Orphan Black “Parts Developed in an Unusual Manner” Recap & Review

We open tonight’t episode with Sarah and Cosima having a Skype chat. Sarah is worried that Paul is ratting them out to Olivier as he’s been gone a long time for this meeting with Olivier. Sarah also warns Cosima to stay away from Delphine until they find out if Paul is betraying them. But Cosima says that since she is one step ahead, she is actually monitoring Delphine. They mention how Alison and Donnie is also working out their marriage after Alison thought that her husband was her monitor.

At Paul’s meetiing with Olivier, he wants to know more from Paul about how Beth seemed to have changed since the shooting of Maggie Chen.

We then check in on Helena, the Russian clone, where a Thomas has been nursing her back to health.

Sarah, mistrustful of Paul has followed him to an underground club that Olivier owns and Felix has tagged along for the ride. Felix volunteers to enter the club looking for Paul on behalf of Sarah. Felix meets up with a woman with weird eyes, he name drops Olivier and mentions neolution. She explains neolution to Felix as she takes him through the club.

At Olivier’s office, he gets personal and asks Paul about his sex life with Beth. He calls their encounter as passionate but Olivier calls him on how he used to call Beth a cold fish. Olivier then mentions Paul’s job on surveying Beth and also mentions how people are killing their subjects.

Meanwhile at the police station, Art and team have discovered that the Jane Doe find at the construction site and the killer have the same DNA. Everyone postulates a theory as to why and the police chief wants to get down to the real reason.

Thomas asks Helena how could she let Sarah live, she says that Sarah is different and that how she mentioned that she is not the original and they are all the same. Thomas admonishes her for saying such a thing and they then hug.

At the club, Felix sees Paul leave and he goes to follow him but Paul comes upon him. Sarah rescues Felix and says that she was worried about him but he wants to talk at home.

Thomas says her task is harder since Maggie Chen was shot by Beth. Thomas says that maybe they can use Sarah, to which Helena wants to see again. Thomas wants Helena to find Sarah and kill her. Helena then proceeds to cut herself.

We find out that Helena was being kept aboard some sort of abandoned boat with Thomas keeps on calling her the original.

Paul and Sarah have a conversation with how many clones there are. She lies that she only met Alison and how Donnie can’t be her monitor since they’ve known each other since high school. Paul isn’t so sure. He also mentions how someone is killing the subjects and asks if she knows anything. Sarah once again lies that she doesn’t. Paul then asks her if she is worried at all that someone is trying to kill her. She says yes and is glad that it isn’t Paul. Sarah still needs to see Kiera and Paul insists on Sarah having his car in case she is being followed because it is job to keep her safe

In the parking garage, Helena and Sarah meet. Helena has an offer for her and will discuss it over lunch. At this meal, Helena wants to know Sarah’s name but she is not offering any information. We learn that Helena was raised in the Ukraine. Sarah then wants to know why she is killing her clone sisters. Helena doesn’t respond but wants her knife back and how she is supposed to kill her. Sarah wants them to go their separate ways but Helena wants to know the name of the other clones and they each threaten each other. Helena gives her until midnight to tell her the names and gives her a number to call. If she doesn’t, Sarah will die.

Back at the police station, Art and team is looking through the evidence and discover there were no fingerprints and they decide to re-run them.

At Olivier’s, Dr. Leekie calls with the results of the medical tests and tells him how Beth isn’t Beth.

In a phone call to Cosima, Sarah tells her of Helena’s threat. Cosima says that maybe Sarah should reveal herself to Helena. Cosima then mentions Leekie and neolution and Sarah mentions how Olivier club is called neolution. Even after Sarah once again warns Cosima to stay away from Delphine, she soon arrives at her place.

Back at Paul’s apartment, Paul has stepped out of the shower and finds Olivier and that woman with weird eyes asking were Beth is. Olivier tells Paul how his subject isn’t who he thinks she is but an imposter. And mentions that the person killing their subjects looks exactly like Beth and tells him to get dressed.

We next see Helena, breaking into Paul’s apartment. She is snooping around. When this is happing, Sarah is spending quality time with Kiera but Sarah is not being attentive. Felix is also with them. Mrs. S then gives Sarah a photo album that explains a bit of her past in England. Sarah doesn’t remember much about her time in Brixton and Mrs. S starts to fill in the blanks.

Mrs. S. mentions how a man named Carleton came to her and asked to hide Sarah, who wants to know why but Mrs. S didn’t ask but decide to become her legal guardian. Carleton then asked Mrs. S to hide her deeper, which she did by bringing them, including Felix, to Canada.

Cosima and Delphine are out for dinner and talk about their past when Dr. Leekie comes into the same restaurant and they decide to ask him to join them for dinner. Cosima then talks about her thesis to Leekie and how it has to do with cloning. Leekie then talks about his company’s research that also has to do with cloning, in a way.

At the morgue, Art and crew are taking Katya’s prints again.

We are the neolution club again, Paul is meeting with Olivier, who suggests that the imposter is the one that killed Beth. Olivier mentions the imposter is from Europe but Olivier won’t tell him where in Europe. He keeps on wondering why Paul would still allow the imposter to share his bed. Olivier seems to be holding something he did in Afghanistan over his head and he can make that go away if he cooperates.

Mrs. S believes that Sarah is involved in something dangerous and vows to keep Kiera safe and the two woman share a tender moment.

Olivier then hands back Paul’s phone, who uses it to call Sarah. He calls her Beth and then tells her that they know that she is not Beth and tells her to run. He then attacks Olivier but Astrid, the name of the woman with the weird eyes then drugs him.

Sarah goes to the neolution club to rescue Paul and mentions a better idea. At Paul’s apartment, we see Helena try and pretend to be Sarah when she gets a call from her. Instead of giving the names she wants, she mentions Olivier and wants them to meet. Sarah then enters the club and gets Felix to call Art if anything should happen to hear and to take care of Kiera.

Sarah is now at the neolution club, searching for Paul but there are surveillance cameras every where. Astrid comes across Sarah who tells her they are looking for Olivier. Olivier has Paul tied to a chair and is beating her wondering why he is protecting the imposter.

Sarah as Beth meets with Olivier, who hands him Helena’s knife. Olivier is awe struck to meeting a clone in the flesh. Paul mentions how Olivier thinks she is the killer and the two before hand seem to share a brief tender moment. But Sarah says it isn’t her and describes Helena. Sarah wonders how Olivier could tell that she wasn’t Beth if there are supposed to be genetic identicals and wants to know what Olivier wants. Sarah throws neolution in Olivier’s face and how he has a tail, which he is about to show her but a phone call interrupts him. Leekie is the caller and he wants Sarah. So they kidnap her but we also see Helena in the club who rescues Sarah but before she fully rescues her, she wants names.. Olivier mentions how he understands why Paul was helping Sarah because he is in love with her.

In the security camera, Olivier sees that Astrid is down for the count and when Olivier goes to investigate, he pulls off the hood to reveal Helena. She overcomes him and demands to see his tail, he does and she proceeds to cut it off as a warning from Thomas. Helena then proceeds to the club and does crazy dance moves.

Sarah then rescues Paul and she apologies for not telling him certain things. A worried Felix then calls Art about Beth but Sarah and Paul come to the car and he hangs up without finishing his call.

At Felix’s loft, Sarah debriefs Paul and Felix about how she had to give Helena a name and gave her name. Paul then holds Sarah’s hand and says it isn’t safe for them to go back to his apartment. Sarah then proceeds to kiss Paul tenderly.

We are now at Cosima and Delphine wants to talk about Leekie’s job offer but Cosima then kisses Delphine who doesn’t reciprocate and promptly leaves.

At the police station, we get a match on the Jane Doe print and it is Sarah Manning and they discover that she looks just like Beth.

So now we have the police involved in this. What will Art make of this and will that voice mail that Sarah had sent him way back come into play again? And I am glad that Paul is on Sarah’s side and that both have genuine feelings for each other that I really hope lasts and Tatiana Maslany and Dylan Bruce do have a nice chemistry together.

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