Orphan Black “Endless Forms Most Beautiful” Recap and Review

In the season 1 finale, we start things off Amelia wanting to meet Helena but Mrs. S isn’t so sure. Sarah is insistant as this meeting might determine what they do with Helena.

Amelia tells Sarah that they need to meet privately as she has something during the in vitro process. Sarah agrees then lets Amelia meet Helena down in the basement of Mrs. S’s house. Sarah warns Helena to behave and Helena is skeptical at how she can be their birth mother.

While this meeting is going on, Mrs. S snoops in Amelia’s things and discovers a picture of two scientists, I believe the woman in the picture is Mrs. S., with an armed guard in the background but further snooping is interrupted by Kira who tells her guarding that she has a bad feeling about something.

Back in the basement, Sarah tells Helena that the connection she felt is because they are twins. Sarah also tells her that Helena is not the original but born of science but there tete a tete is interrupted by Art and the police. While Sarah is being arrested, Kira watches and Helena has escaped.

At the precinct in an interrogation room, Art goes to question Sarah who accuses her of stealing from Beth after watching her commit suicide and thinks she is behind Katya’s death. He tells her that they have Felix and would take away Kira from her. Art wants the truth from her but she tells him that he wouldn’t believe.

In the burbs, Alison is working out to a workout video, Dr. Leekie pays her a very unwelcome visit. But Alison lets him anyways who is offering her answers but she doesn’t want that, She only wants her life back away from the threat of Helena and monitors. Leekie says that he can give her that, if she agrees to medical testing to make sure that she doesn’t suffer from the mental health issues. He also tells her that her monitor has been lifted and Alison confirms that her monitor was a female.

At the precinct, Felix is being interrogated by Degangelis about why he misidentified the body as Sarah. But Felix is not giving her the answers she was seeking.

Cosima has arrived in TO and she starts to cough up blood. Before she gets far, Leekie meets her to give her an interesting offer.

Meanwhile, Art replays the voice mail that Sarah left him before she confronted Helena for the first time. Sarah tells Art there is a reason why all those women look the same and have the same fingerprints but before she tells the truth she wants Art’s assurance that she and Kira would be protected. Art promises but before we get too far, it seems that Sarah has a lawyer, Daniel Rosen who gets Sarah released to his custody.

In the car, Leekie offers Cosima an employment contract to his clinic and offers her genetic map. He offers her the chance to research herself and her clone sisters. Cosima seems to think about this.

Sarah is taken to an office building, Rosen tells her that they got Felix released too. When they arrive at their destination, Paul is there who is pissed for not delivering Helena. Paul is forced to work for Leekie because of something that he did in Afghanistan and because Sarah changed the rules, Paul suggests that she listens to what the people that he brought her to have to say.

And that person is a woman with a dirty blond bob cut who looks like Sarah and she introduces herself as Rachel Duncan, who also has a British accent.

Rachel talks to Sarah about Topside and her role is to help her gain self-awareness. Rachel says they aren’t the enemy but Helena. Sarah wants to know who they are. Rachel says they can give that if she agrees to their terms. Rachel brings Kira into the conversation and also the forces behind Helena won’t stop but they can offer her protection that Sarah refuses. Rachel gives her a 24 hour deadline to think about it.

Sarah and Alison meet to talk about Leekie’s and all the other stuff that they discovered when Cosima decided to join the party. Cosima apologies to Sarah about not listening to her about Delphine and the two share a hug. Cosima also tells her clone sisters about Leekie’s offer and she is contemplating taking it. Cosima also warns Sarah about not trusting Rachel and her offer to protect Kira, who Cosima believes is who Rachel is after. Alison wants to take Leekie’s offer if it means privacy. Delphine textes Cosima to say she is in town and Sarah leaves to go back to Mrs. S’s to see Kira.

At the precinct, Art is trying to piece everything together and discover Vic, who they go and talk to at a narcotics anonymous meeting.

In the burbs, Alison notices that Aynsley’s house has sold, which means she is moving. Alison wants Aynsley to admit that she is her monitor and her connection to Leekie but Aynsley seems to have no clue what she is talking about and their frienship implodes with Aynsley putting in her garburator a gift that Alison had made but Aysnley’s scarf gets caught and she begs Alison to save her. When it looks like she will, Alison hesitates and Aynsley chokes to death and Alison flees the scene. And that scene is actually quite disturbing as that could actually happen in real life.

Back at the NA meeting, Deangelis and Art start to question Vic about Sarah, who tells them that she is undercover in the burbs (he is really describing Alison). Art and Denangelis is at Alison’s house and realize that it isn’t Sarah but someone new, both are incredulous at what is happening.

At Mrs. S. Sarah is packing Kira stuff so that it is ready for a quick escape. Before Sarah meets with Amelia, Mrs. S tells her to be weary of her.

At the loft, Cosima is still coughing up blood and Felix looks concerned.  But then Delphine arrives looking for Cosima, who defends herself to Cosima. She also tells Cosima not to believe anything that Leekie says especially about her genetic research. Delphine tells Cosima that she is on her side now and to trust her. Cosima believes their genetic markings are a message about their origins.

The meeting between Sarah and Amelia takes place and Beth’s apartment. Amelia warns Sarah about Mrs. S but we soon realize that Emilia isn’t meeting with Sarah but Helena who stabs her, blaming her for making her the way she is.

When Sarah arrives back to Beth’s apartment, she sees a lot of blood and a black wig. She receives a phone call from Helena who asks her to join them.

Alison is feeling guilty for letting Aynsley die but when Donnie comes home, he misinterprets her tears to apologize for the intervention and tells her that they can put everything behind them and they embrace.

At the loft, Cosima and Delphine are looking over the genetic sequence and trying to decode it. 324 B2-1 is the genetic code for Cosima, as told by Delphine and Cosima goes to run those number in to see what she gets. But they come up empty until Cosima discovers the answer.

Meanwhile, Sarah has gone to meet Helena and we see a trail of blood and drawings on pillars. Sarah finds Amelia, dying but she manages to give her warning about Mrs. S and the picture of the two scientist that we saw near the beginning of the episode. Behind the picture is has the names of the professors redacted but we see on the label: Project LEDA, July 22, 1977.

Then Helena arrives on the scene, with a flare all lit up then Amelia dies. Helena is pissed how they were split up and the sisters get into a fight, it looks like Helena is going to win until Sarah shoots Helena dead.

Now that her ordeal with Helena is over, Sarah has time to mourn the death of her birth mother.

Back at the loft, Cosima has a breakthrough. And Sarah has made the call to Rachel and gets assurance that Kira will be safe. We then see Alison sign Leekie’s contract when she sees that Aynsley’s body has been discovered. We then see Rachel receiving Alison’s signed contract with Rachel telling her colleague that they have one down and two to go. Back at Alison, seems that things are well with her and she has fully reconciled with Donnie.

Sarah goes to meet with Rachel and in the elevator there is Paul who doesn’t want his comfort. On the ride up, Paul tells her what he did in Afghanistan: he was a private contractor that killed 6 marines in friendly fire and it was covered up. He says something about born outside their control and something about having something on you. I don’t really know what Paul said since he was mumbling it.

At the loft, Cosima is starting to decode their genetic sequence and Cosima calls Sarah to tell her not to make a deal with Rachel as who they are is patented and any freedom they promised is bull and they could still claim Kira.

As Donnie goes for his “run” he doesn’t get too far as he enters a car that has Leekie in it. He updates Leekie on how things are back on track and that handling Alison is not easy. So we were right that Donnie was/is indeed Alison’s monitor.

At the loft, Cosima tells Delphine that she is sick based on the fact that she is coughing blood much like Katya did in the pilot.

Meanwhile, Rachel receive an email from Sarah that pretty much kisses her off and when Rosen goes to meet the elevator it is empty with no Paul or Sarah in it. Rachel places a mysterious phone call.

Sarah has returned to Mrs. S’s and discovers the place a mess and Kira missing. So ends season 1 of Orphan Black. So is Mrs. S the scientist in the picture and has she taken Kira to bring to Rachel? Will Art figure out why there are so many women that look like his late partner? And now that Alison has signed the contract, what does that mean for her? Is Cosima dying? Are Paul and Sarah going to team up and find Kira? And I think Felix might actually be a clone too?

So many questions and we won’t get any answers until 2014.

Again, I have to say that Orphan Black was not on my radar to watch at all and even the first episode was a little underwhelming but once you get the clone stuff, then the show picked up. Also, it really is Tatiana Maslany that is the show. You really do forget that it is one woman that is playing these seven roles. Maslany has made each one unique that she truly is a gifted actress. Season 2 promises to be really interesting.

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