Nora tries to smash a wine bottle over his head. He subdues her and then we see his henchmen torture her for days to get find Miles’ location. It is relentless going at least 14 days. When she is silent, they give drug her. We are now day 21 of torture and Sanborn is about to drug her again and it looks like Nora is finally talking. She gives up Miles location as being in Atlanta and that Neville has joined the Georgia Federation and that Rachel is in Colorado to find the Tower.

They report back to Monroe and Randall explains to him what the Tower is. But Monroe doesn’t believe his answer and that Sanborn said the Tower can turn back the power back on and is pissed that Randall didn’t tell him about the Tower before. The two men have a falling out and Monroe goes to kill Randall but he can help Monroe with the Tower and all it can do aside from turning on back the power. Sanborn confirms Randall’s story and he gets a reprieve from his execution. And the two men are off to the Tower.

At Nora’s cell, Sanborn comes in and drugs her again. It looks like Sanborn as taken her and an amplifier to Atlanta and to Miles, where they are reunited. Apologies are exchanged and Nora reveals that she told Monroe everything.

In the pouring rain, Aaron and Rachel are still on their trek to the Tower but they are getting closer.

Jason is concerned over Charlie’s safety and wants her to leave town. His concern touches Charlie and the two share a kiss but Jason notices a man in the distance.

Miles then interrogates Sanborn and asked how he got Nora out. He wonders if is actually a spy for Monroe. Sanborn says that he is not and he didn’t want to kill Nora. He goes on to tell Miles about Monroe’s plan to kill Rachel at the Tower. Miles wants Sanborn to take them there.

Miles wants Hudson to sit out and go back to his family but it is because of him he has nothing but this mission. Neville then informs Miles that he is also part of this mission. Also joining is Jason, Nora and Charlie. Our rebel party, in a helicopter of their own take flight and make way to Colorado.

At Colorado Springs is Monroe and he and his men are on the hunt for Rachel as they lay in wait for her at the Tower but it isn’t a one but an underground bunker that goes down half a mile. Randall tries to gain access to the Tower but the security system is denying him access. Watching this on security video is a whole gang of people.

As they are in the helicopter, Jason and Charlie share a moment and we flashback to the moment when he sees that guy in the streets of Atlanta. It is a former Monroe Militia man, Billings, who has a job for him.

On the way to Colorado, their mission hits a snag as the chopper has run out of fuel and they have to land at Fort Hanson, a deactivated Air Force field. They raid it to find supplies and everyone starts to act suspicious. Charlie then notices a container that has the dead body of the pilot. The blame seems to have fallen on a Plains Nation local that has also disabled their chopper. Miles takes off to find out who is responsible. Charlie has tagged along and they discover another man with his throat slashed dying. He tells Miles that is wasn’t a local that killed him but dies before telling him who the killer is.

The rebel gang have gathered and it appears that one of them is sabotaging them when Miles notices that Nora is missing. To solve this mystery, Miles gets everyone to place all weapons in a bag and accusations are flying amongst the gang. Miles takes off to find Nora and everyone is tasked to watch the bag. Nora is found unconscious but when she wakes up, we see that the drugs are still affecting her. She can’t explain a cut that is on her arm. Neville doesn’t believe in Nora’s innocence considering the evidence of the cut and a knife found near her. Miles professes her innocence but Nora thinks that she might be guilty as she recounts her experience as a POW of Monroe’s and how she doesn’t remember killing a guard. Miles still thinks she is innocent while Neville thinks she is a liability. As Miles searches for a clue to Nora’s innocence, Jason finds a bloody switchblade in his pocket. He too professes his innocence and he wants Charlie to defend him but when she won’t, she asks about the man he met back in Atlanta. After lying initially, Jason finally tells the truth that he met with a former Monroe Militia man and that the war is over and that if he killed Miles he could’t get anything he wants and what he wants his Charlie’s safety. Miles goes to shoot Jason but Neville and Charlie try and stop him. Jason runs away and Miles goes after him while Neville and Charlie chase Miles.

As Miles searches for Jason, Sanborn comes in and tells that Jason didn’t do it because markings on the switchblade indicates it came from Annapolis. It turns out the turncoat is Hudson, who explains that he did what he did because Monroe has his wife and has been feeding Monroe information for a while. His mission is to kill Miles, Sanborn and the others in exchange for his wife. The two men then fight and just as it looks Hudson will win, Jason shoots him dead.

Nora manages to fix the chopper and apologies are exchanged all around and they are back on their way to the Tower.

Aaron and Rachel have made it to the Tower but sees Monroe’s men. Rachel gives Aaron the override code. She tells him that she will kill Monroe and that distraction will allow Aaron to get into the Tower. Aaron doesn’t want Rachel to do her plan but she is begging Aaron to let her do it.

Rachel’s plan is put in motion as she strangles one of Monroe’s guards. At night, Rachel, in a Monroe Militia uniform is walking around camp unmolested. She reaches Monroe’s tent and has a grenade in her hand and has pulled the pin. And so ends the episode.

So does Rachel accomplish her goal of killing Monroe? But does that mean she is dead too? Hope not. I really love Elizabeth Mitchell.

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