Orphan Black “Entangled Bank” Recap and Review

We open tonight’s episode with Art confused over how the Jane Doe, now identified as Sarah Manning could look exactly like his former partner, Beth Childs. So he and his new partner, Detective Deangelis go and pay a visit to Mrs. S considering that she is Sarah’s guardian. They inform her that Sarah died of a gunshot wound two week ago. Mrs. S asks if they are sure it was her and they in turn ask if Sarah was in any kind of trouble. Mrs. S says they weren’t close and that she doesn’t have a sister.

Meanwhile, at Felix’s loft, Sarah and Paul have obviously spent a night of intimacy together. Paul once again re-iterates that they can’t go back to their town house together and mentions Olivier’s connection to Leekie. Paul suggests that Sarah lay low at Felix’s.

Alison then calls to inform Sarah that she and Donnie are getting a divorce. Sarah is concerned for Alison, considering that she doesn’t know who her monitor is and in walks Aysnley, Alison’s neighbour, who comes in on the excuse to water her plants.

Sarah and Cosima are having a disagreement over neolution while Cosima reams Sarah out for bringing in Helena. Felix and Sarah then gang up on her for getting the science wrong and how Leekie knew that she wasn’t Beth. Sarah then ends her talk with Cosima

Discussion then turns to concern over Alison and her divorce. Sarah tells Felix that Alison thinks that one of her neighbours could be her monitor and Felix guesses that it probably is Aynsley.

Speaking of which, Aynsley is concerned over the news of Alison’s divorce. Alison is suspicious over Aynsley’s over concern and she seems to end their friendship.

We next see Olivier and Paul visiting a doctor. Olivier wants his tail back but tells Paul that it isn’t possible.

At the University of Minnesota, Leekie wants to know Delphine’s progress with Cosima and she mentions the kiss. Leekie needs Cosima to find out how many clones she is in contact with and Delphine is the key in getting that information.

On board the ship that is Helena’s home, I think she is eating candy when she pulls out a letter to Mummy and we see it is filled with pictures of Kira to Sarah.

At Felix’s loft, Art keeps on calling and they get a visit from Mrs. S who tells them about a visit she had from two police detective about her supposed death and how they found her body in a gravel pit. She tells them that the police told her very little. Mrs. S is concerned over Kira safety with whatever Sarah is wrapped in.

Back at the precinct, they discover that Sarah had killed herself two days before the body was found in the gravel pit. The detectives believe that triplets are in play here. Sarah as Beth then appears at the station in response to Art’s numerous messages.

Art brought in Beth to ask questions about the Jane Doe case in particular how Beth told Art that there were no fingerprints. He also tells them that how they re-ran the prints and they found a match and Deangelis shows her a picture of Sarah Manning. “Beth” denies not knowing who Sarah is. Dengangelis accuses “Beth” of hiding the fingerprints to hide her connection to the dead body. They mention how Sarah killed herself prior to the body being found. “Beth” asks if she needs to lawyer up and Art says he doesn’t know. When “Beth” leaves Art collects the photo of Sarah she was holding and asks Deangelis to run prints on them ASAP.

At figure skating practice that Alison is coaching more friends are concerned over her divorce when she comes across Aynsley and Chad. Aysnley keeps on insisting that Alison isn’t find and the two ladies argue over that.

In the skating arena parking lot, Alison sees Chad smoking a joint in his van and asks her not to tell Aynsley on him. Instead she takes a drag where they both now smoke a joint together. He congratulates Alison for finally dumping Donnie and she points out how his marriage isn’t rosy. They are having a flirty moment and the two proceed to make out and their van is starting bounce up and down.

Back at the medical facility where Paul took Olivier, he informs Olivier that Leekie has texted. Oliver accuses Paul of conspiring with two clones but he corrects him that he is conspiring with one. Paul then starts to reveal what he knows about Olivier. It seems that he has the upper hand over him now.

Delphine has paid Cosima a visit who quickly apologies to her for the kiss. Cosima clears the air and tells her their connection is purely science. Delphine then brings up some research that Leekie has done and Cosima was doing the same. Delphine, in order to accomplish her mission, tells Cosima that she can’t stop thinking about the kiss and stumbles a speech about sexuality. Then the two women start to kiss and make out.

After her little romp with Chad, Alison is driving home and is just arriving to her house, Aynsley steps in the middle of the street and is pissed off at Alison for screwing her husband. Alison then pretty much accuses her of being her Monitor and the two women proceed to have a cat fight.

At the morgue, Art and Deangelis wants to talk to the attendant about the body of Sarah Manning and they see a picture of her during her autopsy. They want the name of the address of the man that identified her. The attendant then gives Felix a warning. A knock on the door and they think its the cops but it is Alison who needs help.

Sarah takes Alison away and tells Sarah how she slept with Chad and kicked Aynsley’s ass. She doesn’t want to divorce Donnie but feels she doesn’t have a choice. They worry about Leekie and Helena and their presence in their lives.

Sarah wonders what should they tell the people that they love. Alison wonders if they should tell the truth.

Back on the boat, Helena is going on and on about Kira’s letter and Helena has discovered Kira’s location.

At the medical clinic, Paul tells Olivier that he changed the security footage around to show only one clone and wants Olivier to stick to that story. Then Leekie comes in and introduces himself to Paul.

In the afterglow of their sexual encounter, Cosima and Delphine are lying in bed and faking hunger, Delphine has gotten Cosima to leave her apartment. She starts to snoop around Cosima’s apartment where she finds evidence of the other clones and files on her computer.

Olivier then recounts to Leekis his encounter with Helena but their conversation is interrupted by the doctor who tells them visiting hours are over.

As they leave, Leekie talks to Paul about meeting to talk about next steps. Leekie then receives a call from Delphine who reveals everything that she found at Cosima’s but she wants to be sure that Cosima will be safe. Delphine then proceeds to name all the clones to Leekie. The name Sarah Manning intrigues Leekie.

Sarah has come to Mrs. S to tell her the truth and she proceeds to introduce Alison to her. Mrs. S wants to know it all since things can’t get stranger than human cloning. Alison then proceeds to tell Mrs. S about her life and Mrs. S can’t believe how different she is to Sarah. Mrs. S realizes that Alison pretended to be Sarah one time. Mrs. S then proceeds to name all of the clones that we have so far met. It is also out in the open how Helena is out killing the clones.

Alison is a complete mess and Mrs. S offers some comfort to her.

The police have come knocking to ask Felix questions about Sarah. He is doing a pretty job at answering the questions. Art asks about Beth but Felix doesn’t know who she is. Art then proceeds to snoop around the loft but it appears they have found nothing. However, Art says that he has been here before and Art dials a number and it is Felix’s. Art determines that it was Felix that called him with info on Beth. He doesn’t want to bring him in yet until they can find out more.

Back at the medical facility, the doctor is finishing up with Olivier when the doctor syringes him on his foot, the doctor turns to him and says Dr. Leekie sends his regards and Olivier then foams at the mouth and dies.

Mrs. S and Sarah are talking about her past again. Mrs. S brings up children of the black or undocumented kids, how they were subject to medical experiments. The term Carleton’s pipeline is bandied about. Sarah thinks that Carleton might know who her birth mother is. Sarah wants to know who she is.

Kira comes down the stars and sees through the front door window, Helena. Kira seems intrigued by her and she unlocks the door. Sarah notices the door open and notices Kira is gone and that Helena has taken her. Sarah runs after them.

Helena tells Kira that she is taking her to see someone. Helena wants to know how Sarah can have a daughter since she isn’t real. But Kira says that her mom is real. Helan starts to look sad and Kira offers her a comforting hug. Kira hears her mom calling her and Kira decides to head home but as she goes to cross to street to Sarah, she is hit by a car.

This show keeps on getting complicated and now more people are in on the cloning. And I think it is a good way to bring Mrs. S in to Sarah’s side. And it does seem she is unaware of everything that is going on. It also seems that Sarah and Paul have fallen for each other as Paul works hard to protect her from Olivier and Leekie.

As we near the season finale in a couple of weeks, it will be interesting to see where this show is going to go.

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