Continuum Season 2 Episode 4 “Second Skin” Recap & Review

The following recap and review contains spoilers for season 2 of Continuum that won’t air in the U.S. until June 7.


It seems to be a common practice, but we are once again in 2077 and Kiera is with her partner Elena, chasing after some criminals. Kiera uses her suit to find them and also finds what they were looking for. All of sudden Kiera sees Travis with her son, Sam, who wants what Kiera just pulled off the body but Elena takes down Traivs. We learn that this is a simulation and those running it wants to know why she hesitated. The ladies get into a brief argument about the simulation.

We are now in the present and Garza has stopped a tanker and they capture it and gives a warning to the driver to give to the company he works for. It is all about big oil. Garza then plants a bomb on a tanker that blows to smithereens.

Betty notes this explosion and how Liber8 is targeting a particular oil company. Carlos mentions how social media is on the side of Liber8.

Alec calls Kiera to let her know about a disturbance in their communication system. Alec mentions the night of her arrival and how there was a data spike and how now there is another similar spike, another suit trying to access his system. Alec tells Kiera that there is another time traveler in Vancouver.

Alec leads to Kiera to the location of this new time traveler. Meanwhile, Alec is at the same cafe where we see the same young woman from the last episode.

The location that Kiera has been led to is a neighbourhood garage sale. Claiming to be on VPD business, she questions the garage sale host about whether or not he as seen someone sporting the CMR suit. He mentions that he may have seen it but thinks he may have sold it and also that it could have belonged to his mother. Kiera wants to question his mother but he doesn’t think it is a good idea. Kiera then gives him his business card.

Kiera then calls Alec to tell him that he could be right about another suit. She wants Alec to find the data spike and Alec mentions about building a time travel app. He cuts short his conversation as the girl wants to introduce herself to Alec. Her name is Emily.

Lucas and Sonya are looking over Travis’ latest plan on targeting the oil companies.

Meanwhile, Carlos updates Kiera about the oil tankards being targeted. They think that maybe Sonya and Travis have teamed but Kiera doesn’t think so. Kiera then gets a call about the suit.

At a dry cleaners we see a bearded man wearing out and it seems that this man wants to use it as a costume from a sci-fi TV show called Glimmer. The man is not sure of the form fitting suit but his girlfriend convinces him to take a chance on the suit.

The man from garage sale takes her to see his mom in a palliative care unit in the hospital. The man mentions how she perked up when she heard about her looking for the suit. This woman, Mrs. Stanton calls her partner and tells her she looks the same. It is Elena and she asks Kiera what took her so long.

Elena tells Elena about when she thrown back in time, she looked for Liber8 escapees. She tells Kiera that she went back in tie to 1975 and no one believed her so she decided to be normal. She got married and had a sone. They then talk about her CMR suit.

We are now at some wedding with a Glimmer theme and there is that bearded man again with the CMR suit. He speak geek speak with the groom and they talk about his girlfriend. One of the caterers bumps into Rex, that his is name and his arms bumps a chaffing dish heater and his arm catches fire. They put it out but his arm is okay. Lucas noticies this.

Elena’s son and Kiera talk. He wants to know how she knows her. She lies and says her mother knew her. His son boasts about his mom’s accomplishments. She asks her son for chocolate who leaves the room. Elena wants to know if Kiera has the suit on. She does and she mentions how Alec is here and is a teenager. Kiera wonders how Elena never knew but she tells her that she turned off her suit. Elena tells Kiera that she put her suit away in a box.

Travis and his gang are observing security footage of a gas station. Rex pulls up to a gas station and his girlfriend wonders how his suit didn’t burn. Max comes across a robbery and somehow these guys have computer footage via his glasses that Travis sees, Rex tries to play hero and the robbers end up shooting him but the suit saves him. Travis wants the suit and asks Garza to trace it. Lucas also notes and realizes there is another time traveler amongst them and Sonya wants to find them.

Alec notifies Kiera how to suit has turned on again and the convience store clerk recounts how the suit saved him and lit up like a Christmas tree. The man wonders if it is the same guy saving people from Liber8. Agent Gardiner is on the scene and wonders the same thing too.

Carlos views footage of the gas station robbery and knows that involves the Syndicate. Kiera then sees Rex with the suit. Agen Gardiner comes on the scene and Carlos and Kiera gives him the cold shoulder.

Kiera yells at Alec for not being on the ball and needs him to find the suit. He mentions that he can find the suits location with a built-in beacon. All the while Gardiner is listening in. Alec then tells Kiera how to turn on the suit. Then Alec gets a text from Rex.

Rex and his girlfriend talk about the suit and the shooting. Rex now thinks he is some sort of superhero while his girlfriend worries about his safety. Rex promises to get rid of the suit for her but it really looks like he won’t.

Kiera looks ready to leave but Gardiner gets in her car to have a conversation. He mentions their mutual goal of stopping Liber8 and they should work together but Kiera tells him that their methods are incompatible. Gardiner wants to know more about Esher and Section 6. Kiera just wants to visit her sick friend. Gardiner won’t let up until she tells him the truth.

With her hand forced, Kiera had to bring Gardiner to see Elena. Elena covers by pretending that Gardiner is Kiera’s husband and comes up with a backstory. When he leaves the room, Elena wants know about the asshole. Kiera then wants to know if Elena knows how to turn on her suit because Liber8 knows about. Elena is not comfortable about doing it as it scares her but Kiera gives her support as she always was a good partner.

Alec then turns on all the CMRs, Elena has a reaction and so does Travis. Elena basks in the power of the CMR and Alec finds an address and so does everyone else. Elena wants to know who Kiera’s new partner is and tells her it is Carlos and she wants to meet him and Kiera will try and arrange it.

We are now at Rex’s dry cleaners and he is watching security footage when he sees Garza who shuts down the power.

At Elena’s room, Gardiner notices that Kiera had disappeared, Elena then mentions the word Esher. Gardiner thinks she is crazy but Elena proves to him that she is not.

Rex has his suit on the confront Garza and the battle. He wins briefly and tries to escape when Travis comes in to shoot him. REx is not hurt but he is hiding amongst the dry cleaning. Now Sonya and Lucas have joined the party and sticks a gun to his head. Sonya tells Rex to talk off the suit but Sonya, Travis, his men and Garza have a fight. Travis comes across Rex but he steams his face and they have a confrontation. Garza and Sonya have a confrontation too and a cat fight ensues. Garza and Travis seemed to have both won their fights. Travis stays behind and finally Kiera arrives on the scene. Gun fire is exchanged but Garza and Travis escape but Rex is still there and his wearing the suit and he notices that Kiera has the same suit. Rex was hoping that the suit would make him a hero but she tells him that he doesn’t need a suit for that.

The paramedics have arrived and takes Rex to the hospital where his girlfriend is waiting and so is Agent Gardiner and notices that Rex doesn’t have the suit and yells at Rex where the suit is.

Kiera then brings Alec Elena’s suit and tells Alec that he has disabled it. Alec tells Kiera that he has stuff to do with Kiera realizing that he does have a life.

That life involves Alec going on a date with Emily. And he looks very nervous. They banter for a bit on why they are out on a date.

Kiera then takes Carlos to meet Elena and when they go into her room, Elena isn’t there. Elena’s son, Dan, tells Kiera that Elena has died. Dan is appreciative of Kiera for helping his mom in her last days. Dan gives Kiera Elena’s copy of “Howards End” and says a quote “Only Connect.”

Kiera is mourning the loss and Carlos asks if she has seen her son lately and she tells him she sees him all the time and the tears fall freely.

But I wonder though, the activating the CMR kill Elena sooner? What did Elena tell Agent Gardiner about Esher and does he believe what he hears? Also, does anyone else think that Emily is more than meets the eye?

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1 Comment on Continuum Season 2 Episode 4 “Second Skin” Recap & Review

  1. There has to be more to Emily. I feel like Alec just has to get crushed somehow, as sad as that sounds.

    I was actually surprised about whose suit that was but should’ve put it together sooner.

    I was wondering when they were going to show Cameron break about her son, regarding the possibility he may not even exist anymore. For some reason, I feel her husband is in on it – plus you are disappointed in him already for having an affair. So there isn’t much lost love for him.

    I still feel a little disconnected to Carlos though.

    Great review.

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